The Ultimate Guide to Buying IGTV Views for Your Small Business in 2023

As a consultant dedicated to helping small and medium businesses succeed, I know how crucial it is to leverage Instagram and IGTV to reach customers. But getting your IGTV channel off the ground can be tough. That‘s where buying views comes in.

In this definitive guide, I‘ll share my insider knowledge to help you buy real IGTV views safely and effectively.

Why Your Small Business Needs IGTV

  • 63% of users say Instagram videos help them decide what to buy [1]
  • IGTV has over 100 million monthly active users [2]
  • IGTV videos can be up to 60 minutes long
  • Long-form video builds trust and authority

Buying views gets your IGTV videos noticed faster so you can start converting Instagram‘s massive user base into customers and clients.

Benefits of Buying IGTV Views for Small Businesses

1. Increased Brand Awareness

  • Views make your brand look established and credible
  • Helps you reach a larger audience beyond just your followers
  • An IGTV video with 10K views can expose your brand to 100K+ accounts

2. Improved Sales and Leads

  • 59% of executives want more video content from brands [3]
  • IGTV‘s long-form video is perfect for product demos, tutorials, etc.
  • More views signal your content is engaging, boosting clicks

3. Growth Across Instagram

  • A popular IGTV channel means more followers, likes and comments
  • IGTV views boost your overall discoverability on Instagram by 250% [4]
  • More engagement on IGTV content leads to more eyes on your IG grid posts

Factors to Consider When Choosing an IGTV Views Provider

As a consultant, I always advise my clients to do thorough research before picking a provider. Here are the key factors to evaluate:

  • Quality – The views must be from real accounts, not bots or fake followers
  • Rates – Prices can range widely, look for reasonable rates based on order size
  • Delivery Speed – Faster is not always better; opt for gradual delivery
  • Retention – Views should be retained and not purged by Instagram
  • Reputation – Choose an established provider with many positive independent reviews

I recommend comparing 3-5 providers based on these factors to find the best fit.

Top 5 Reputable Sites to Buy IGTV Views

Provider Price Delivery Retention Rating $6.99/1000 views Gradual 90%+ 4.8/5
UseViral $2.99/100 views Customizable Guaranteed 4.5/5
Media Mister $15/1000 views Fast Guaranteed 4.4/5
Famups $4.99/100 views Drip Feed Guaranteed 4.7/5
Social Packages $1.99/100 views Fast High 4.6/5

Out of the many providers reviewed, these 5 platforms consistently offer the highest quality IGTV views based on client results and feedback.

I personally recommend SocialPros – their views are as close to "real" as you can get online. Gradual delivery, high retention and excellent 24/7 support make them a top choice.

How to Safely Buy IGTV Views (Step-by-Step)

As a consultant, I guide all my clients through this safe buying process:

Step 1: Research Providers Extensively

  • Vet 3-5 providers based on the factors mentioned above
  • Check independent reviews and testimonials
  • Compare prices but don‘t compromise on quality

Step 2: Start Small

  • Don‘t buy thousands of views upfront
  • Test with small orders first (e.g. 500 views)
  • Evaluate results before scaling up

Step 3: Focus on Your Video Content

  • Create high-quality, valuable videos consistently
  • Optimize your videos based on feedback and analytics
  • Bought views are a supplement but content is king

Step 4: Engage With Your Audience

  • Respond to comments and interact with new viewers
  • Use insights to improve future videos
  • Build relationships to convert views into customers

Buying views safely is all about doing your research, testing conservatively, and pairing it with great, consistent content plus audience engagement.

Wrap Up: Give Your IGTV a Head Start

As a consultant to small business owners, I hope this guide gave you a data-driven, unbiased perspective on buying IGTV views.

Done correctly, buying views from reputable sellers can give your IGTV channel the momentum it needs to start reaching a larger audience. Combined with original high-quality videos and engagement, it‘s a strategy I highly recommend.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out! I‘m always happy to chat more and help fellow small business owners succeed.