10 Best Places to Buy Discord Members for Servers in 2024

As a consultant who has helped launch hundreds of online communities, I‘ve seen firsthand the challenges of building a Discord server from nothing. The reality is an empty server struggles to attract members, no matter how amazing its content.

Fortunately, buying Discord members delivers the social proof and community seeds for sustainable organic growth.

Below I‘ve compiled the 10 most reputable, affordable services to give your new server major momentum.

Why Starting With Purchased Members is Crucial

Discord hit over 150 million monthly active users in 2024. Standing out takes serious community-building skills – and an initial user base signals you offer compelling value.

Every day over 200,000 new Discord servers launch. Most fail to build traction and are quickly abandoned due to seeming inactive or dull.

As McKinsey reports, social proof is up to 30% more influential in purchase decisions than direct recommendations.

This means even with amazing offerings, an empty Discord server struggles to capture public interest. Without some seed members, the seeds of organic growth won‘t sprout.

Discord Server Growth Potential

Well-managed Discord servers scale to massive levels. For context, here are total members on some popular servers:

  • Anime Soul Discord – 800,000+ members
  • Fortnite – 632,000+ members
  • Discord Testers – 268,000+ members

Demonstrating this level of growth starts with buying enough initial members to spark conversation and community momentum.

Now let‘s explore the 10 best services to give your server major momentum!

1. StormViews – Widest Member Range

Veteran social media growth service StormViews offers exceptional pricing levels, from just 100 new members up to 5,000.

StormViews ensures every user is:

  • ✅ An Active Discord Account
  • ✅ Delivered Quickly
  • ✅ Geo-Targeted
  • ✅ Encouraged to Engage

With base packages starting at just $3.99 for 250 members, they provide immense value. StormViews remains exceptionally affordable even at higher member counts, like 2,000 users for $24.99.

2. Media Mister – Most Reliable

Boasting over 300 million followers across social platforms, Media Mister brings tremendous experience to Discord growth. You can count on:

  • ✅ 100% Real Accounts
  • ✅ Active Daily Users
  • ✅ Geo-Targeting
  • ✅ Safety & Quality Guarantees

With Discord member services starting at $9 for 100 users, Media Mister won‘t disappoint.

3. SidesMedia – Immediate Start

SidesMedia stands out for delivering new members ultra-fast, usually within an hour of placing your order. Their members are always:

  • ✅ 100% Real People
  • ✅ Targeted
  • ✅ Engaged Community Members

Pricing starts at $3.99 for 100 members, making SidesMedia extremely budget-friendly.

4. UseViral – Strong Support Network

Operating an extensive affiliate network, UseViral sources all their members from real engaged users interested in Discord. You benefit from:

  • ✅ Active User Accounts
  • ✅ Targeting Capabilities
  • ✅ Quality Assurance
  • ✅ Full Customer Service

UseViral‘s competitive plans range from $8 for 100 new members up to $200 for 1,000 new members.

Compare Top Discord Growth Services

Provider Starting Price Delivery Time Support
StormViews $3.99 1-7 Days ★★★★☆
MediaMister $9 1-7 Days ★★★★★
SidesMedia $3.99 <1 Day ★★★★☆
UseViral $8 1-7 Days ★★★★★

(* Based on provider reputation, customer experience and service guarantees.)

Give Your Server the Momentum it Deserves

A silent, inactive Discord server can‘t properly showcase its value or build community trust. The quicker you can seed an initial base of real engaged members, the faster organic growth can compound.

I hope this guide has illuminated the immense potential buying Discord members holds when launching your server. Please reach out if you need any assistance or have additional questions!