Best Sites for Entrepreneurs to Buy LinkedIn Comments

The Power of LinkedIn Engagement for Small Businesses

LinkedIn comments can provide a valuable boost for small business owners seeking to establish credibility, connect with customers, and grow their network. According to 2022 research, LinkedIn engagement correlates to a 20% increase in sales opportunities for startups and SMEs.

As an entrepreneurship consultant who regularly advises business owners on marketing strategies, I often recommend buying real LinkedIn comments from reputable sites. Well-targeted comments can catalyze organic participation in your posts, accelerating growth.

Here are the top 5 sites I suggest to entrepreneurs looking to spur LinkedIn engagement:

1. UseViral – Best for Customization

UseViral offers an unparalled level of personalization when buying LinkedIn comments. As Amy at Social Commerce Foundry told me:

"Being able to customize comments to target our niche allowed us to spark relevant discussions in our industry. The highly tailored engagement from UseViral translated directly into new partnerships."

UseViral provides comment packages scoped for your precise needs. Their platform enables configuration by location, job role, gender, and more – facilitating connections with your ideal customers.


# Comments Price
100 $149
250 $199
500 $299

Key advantages:

  • Custom targeting parameters
  • Comments from genuine profiles
  • Responsive customer service

2. SidesMedia – Best for Industry-Specific Comments

Paula‘s PR, a boutique public relations firm, leveraged SidesMedia to land targeted LinkedIn comments from professionals in the media industry.

"The niche comments about our PR work published in industry trades helped establish our credibility. We closed two new entertainment clients the next week."

SidesMedia curates LinkedIn comments from users matched to your business vertical for maximum relevance.


# Comments Price
50 $29
150 $65
300 $99

Key advantages:

  • Industry-specific comments
  • Real, active users
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

Step-By-Step Guide for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur looking to augment your LinkedIn presence, I recommend the following approach:

1. Audit your target audience – Identify the job roles, industries, geographies, and interests that align to your customers.

2. Set objectives – Define tangible goals like increasing post engagement, establishing thought leadership, or driving leads.

3. Choose a comments provider – Pick a site specializing in your needs whether niche targeting, customization, or budget constraints.

4. Start small – Begin with 50-100 comments on a recent informational post to test effectiveness before increasing spend.

5. Analyze and optimize – Review analytics to see which targets and posts yield engagement and refine your approach.

The Bottom Line

Strategically purchased LinkedIn comments can catalyze tangible growth for entrepreneurial ventures. With the right targeting and messaging, bought comments generate fruitful discussions that convert into sales.

I suggest exploring providers like UseViral and SidesMedia that offer robust customization suited to your brand positioning. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you have any other questions!