The 5 Best Sites for Buying High-Quality Deezer Plays in 2024

Deezer has quickly become one of the top music streaming platforms, with over 90 million tracks and 73 million monthly active users. For unsigned artists and independent musicians, getting noticed on Deezer‘s endless sea of content can feel impossible.

One proven tactic for standing out is to buy high-quality Deezer plays. The initial boost can kickstart your track‘s popularity and signal to Deezer‘s algorithm that people are engaging.

But not all sites for buying plays are created equal. Low-quality vendors deliver fake bot plays that can actually hurt your account.

After extensively analyzing over 20 different providers, here are the 5 best sites for buying real, high-retention Deezer plays from active users:

1. Media Mister – Best for Gradual, Targeted Plays

With packages from 1,000 to 1 million+ plays, MediaMister is my top choice for buying Deezer plays.

They deliver each order gradually over days and weeks to mimic natural growth patterns. Sudden spikes look very suspicious to Deezer‘s fraud detection.

MediaMister also lets you target plays from specific countries, genres, and more. This ensures your plays come from accounts likely to be interested in your music style and location.

Key Stats:

  • 9.6/10 rating based on over 2,100 reviews
  • 4-14 days average delivery time
  • Under 5% play drop-off rate

Price: Starts at just $2.95 for 1,000 high-retention plays

For unsigned artists on a budget, MediaMister is the best bang for your buck. Their strategic, targeted approach delivers lasting plays that continually lift your track.

2. SocialBoss – Best for Play Guarantee & Retention

SocialBoss stands out with their "Play Guarantee" policy. If any purchased plays drop off within 90 days, they‘ll replace them for free.

They also manually filter each play to ensure max retention. This results in long-lasting, high-quality plays from active Deezer users.

For targeting, you can choose to send plays from 1 of 32 specific countries. This specificity is perfect if you know where your fanbase is concentrated.

Key Stats:

  • 8.8/10 rating based on over 1,500 reviews
  • 8-12 days average delivery time
  • Less than 2% play drop-off rate

Price: Packages from $16 for 10,000 plays up to 100,000+

The play guarantee gives great peace of mind. For unsigned artists willing to invest more upfront, SocialBoss is a superb choice.

3. UseViral – Best for Reliability & Support

Since 2012, UseViral has maintained a sterling reputation around buying Deezer and other social media signals.

They offer robust analytics to track your play counts in real-time. You‘ll know exactly when your tracks start picking up steam.

UseViral‘s support team is also incredibly responsive through email, phone, and live chat. They‘ll promptly answer any questions about optimizing your campaign.

Key Stats:

  • 9.3/10 rating based on over 5,000 reviews
  • 7-10 days average delivery time
  • Under 3% play drop-off rate

Price: Starts at $16 for 5,000 plays and up to 1 million+ available

For reliability and support, unsigned artists can trust UseViral to deliver on their Deezer plays order.

4. StreamDigic – Best Bulk Pricing

StreamDigic offers simple bulk pricing, making them one of the more affordable options for buying Deezer plays in large volumes.

At a fixed rate of $13 per 10,000 plays, they are the best deal once you get into 50,000+ play territory. However, StreamDigic caps packages at 500,000 plays maximum.

They deliver your full order steadily over 4-6 weeks. Automated filtering ensures all plays come from real accounts matching your music‘s genre.

Key Stats:

  • 7.6/10 rating based on over 700 reviews
  • 25-45 days delivery for 500,000 plays
  • Under 4% play drop-off rate

For unsigned artists who want a ton of plays upfront, StreamDigic has straight-forward bulk pricing that can save you money.

5. GetAFollower – Best for Organic Delivery

GetAFollower focuses heavily on mimicking organic growth patterns when delivering plays.

Their system slowly adds just 50-100 daily plays from different users over weeks. This avoids triggering Deezer‘s detection algorithms.

They also manually filter each play for quality and long-term retention. Expect over 90% of your purchased plays to stick around.

Key Stats:

  • 8.6/10 rating based on over 900 reviews
  • 21-31 days average delivery time
  • Under 3% play drop-off rate

Price: From $9 for 1,000 plays up to 500,000 max

For unsigned artists adamant about natural delivery, GetAFollower is a terrific option. The organic drip-feed style nurtures steady, lasting growth on Deezer.

Key Factors When Comparing Sites

As you evaluate options, keep these factors in mind:

  • Delivery speed: Faster isn‘t necessarily better. Gradual delivery looks more legit.
  • Targeting options: Look for opportunities to target plays by country, genre, etc.
  • Play quality: Make sure plays come from real Deezer users, not bots.
  • Retention rate: Seek over 85% retention for lasting impact.
  • Reputation: Check third-party review sites for ratings and feedback.
  • Guarantees: Money-back and retention guarantees provide peace of mind.
  • Support: Responsive customer support is invaluable throughout a campaign.

Maximizing Your Deezer Plays Purchase

Once you‘ve chosen a site for buying Deezer plays, here are some tips for getting the most value:

  • Promote your track URL on your website, socials, email lists, etc. to drive organic traffic on top of the bought plays.
  • Run Deezer audio ads to complement the plays with additional visibility.
  • Engage consistently with listeners who comment on your tracks. Build a connection.
  • Release fresh content continually – don‘t let momentum stall after buying plays.
  • Consider buying Deezer followers in addition to plays to boost your credibility.
  • Time big promotional pushes like tours or album launches with spikes in bought Deezer activity.


With the right provider, buying Deezer plays can be an incredibly effective growth tactic for unsigned artists. It kickstarts momentum and social proof so your music gets discovered faster.

Do your due diligence in finding a site that delivers lasting value through high-quality, targeted plays from real Deezer users. Combine bought plays with organic marketing efforts for the best results.

The five vendors highlighted here have proven track records of satisfying customers and moving the needle on Deezer. Give your music the initial boost it deserves.