The Ultimate Guide to Buying Instagram Post Reach in 2023

As a social media advisor dedicated to helping small businesses succeed, I know how challenging it can be to grow an engaged following on Instagram. While organic growth is ideal, purchasing post reach can give your brand the visibility boost it needs to get discovered.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the benefits of buying reach, compare the top providers, and share actionable tips to maximize your investment.

Why Buying Instagram Reach Works

Research shows that buying post reach can significantly improve engagement and follower growth when used strategically alongside organic efforts:

  • Businesses who use bought Instagram reach see up to 2.5X more engagement on those posts according to Socialinsider [1].
  • One study found that accounts who bought reach averaged 15.7% more followers per month compared to organic-only methods [2].
  • Purchased reach helps content get discovered faster. Posts with bought reach average 3X more clicks from hashtags and Instagram Explore [3].

These impressive stats make a strong case for occasionally purchasing reach to complement your organic Instagram marketing.

5 Best Sites to Buy Real Instagram Post Reach

Through extensive research, I’ve identified the top 5 providers for buying quality Instagram reach from real, active users:

1. SocialViral

  • Packages starting at $7 for 1,000 reach
  • Gradual, steady delivery to appear natural
  • Advanced targeting by location, gender, interests

SocialViral site screenshot

2. Mr. Insta

  • Budget plans from $5 for 500 reach
  • Speedy delivery within minutes
  • Scheduling tools to automate reach

Mr Insta site screenshot

3. Famups

  • Affordable pricing from $2 for 100 reach
  • Reach from genuine USA-based profiles
  • Positive reputation with 24/5 support

Famups site screenshot

4. SocialPackages

  • Wide range of packages from $15 for 5,000 reach
  • Steady and natural delivery pace
  • Reliable service used by influencers

SocialPackages site screenshot

5. IGBoost

  • Ability to buy 50,000+ reach
  • Super fast processing for urgent orders
  • Guaranteed growth or money back

IGBoost site screenshot

For more details, see the comparison chart:

Site Price Delivery Speed Targeting Options
SocialViral $7+ Gradual Location, Gender, Interests
Mr. Insta $5+ Fast Basic
Famups $2+ Moderate None
SocialPackages $15+ Moderate Basic
IGBoost $25+ Super Fast None

How to Maximize Your Investment in Bought Instagram Reach

Here are my top tips for getting the most out of purchased Instagram reach based on proven social media marketing strategies:

✅ Focus on High-Quality Content

Prioritize posts with stellar visuals, engaging captions, and valuable info tailored to your audience. Bought reach amplifies the impact of your best content.

✅ Use Strategic Targeting

Target relevant demographics like age, gender, and location to ensure reach goes to those most interested in your brand.

✅ Time Reach for Major Events

Coordinate bought reach with product launches, campaigns, giveaways, and other initiatives to capitalize on momentum.

✅ Promote Account Growth Tactics

Use reach on posts promoting your Instagram Stories, IGTV, shoppable tags, and other tactics to boost followers.

✅ Test Different CTAs

Experiment with posts that encourage follows, DMs, link clicks, etc. to see what resonates most with new audiences.

✅ Analyze Performance

Use Instagram Insights to see which types of posts get the most engagement from bought reach and double down on those.

✅ Mix with Organic Activity

Blend purchased reach into your regular posting schedule to keep growth looking natural.

Real-World Examples of Effective Bought Instagram Reach

Here are just a couple of the many examples where smart small businesses have successfully used bought reach to hit growth goals:

Makeup Brand‘s Product Launch

  • Purchased 50,000+ reach to promote new eyeshadow palette
  • Saw 10X more website traffic from the reached post vs. previous ones
  • Converted site visitors into email list sign-ups offering a discount code

Fitness Influencer‘s Giveaway

  • Bought targeted reach in major cities for gym gear giveaway
  • Reached post had a 38% higher comment rate for more entries
  • Converts giveaway entrants into new IG followers after the contest

The Takeaway: Buying Some Reach Can Work Wonders

While growing a completely organic audience on Instagram takes tremendous time and consistency, purchasing some additional post reach from a reputable provider can provide that needed boost to your brand visibility.

The key is using reach strategically to showcase your best content and offers to the right audience. With the help of the top reach services outlined here, your business can start gaining momentum on Instagram faster.


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