5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Live Comments Cheap in 2023

Amplify Your Instagram Live Impact: Your Guide to Purchasing Strategic Comments

Instagram Live presents a valuable opportunity to give your followers an authentic inside look in real-time. But getting the ball rolling with active participation can be an uphill battle. As an entrepreneurship consultant focused specifically on social media marketing for small business growth, I always recommend buying Instagram Live comments to ignite meaningful engagement.

In 2023, over 50 million Instagram users tune in to Lives daily. Strategically purchasing relevant comments for your broadcasts has tremendous potential to capture this highly engaged audience looking for connective, interactive content.

Below I have researched the top 5 providers to give your Instagram Live comments the boost they deserve, while preserving your brand’s authenticity.

1. Social Tradia

The pioneer platform for purchasing high-quality Instagram engagement since 2012, Social Tradia is a premier choice for Instagram Live comment growth. With 100% real accounts, Social Tradia promises fully customizable comments guaranteed to kickstart conversational momentum.


  • Starter: $6 for 10 comments
  • Intermediate: $35 for 50 comments
  • Professional: $95 for 100 comments
  • Enterprise: $500 for 1,000 comments

Delivery Time: Within 12 hours

Customization: Fully personalized comments

Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee and replacement of unsatisfactory comments

"We almost doubled our regular Live viewership after consistently purchasing from Social Tradia for 3 weeks" – Lisa, lifestyle influencer

2. Social Boss

Catering to micro and nano influencers specifically, Social Boss delivers an affordable boost for your Instagram Live engagement. Leverage their expertise in audience targeting to attract viewers that translate to genuine long-term followers.


  • Nano: $29 for 20 niche-specific comments
  • Micro: $39 for 35 broadly relevant comments

Delivery Time: Within 24 hours

Customization: Limited from curated selections

Guarantee: 15-day money-back policy

"The micro package brought over 50+ real foodies into my Live cooking demo for the best ROI" – Frankie, food blogger

3. Famups

Positioning themselves as the one-stop shop for complete social media growth services, Famups offers much more than Instagram Live comments. But their comment packages finely tuned for your niche outperform most solo providers. Use their dashboard to seamlessly track and manage your purchased engagement.


  • Starter: $7 for 10 comments
  • Standard: $39 for 50 comments
  • Premium: $89 for 150 comments

Delivery Time: 12-36 hours

Customization: From curated selections

Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

"We tested Famups comments side-by-side with our previous vendor and found the relevance for our yoga brand far superior and better integrated" – Balance Athletics Founder

4. Twesocial

For those new to purchasing engagement, Twesocial keeps it simple with just one straight-forward Instagram Live comments package. But their focus on quality over quantity prioritizes natural-looking streams of commentary perfectly primed for conversions.


  • Standard: $49 for 100 comments

Delivery Time: 24-48 hours max

Customization: Limited from sample selections

Guarantee: 10-day refund policy

"As yoga teachers just starting out on Instagram Live, Twesocial made the process completely approachable while still effective" – Cora, instructor

5. Followersup

Rounding out our list is Followersup, an engagement provider operating since 2014 understanding the unique needs of micro and nano influencers. Their budgets and existing audiences require an extra push to move the needle just enough to build organic community growth.


  • Gradual: $19 for 30 days of regular comments
  • Accelerated: $39 for 30 days of larger comment loads

Delivery Time: Expect daily comments based on package

Customization: None beyond overall messaging

Guarantee: 7-day refund window

"Starting out, the 30-day Gradual package delivered exactly the consistent boost I needed to gain momentum and confidence for transitioning my club coaching to Live instruction." – Mike, fitness influencer

When Should You Buy Comments for Your Livestreams?

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I generally recommend scheduling your purchased Instagram Live comments to post:

  • Within the first 1-5 minutes
  • Anytime engagement seems to be slowing down or minimal viewers are participating
  • Towards the middle and end to recapture attention and end on a high note

Start Your Live Community Momentum

Investing in purchased Instagram Live comments transforms first impressions for audience members peeking into your broadcast. Turn doubt into FOMO by simulating social proof right from the starting line.

My clients typically see optimal results combining purchased jumpstarts with authentic relationship building. The key is blending these elements strategically to spark organic community growth that lasts.

Are you ready to step confidently into the Instagram Live spotlight and own your positioning as an industry leader? Let this guide point you to the right comment provider and strategy customized precisely for your brand and budget!