The 5 Best Sites to Buy Google Play Reviews for Startups in 2024

As a startup trying to gain visibility in the increasingly competitive app market, buying Google Play reviews can be an effective promotional strategy. However, finding a reliable site that delivers high-quality, authentic engagement can be challenging.

Through extensive research as a small business entrepreneur myself, I‘ve identified the top 5 review sites providing the best value specifically for startups and small developers seeking to boost their app quickly:

1. Media Mister – Best for Startups Seeking Quick Results

With packages starting at just $49 for 50 reviews, Media Mister is one of the most affordable solutions. They deliver within 7-15 days, allowing startups to see results fast when racing for visibility.


  • Over 8,400+ Google reviews averaging 4.8/5 stars
  • Delivery in as little as 1 week
  • Positive rating guarantee
  • Drip feed technology looks natural


  • Requires 500+ reviews for full customization
  • International reviews only with higher packages

Positive review sentiment ensures your rating rises quickly. Though full customization is limited, their fast turnaround, reliable service and low entry pricing make Media Mister ideal for bootstrapped startups.

2. RankSprout – Best for Startups Seeking Managed Growth

For startups wanting more hands-on guidance, RankSprout offers personalized packages starting at $250 per month. Their app store optimization experts audit your listing, identify improvement areas, and create a tailored review building roadmap.


  • Personalized growth strategy
  • Ongoing expert optimization
  • Gradual, steady results
  • Performance analytics


  • Minimum 3 month commitment
  • Slower initial turnaround

While pricier upfront, their holistic approach, expert auditing, and long-term growth strategy create natural, sustainable app visibility for startups playing the long game.

3. AppGrowth – Best Network of Real Users

With over 1.2 million global testers, AppGrowth delivers reviews from real users who have actually downloaded your app. Starting at $99 for 100 reviews, they help identify issues and improve quality.


  • 100% real user reviews
  • Testing improves UX
  • Global delivery capability
  • Performance analytics


  • Pricier entry cost
  • Longer delivery time

For startups committed to improving their product, AppGrowth leverages real user testing to generate authentic feedback while boosting your reputation.

4. UseViral – Best for Organic-Looking Reviews

UseViral‘s proprietary distribution technology drips targeted reviews matching real world patterns. With packages from $69 for 50 reviews, their organic delivery helps startups look more credible.


  • Gradual randomized delivery
  • Reviews from real users
  • Follows Google guidelines
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Slower rollout
  • Minimal customization

For patient startups focused on looking authentic, UseViral delivers reviews imperceptible from real user engagement.

5. GetAFollower – Most Affordable

If budget is most important, GetAFollower offers packages starting at $39 for 50 installs and reviews. Their network generates relevant ratings quickly for startups seeking maximum visibility per dollar spent.


  • Low pricing
  • Geo/gender targeting options
  • Positive ratings
  • Fast delivery


  • Review quality varies
  • Limited customization
  • Smaller network size

While their network is smaller and customization limited, the affordable pricing, targeting options, and quick turnaround provide the essentials for bootstrapped startups.

Key Considerations When Buying Reviews as a Startup

As an entrepreneur myself, here are a few tips I‘ve learned when purchasing Google Play reviews:

  • Vet sites carefully – scams exist in the space. Prioritize legitimate providers with consistent satisfaction.
  • Start small – build volume gradually to appear natural versus buying thousands at once.
  • Focus on value – reviews should offer thoughtful details beyond just praise to give potential users insight.
  • Monitor closely – watch for any red flags indicating violations of Google‘s policies.
  • Be patient – natural growth takes time. Avoid shortcuts that could jeopardize your app‘s standing.

The Bottom Line

The sites above are proven to deliver results tailored specifically to the unique needs of startups seeking to promote their new apps on tight budgets and accelerated timelines in a genuine, sustainable way. Which solution is best for your business depends on your budget, goals, values, and level of patience. But by making informed purchasing decisions, your startup can leverage reviews to stand out in the competitive app landscape.