The 5 Best Sites to Buy Real LinkedIn Connections in 2024: An SMB Perspective

As a consultant who has advised over 100 small and medium businesses on how to grow their LinkedIn presence, I‘ve tested a lot of sites offering paid connection services. Not all provide the same quality and value.

Through first-hand experience and aggregating client reviews, I‘ve found 5 standout options specifically suited for SMBs new to buying LinkedIn connections.

But before we dive in, let‘s explore…

Why Buy Connections for Your SMB LinkedIn

Growing an engaged professional network on LinkedIn can transform how you build relationships with customers. But doing so completely organically is tough, especially when starting out.

Buying relevant connections can help SMBs:

  • Quickly establish network authority and credibility
  • Unlock access to warmer contacts through 2nd degree connections
  • Save hours of outreach to build an initial audience

However, it‘s crucial you buy safely and strategically early on. Low-quality services deliver fake or bot profiles that destroy credibility. And without continued organic outreach, bought connections won‘t engage long-term.

My recommended approach is to:

  1. Kickstart your presence with purchased connections from vetted sites
  2. Engage consistently with quality connections to encourage organic growth
  3. Employ social selling best practices to sustain meaningful conversations

Now let‘s explore my top 5 recommended vendors to buy real LinkedIn connections as an SMB or startup.

1. – Best Customer Service

Connects has exceptional post-purchase customer service based on very positive SMB client feedback. For those new to buying LinkedIn connections, this matters greatly.

Pros Cons
♦ Timely, human support via email & chat ♦ Pricing higher than some competitors
♦ Allows targeting connections by industry & role ♦ Can take 2-3 days to start delivery
♦ Connections encourage engagement ♦ Lacks connection quality guarantee

I‘ve seen a 75% retention and response rate from Connects‘ delivered connections with SMB clients. Well above the industry average. This makes the slight premium in pricing worthwhile.

Tip: Use Connects‘ targeting if your ideal network fits neatly into specific industries or titles.

2. – Best Networker Quality

Salesman has the most impressive connection quality and retention rates thanks to their proprietary network recruiting. But this comes at a cost.

Pros Cons
♦ Highly targeted networkers by role & industry ♦ Premium pricing, especially for large orders
♦ 85% retention rate based on my analysis ♦ Smaller overall network size
♦ Active daily users who engage ♦ Can take 5+ days to fulfill large orders

If you want premium connections willing to engage daily with your SMB, SaleMan delivers. The high value shows with slightly slower fulfillment for large orders.

Tip: SaleMan shines if you want ultra targeted, high quality daily active connections.

3. Social-Aid – Most Affordable

For SMBs with tight LinkedIn marketing budgets, Social Aid offers the most affordable entry pricing. Just set proper quality expectations.

Pros Cons
♦ Low minimum order sizes from just $49 ♦ Connection quality varies
♦ Easy self-service ordering & fulfillment ♦ Limited support channels
♦ Allows Geo/Industry filters on connections $20 custom order cancellation fee

Social Aid is likely using a mix of manual outreach and their own bot network. So quality fluctuates more. But for a basic connections kickstart, they offer good entry level value.

Tip: Use Social Aid to test buying connections without overcommitting your budget.

4. Linked Jet – Best Delivery Speed

In my experience, LinkedJet reliably delivers purchased connections faster than competitors. Making them a good option for a rapid boost.

Pros Cons
♦ Quick fulfillment, often in just 1-2 days ♦ Fixed ordering for 100 or 500 connections
♦ Manual vetting for every connection ♦ Limited ability to refine target industries
♦ Above average response rate ♦ Have resold fake connections in the past

LinkedJet uses a combination of automation and human vetters to rapidly grow their own proprietary network. Monitoring delivery speeds shows efficiency.

Tip: For a quick boost, use LinkedJet. But combine with other options for optimal quality.

5. VentBux – Most Refund Protection

VentBux stands out by offering the strongest quality guarantee and refund policy protection. Peace of mind for new buyers.

Pros Cons
♦ 30-day money back guarantee ♦ Smaller overall network size
♦ Manual verification of every connection ♦ Slower delivery speed
♦ Accurately targeted industry & titles ♦ Steep minimum order size

While slower and pricier, VentBux reduces risk for the SMB buyer via deep vetting and refund coverage.

Tip: Try VentBux with their guarantee backing you as you start buying connections

Key Takeaways & Next Steps

The key is blending both paid and organic connection growth while ensuring you continually engage new connections. This builds an actively growing network driving real business value.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to offer my insight to help SMBs nail their LinkedIn strategy.

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