A Small Business Guide to Choosing the Best Sites for Buying IGTV Comments

As a consultant dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their presence on Instagram, I often get asked: "What are the best sites for buying IGTV comments?"

Purchasing comments for Instagram TV can be hugely beneficial for small businesses and creators aiming to drive more visibility to their long-form video content. But not all providers deliver the same value.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll compare the top 5 sites for buying high-quality IGTV comments tailored for small business needs.

Why Do Small Businesses Buy IGTV Comments?

Here are some of the key benefits that make buying comments worth the investment:

  • Increase reach – More comments signal to Instagram‘s algorithm that your content is engaging. This expands your organic visibility.
  • Social proof – People are more likely to watch videos with lots of discussion. Comments add credibility.
  • Encourage engagement – Commenting is contagious. Seeing others participate inspires viewers to join in.
  • Save time – Organic growth takes ages. Buying comments lets you quickly kickstart momentum.

But not all IGTV comment services are created equal. As a consultant, I always advise clients to do thorough research to find the best match.

Key Factors to Evaluate IGTV Comment Providers

To determine which site is right for your small business, consider these crucial factors:


The comments should appear genuine, coming from real Instagram users interested in your content. Avoid any providers using fake bot accounts.


Comments must align seamlessly with your video topic and tone. Generic, meaningless comments have no impact.

Delivery Pacing

Comments should trickle in at a natural cadence, avoiding massive spikes from a single source.

Customer Service

Look for responsive support and satisfaction guarantees in case of any issues.


Packages should offer strong value aligned with budgets of small business owners and creators.

With these criteria in mind, I‘ve compiled reviews of the top 5 sites for purchasing high-quality IGTV comments.

The 5 Best Sites for Buying IGTV Comments

1. Social Boost

  • Comments: Highly relevant and conversational
  • Pricing: Packages starting at $12
  • Speed: Moderate delivery pace
  • Authenticity: Comments seem natural
  • Support: Quick, helpful customer service

Ideal for small businesses focused on comment quality over quantity.

2. Views experts

  • Comments: Appear organic and genuine
  • Pricing: Budget-friendly options under $30
  • Speed: Fast delivery available
  • Authenticity: Active Instagram users
  • Support: 24/7 live chat and email

Ideal for anyone needing comments delivered quickly.

3. Media Mister

  • Comments: Tailored to video context
  • Pricing: Packages from $49-$99
  • Speed: Moderate delivery speed
  • Authenticity: Genuine engagement
  • Support: Reliable, prompt support

Ideal for users wanting custom-crafted, relevant comments.

4. Thirty11

  • Comments: Encourage discussion
  • Pricing: Starting at $15
  • Speed: Comments delivered steadily
  • Authenticity: Real users from the US
  • Support: Helpful email ticketing

Ideal for creators prioritizing engaged back-and-forth.

5. GetAFollower

  • Comments: Appear organic and varied
  • Pricing: Packages from $16
  • Speed: Quick delivery available
  • Authenticity: Active Instagram user base
  • Support: Excellent 24/7 live chat

Ideal for anyone needing affordable comments delivered ASAP.

Expert Tips for Integrating Purchased Comments

Based on my consulting experience, I recommend small businesses:

  • Start with smaller test packages to assess a provider‘s services before committing to larger orders.
  • Temper expectations; bought comments serve as a supplement but won‘t make up for low-quality content.
  • Stagger comment delivery and avoid massive spikes from single sources.
  • Reply to commenters and nurture real conversations to drive authentic engagement.

The sites reviewed above understand the unique needs of small business owners on Instagram. With the right provider, buying IGTV comments can give your videos the engagement boost they need to get noticed and drive real organic growth.