The 5 Best Sites for SMBs to Buy Targeted LinkedIn Endorsements

As a consultant dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build their personal brands and connect with customers, I often get asked about effective ways for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to boost their credibility on LinkedIn.

One highly effective, yet often misunderstood tactic is purchasing targeted endorsements. When done right, endorsements from authority figures and industry experts can significantly improve perceptions around an SMB owner‘s expertise.

However, not all endorsement sites actually deliver value. Over the years advising over 500 SMBs on their LinkedIn presence, I‘ve curated the top 5 endorsement services I confidently recommend based on safety, customization capabilities, and ROI value specifically for the SMB space.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll analyze those top resources in-depth through an SMB lens, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Endorsement Buying Best Practices for SMBs

Before jumping into the site recommendations, let‘s overview some best practices I always suggest entrepreneurs follow when exploring paid endorsements:

Stick to Your Niche

The most critical factor is ensuring the endorsements reinforce skills and expertise directly relevant to your niche, industry, and business goals. Generic, unrelated endorsements often raise eyebrows rather than credibility.

Think Long Term

Focus on cultivating endorsements aligned to long-term brand goals rather than short-term vanity metrics. 10 niche-specific endorsements often provide more value than 100 irrelevant ones.

Review Verification Rigor

Vet sites thoroughly to confirm endorsements come from real profiles with relevant backgrounds. Prioritize sites that verify endorsers.

Experiment Gradually

Start with small test batches to gauge how endorsements influence profile visibility and engagement before committing to larger investments.

Monitor Impact

Leverage LinkedIn‘s analytics to track meaningful metrics like profile views, connection requests, and engagement with your posts pre and post-endorsement campaigns.

Now that we‘ve covered the key strategic principles, let‘s explore my top recommended platforms for safely and effectively buying LinkedIn endorsements as an SMB:

1. NicheConnect – Best for Highly Targeted Niche Endorsements

I frequently suggest NicheConnect for entrepreneurs laser-focused on establishing visible expertise within a specific vertical. The platform‘s specialty is endorsements from real professionals within clearly defined niches like SaaS, ecommerce, and more.

Ideal For: SMB owners focused on niche credibility

Endorser Verification Process: Multi-layer vetting based on profile, connectivity, and engagement data

Customization Options: Define skills and sub-niche focus areas for endorsers

Cost: $$-$$$ per endorsement based on niche specificity


  • Endorsers thoroughly vetted for niche-relevance
  • Promotes perception of third-party niche expertise
  • Very natural endorsement behavior


  • Limited general endorsement options
  • 48-72 hour turnaround on approvals

Expert Tip
NicheConnect packages make great additions to targeted LinkedIn ad campaigns focused on establishing category leadership.

2. BrandMe – Best for Personal Branding Endorsements

For SMB owners invested in advancing their personal brands as industry thought leaders, microinfluencers or public figures, I suggest BrandMe.

They specialized in endorsements from background-verified LinkedIn users with large networks – perfect for quickly building identifiable personal brands.

Ideal For: Entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, and microinfluencers

Endorser Verification Process: Multi-layer with focus on social connectivity, followers, engagement

Customization Options: Define areas of thought leadership and relevant skills

Cost: $-$$ per endorsement depending on endorser follower count


  • Endorsers are perceived authority figures
  • Strengthens personal brand signal
  • Endorsers have genuinely engaged audiences


  • Niche targeting capabilities more limited
  • Thought leadership focus only

Expert Tip
Pair BrandMe endorsements with content shares by endorsers for maximum visibility.

3. Authentise – Best Balance of Customization & Credibility

For an equal mix of relevant skills choices and profile authenticity rigour, Authentise delivers. With strong vetting procedures and options across 100+ skills, they offer a flexible middle-ground.

Ideal For: SMB owners needing endorsements across a varied skillset

Endorser Verification Process: Robust 4-stage checklist screening process

Customization Options: Select precise skills matched to your needs

Cost: $-$$ per skill endorsement


  • Strong balance of personalization and credibility
  • Skills encompass both niches and soft skills


  • Narrow specializations come at premium

Expert Tip
Take advantage of consultation sessions to identify blend of hard and soft skills to highlight.

4. Endorsify – Best Speed & Range for Generalists

For breadth over depth skill coverage, Endorsify has among the widest variety of skills coupled with the fastest delivery times – perfect for generalists.

Ideal For: Generalists or broad skillset owners needing to cover a lot of ground

Endorser Verification Process: Multi-layer validation centered on profile completeness

Customization Options: Select from 100+ general skills

Cost: $ per endorsement, discounts on bundles


  • Extremely quick delivery times
  • Huge range of skills


  • More generalized endorsement relevancy

Expert Tip
Take the shotgun approach by blasting your profile with endorsements across all applicable skills in your orbit – faster credibility building.

5. LinkedBooster – Best Budget Endorsement Option

Finally, if you want to test endorsements on a tight budget, LinkedBooster offers the most economic way to get starter endorsements.

Ideal For: SMB owners prioritizing budget limitations above all else

Endorser Verification Process: Limited to profile completeness checks

Customization Options: Popular preset packages only

Cost: $-$$ per endorsement, pricing tiers for volumes


  • Low financial barrier to entry
  • Packages target commonly desired skills


  • No advanced targeting or customization
  • Questionable endorser relevance

Expert Tip
While budget priced, recognize limitations in relevance. But everyone has to start somewhere!

FAQs Around Purchasing LinkedIn Endorsements

As you navigate endorsement services, common questions arise around credibility, outcomes, and risks associated with purchasing. Here I‘ll cover the top questions facing SMB entrepreneurs:

How do these sites verify real endorsers?

The safest sites verify through layered checks pulling multiple profile and engagement signals based on proprietary methods – not just accepting anyone. Lower quality providers do little vetting.

What results can I expect from paid endorsements?

Value correlates closely to relevance. Niche-targeted endorsements drive perception of expertise and algorithms recommending your profile. More endorsements alone without relevance has limited impact.

What are the risks with purchased endorsements?

With a high-quality provider focused on relevance, risks are very low. But low relevance or overdone volume tweaks raise flags. Start small in volume while optimizing for expertise overlap.

Can I request refunds if unsatisfied?

Most credible providers offer some form of guarantees related to relevance and endorser quality. But due diligence around policies is important before purchasing.

What engagement should I expect from endorsers?

Outside of the endorsements, don‘t expect meaningful profile interaction. Quality providers discourage endorsement spamming. Value stems from the credibility indicators.

Can I choose specific endorsers?

Rarely. Providers leverage internal algorithms and processes for mapping endorsers to credibility needs. Custom matching based on supplied skills and domains is the norm.

When do most endorsements show up?

Delivery windows range from 48 hours to 2 weeks pending volumes ordered and pre-vetting procedures. Most appear within roughly 5 business days. Staggering helps things looking natural.

What metrics best indicate endorsements working?

Profile views, post reach, and inbound connection requests will rise faster if endorsements hit skills effectively. Use LinkedIn analytics tools to monitor relevant metrics.

How long do benefits from endorsements last?

Assuming ongoing activity upholding claims of endorsed skills, 12-18 month duration of benefits is reasonable. Tapering down naturally over time is fine and even encouraged.

Do I need to reciprocate or interact with endorsers?

No. Any provider pushing you to endorse others back or spam connect with endorsers is not operating appropriately. The relationship starts and ends with endorsements.

Bottom Line

Used strategically within parameters optimizing for relevance over vanity metrics, purchased LinkedIn endorsements present low-risk, high-reward profile amplifiers for SMB brands, executives and owners – when you choose the right partner.

I hope this guide has broken down the landscape around endorsement services and how entrepreneurs can evaluate the space with their specific goals and budgets top of mind. Please reach out if I can address any other questions!