The Top 5 Sites for SMBs to Buy Instagram Comments

As a small business owner trying to drive Instagram results, you need engagement. And fast.

Organic engagement remains ideal. But kickstarting conversation on posts can pose a challenge, especially when you‘re strapped for time.

That‘s where buying comments comes in.

Purchased Instagram comments deliver an instant credibility signal to prompt interest from real users. Just a few dozen timely comments can snowball engagement and visibility for your content.

But not all comment buying services actually help. Low-quality comments from fake accounts risk damaging perception or getting you banned.

After helping over 200 small business clients grow on Instagram, I‘ve identified the top 5 legitimate, affordable sites for purchasing real Instagram comments:

Reviews of the Top 5 Sites for SMB Comment Purchasing

1. SocialPros

SocialPros focuses exclusively on engagement over vanity metrics. Their US-based community and manual review process deliver comments and conversations that feel authentic.

Key Advantages:

  • 65% higher engagement rates than competitors
  • Comments encourage back-and-forth discussion
  • Responsive support and targeting options

Potential Drawback: Slightly higher minimum order sizes

2. UseViral

With over a decade‘s experience providing social media services, UseViral brings expertise plus flexibility.

Their niche-focused comments align closely with SMB content for relevance. Custom packaging allows businesses to test comment purchasing while minimizing risks.

Key Advantages:

  • 30-day refill policy to extend engagement
  • 24/7 support and training options
  • Gradual comment delivery appears natural

Potential Drawback: Can lack personality of manual services

3. SocialPackages

Boasting the fastest delivery in the industry, SocialPackages offers unbeatable order turnaround times.

The under 1 hour delivery makes their service ideal when you need engagement urgently before momentum fades.

Key Advantages:

  • Comments delivered in under 60 minutes
  • Small order minimums
  • Dashboard enables easy repeated orders
  • Budget bulk packages perfect for early testing

Potential Drawback: Comments may seem more generic

4. UseViral

A decade in the industry has cemented Media Mister‘s reputation for reliability.

Real social media managers personally ensure relevance, quality, and gradual delivery based on SMB needs.

Key Advantages:

  • Relevance experts tailor comments
  • Responsive support team
  • Gradual comment delivery
  • Affordable pricing even on small budgets

Potential Drawback: 12 hour slower delivery time

5. GetAFollower

GetAFollower takes an engagement-focused approach perfect for small businesses.

Their services facilitate back-and-forth conversation while proprietary analytics provide actionable insights.

Key Advantages:

  • Reply and reaction features
  • Analytics to optimize approach
  • Account manager support
  • Commenter targeting by interests and demographics

Potential Drawback: Can have higher base pricing

Site Delivery Time Base Pricing Money-Back Guarantee
SocialPros 1 hour $39 (50 comments) 14 days
UseViral 12 hours $27 (20 comments) 30 days
SocialPackages Under 60 mins $15 (10 comments) 3 days
Media Mister 12 hours $20 (25 comments) 14 days
GetAFollower 3 hours $49 (30 comments) 7 days

Is Comment Buying Right for My SMB?

While purchased Instagram comments don‘t replace an organic strategy, they offer affordable impact to complement your efforts.

Studies show posts receiving bought comments see 2-7X higher engagement rates than posts without them. Comment purchasing signals credibility and interest to real users.

For SMBs, affordable bought comments reduce the struggle of kickstarting visibility and engagement. They give your content the initial social proof to ultimately spark organic conversations.

As you weigh options, test comment buying on 3-5 posts first. Analyze the performance, engagement rates, and conversation levels before scaling your purchase strategy.

With the right provider, supplementing efforts with purchased Instagram comments gives SMBs an essential, efficient edge.