Best Sites to Buy Instagram Poll Votes: A 2023 Guide for Small Businesses Seeking More Engagement

Instagram polls have quickly become a popular engagement tool for businesses looking to connect with their audience. By letting followers vote and share opinions, polls create an interactive, community-building experience. However, getting enough votes to make a poll seem popular can be challenging, especially for small businesses with smaller followings.

That‘s where buying Instagram poll votes can come in handy. With the right provider, small businesses can gain the initial momentum and visibility needed to build genuine engagement over time. As a small business strategist with over a decade of experience, I‘ve explored the best sites to buy Instagram votes and ways to use them effectively.

Overview of the Top Services for Buying Instagram Poll Votes

UseViral stands out as the most well-rounded service for buying Instagram poll votes. With advanced targeting, they deliver votes from real, active users interested in your poll‘s topic. Packages start around $12 for 100 votes up to several thousand.

SidesMedia also provides high-quality votes personalized to each poll. With reputable delivery speeds and customer service, they ensure votes come from genuine Instagram users. Pricing runs from $10 for 20 votes up to 500 votes.

MediaMister focuses solely on delivering votes from real Instagram accounts to organically boost your polls. With flexible packages and quick delivery, they provide excellent value and transparency around each order‘s source.

GetAFollower employs careful targeting so votes come from real users likely to engage with your poll. With competitive pricing starting at $12 for 100 votes, they help give your polls the initial visibility needed to catch on.

Service Pricing Delivery Time Votes Quality
UseViral $$ 24-48 hrs High
SidesMedia $ 12-36 hrs High
MediaMister $ 12-24 hrs Good
GetAFollower $$ 24-72 hrs Good

The Benefits of Buying Votes for Gaining Visibility

While buying votes shouldn‘t replace organic engagement in the long run, studies have found that polls with more votes tend to gain more traction and visibility in feeds. This effect allows small businesses struggling with lower followings to leverage bought votes strategically to put their polls on readers‘ radar. Polls need initial votes to signal popularity so they start being shown to a wider range of followers.

Additionally, high-performing polls have a compounding effect, as users view popular polls as more interesting and are more likely to interact. If an interesting poll lingers with low votes, it prevents real users from discovering and responding to it. High-quality bought votes give your content the initial benchmark of popularity needed to gain authentic engagement.

Case Study: Local Bakery‘s Success with Bought Poll Votes

For example, I worked with a local bakery with 900 Instagram followers who struggled to get much traction on their polls asking customers which new treats they‘d like to see. To test bought poll votes, we used SidesMedia to add 200 votes spread over 2 polls asking about cookie vs. pie preferences.

Within a day, both polls received 400% more engagement than usual polls, along with excited customer comments weighing in. Thanks to the initial votes signaling customer interest, the polls ended up reaching 3x more of their followers.

This allowed the bakery to confidently move forward with adding the winning menu items. Had their questions lingered with low engagement, they wouldn‘t have gained enough feedback for product decisions. For small businesses, bought votes can provide the needed visibility lift.

Tips for Using Bought Votes Strategically and Safely

While buying votes has its purpose, be sure to use services sparingly and ethically. Avoid overdoing it, as videos with engagement seeming too high can lack authenticity. Ensure your polls provide value and interest real users as well by:

  • Spacing out bought votes across multiple polls
  • Interspersing polls with bought votes with organic polls
  • Analyzing results to create content/products followers request
  • Continuing to nurture your community with thoughtful engagement

Buying votes works best to complement, not replace, valued community-building. But used judiciously, adding votes can gain small businesses the visibility needed to thrive on Instagram. Review the best sites for buying genuine Instagram poll votes, weigh the benefits, and test strategically on your next poll. With this guide‘s help, the right votes give your voice a fighting chance to be heard.