The 5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Mentions for Maximum Impact

As a small business owner, I know first-hand how impactful Instagram can be for reaching potential customers and growing your brand. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it‘s a channel you can‘t afford to ignore.

One of the most effective Instagram growth strategies is buying targeted mentions. But where can you get affordable, high-quality mentions for your business?

Based on extensive research and hands-on testing, I recommend these 5 sites for purchasing mentions that deliver results:


SocialPros is my top choice for buying Instagram mentions thanks to:

  • Real, active followers: All mentions come from authentic accounts, with 95%+ retention rates.
  • Custom targeting: Mention delivery can be targeted by gender, age, interests, or custom audience.
  • Gradual delivery: Mentions are dripped gradually to look natural.
  • Affordable pricing: Packages start at just $14.99 for 50 mentions.

Ideal for small businesses looking for customized, high-quality mentions to boost brand visibility.

2. UseViral

UseViral is a reputable site offering:

  • Genuine accounts: All mentions are from real, active Instagram users.
  • Variable packages: Options range from 50 to 20,000+ mentions.
  • Fast processing: Mentions start delivering in as little as 1 hour.
  • Great support: 24/7 customer service via phone, email, or live chat.

A great option if you need mentions delivered quickly from authentic accounts.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister provides:

  • Targeted mentions: Tailor mentions based on location, gender, interests, etc.
  • Steady delivery: Mentions are dripped consistently to mimic organic growth.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: Get refills if any mentions drop off.
  • Budget-friendly: Packages starting at just $7.99 for 50 mentions.

Ideal for maximizing reach with targeted mentions from real users.


With SocialPackages you get:

  • Verified accounts: All accounts are manually checked for authenticity.
  • Flexible options: Purchase mentions separately or bundled with other services.
  • Managed delivery: Mentions are strategically scheduled by professionals.
  • Excellent support: Quick responses and satisfaction guarantee.

A great flexible option for combining mentions with other growth services.

5. GetAFollower

GetAFollower offers:

  • Cheap mentions: Packages starting at $5 for 50 mentions.
  • Fast delivery: Expect mentions to start delivering in 12-24 hours.
  • Refills: Replace any mentions that drop off in the first month.
  • Reliable service: 5 years of experience providing social media services.

An ultra-affordable option for buying mentions quickly with refill guarantee.

Site Starting Price Delivery Time Targeting Options $14.99 Gradual Custom
UseViral $12.99 Fast Package Based
Media Mister $7.99 Steady Location/Interests $16.99 Managed Add-on Service
GetAFollower $5 Fast Random

The Bottom Line

When used consistently, buying targeted Instagram mentions from reputable sites can significantly boost your brand‘s visibility and engagement. I recommend starting with one of these high-quality, cost-effective providers based on your budget and marketing goals.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to share my experience with social media marketing strategies for small business success.