Amplifying Your Instagram Story: An In-Depth Guide to Purchasing Views

As an entrepreneur trying to build your brand on Instagram, grabbing attention is an uphill battle. But by strategically purchasing Instagram Story views, you can puncture through the noise and set your content up for virality.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about buying high-quality views tailored to fuel your growth.

Why Buy Instagram Story Views?

Before examining the top purchase platforms, let’s overview the data-backed benefits buying views offer entrepreneurs specifically:

1. Trigger the Instagram Algorithm

If your content starts racking up views, Instagram‘s algorithm starts actively promoting it to a wider audience. One study by Influencer Marketing Hub found Stories with over 1,000 views saw a:

  • 65% increase in organic reach
  • 87% rise in Profile visits
  • 194% boost in Followers

Purchasing views ignites this algorithmic promotion.

2. Establish Credibility

Much like stocking your shelves, initial bought views make your profile look popular. This translates into social proof, positioning you as an influencer worth following.

Hubspot found 82% of consumers are more likely to trust social media influencers than traditional advertisements or celebrity sponsorships. You can harness this effect by buying perceived influence.

3. Growth Compounding

Bought views set off a positive feedback loop of higher visibility and engagement. More eyes on your content begets more organic reach, shares, followers and conversion opportunities.

A study by NUS found influencer marketing delivers an average $5.78 return on investment for every dollar spent. Buying views amplifies this multiplier effect.

Now let’s break down the best sites for purchasing views tailored to an entrepreneur‘s needs and budget.

5 Top Sites to Buy Targeted Instagram Story Views

After extensive analysis into view quality, delivery methods, reliability and customer feedback, these platforms stand out from the pack:



100 Views $2.49
1,000 Views $9.99
10,000 Views $149


  • 190 countries
  • Aged 2-10 years
  • 50M+ profiles


  • Manual Teams
  • Split over 5 days


  • 24 hour views
  • 7 day stick rate

Best For Credibility Boost

With broad account diversity spanning generations and geographies, lends your profile mass appeal and social authority. Gradual view delivery across 5 days mirrors organic growth patterns.

"We leveraged SocialPros when first launching our clothing brand on Instagram. The steady stream of views made our profile look established from day one!" – Foundr, 100k+ followers

2. UseViral


500 Views $6.95
1,000 Views $9.95
10,000 Views $69.95


  • 1M daily active users
  • Targeted niches
  • Refill non-retained


  • Automated Bot Network
  • Bulk over 24 Hours


  • 60% after 48 hours
  • Lifetime refills

Best For Rapid Credibility

With near-instant delivery from active profiles tailored to your niche, UseViral offers a tidal wave of views. But bot networks risk appearing fake if growth is too exponential.

"We used UseViral when first launching our travel blog Instagram, buying 10K views over 2 weeks. The initial boost let us then focus on organic growth." – AdventureSauce, 56k followers.

3. Stormlikes


100 Views $2.99
1,000 Views $19.99
10,000 Views $139


  • Broad demographics
  • Manual teams
  • Gradual delivery


  • Staggered drip-feed
  • Manual teams
  • Appears organic


  • 48 hours
  • Background replenish

Best For Long-Term Growth

Stormlikes takes things slow, delivering staggered views from manual teams. This nurtures lasting momentum versus short bursts. No bot risks either!

"The steady stream of views Stormlikes provided built lasting momentum for our fashion store‘s launch. 3 months later, our organic growth is still compounding!" StyleLittle, 62k followers.

4. FollowersUp


100 Views $2.97
1,000 Views $11.97
10,000 Views $109


  • Broad demographics
  • Manual Teams
  • Gradual Delivery


  • Manual Teams
  • Random Schedule
  • Appears Organic


  • 24 Hours
  • Schedule Replenish

Best For Authenticity

With all-manual delivery, FollowersUp offers the most organic route for investing in credibility. Their teams randomly engage with your content just like a real viewer!

"As a craft jewellery startup, authenticity was crucial. FollowersUp gave us a credibility springboard that never felt fake." – BeadsByUs, 47k followers.

5. GetAFollower


500 Views $12.95
5,000 Views $59.95
50,000 Views $167.95


  • Broad mix
  • Some bots
  • Rapid Delivery


  • Bot networks
  • Background Teams
  • Fast pace


  • 48 hours
  • Refill % guaranteed

Best For Rapid Credibility

GetAFollower uses a mix of bots and teams for speedy delivery. Views retain for 48 hours and they guarantee 80% lifetime retention. The fast influx can get you noticed quickly!

"When we fell short of our Crowdfunding target, we leveraged GetAFollower to spark a viral boost. Within days we hit our goal!" – Petguides, 21k followers.

Now that we’ve covered the top buying platforms, let‘s discuss best practices for maximizing views sustainably.

Optimizing Purchased Views for Entrepreneurs

While buying views can provide an initial “push”, lasting growth depends on optimizing content.

Here are 5 essential optimization tips:

1. Post Consistently

Posting daily establishes you as a stable presence users can rely on. This trains the algorithm to show your content.

2. Engage Followers

Reply to comments, answer questions and run polls. This boosts your engagement rate, signalling relevance.

3. Use Strategic Hashtags

Do hashtag research to find low-competition tags aligned with your niche. This expands reach.

4. Run Contests

Encourage shares and tags with giveaways and contests. The buzz this creates can go viral.

5. Collaborate

Partner with complementary influencers to tap into each other‘s audiences for cross-promotion.

Apply these proven tactics to magnify your bought views into lasting, organic growth!

Key Takeaways

Buying targeted Instagram Story views offers entrepreneurs an affordable way to:

  • Establish credibility
  • Unlock the algorithm to expand reach
  • Ignite organic momentum and virality

By selecting an authentic delivery source aligned with your niche and goals, purchased views provide the initial social proof and momentum required to graduate into an influencer organically.

Just remember to continue nurturing your audience with engaging content and optimization. Consistency breeds loyalty and sustainable Instagram success!

Hopefully this guide has provided ample food for thought. Wishing you exponential growth and engagement!