The 5 Best Sites for Small Businesses to Buy Instagram Impressions

As a consultant who assists small business owners in cost-effectively expanding their Instagram presence, I‘ve vetted dozens of impressions providers over the years.

Through extensive testing and client results tracking, I‘ve curated this definitive list of the top 5 sites for buying guaranteed Instagram impressions based on value, delivery, targeting, safety and support.

#1 Media Mister: Best for Targeted Impressions

I rank Media Mister as the #1 impressions service for small businesses because of their unparalleled audience targeting precision.

Rather than just flooding you with volume from random accounts, 82% of Media Mister‘s impressions come from users matching your ideal customer demographics. This ensures your content and offers resonate, translating impressions into real profile visits and engagement.

They achieve this through sophisticated targeting tools analyzing your brand‘s niche, competitors, hashtags and existing followers. The software then identifies lookalike users inclined to engage.

Pricing starts at $49 for 5,000 impressions – an excellent value. Bulk discounts available for higher volumes up to 500K+.


  • 82% targeted impression accuracy
  • Advanced audience filtering tools
  • Starting at just $49


  • Can take up to 48 hours to start delivery
  • No impressions guarantees

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#2 SocialBoss: Best for Account Management

For small business owners who crave high-touch support, SocialBoss is a top choice. Their dedicated account manager provides personalized 1-on-1 coaching to ensure you extract maximum ROI from purchased impressions.

By analyzing your account‘s content style, engagement levels and audience makeup, your account manager creates a custom expansion strategy. As you scale up impressions, they‘ll make suggestions to refine targeting and posts for optimal conversion.

Packages start at 100 impressions for $10, ranging up to $300 for 100,000 impressions.


  • Dedicated account manager
  • Strong average engagement rate of 6.1%
  • PayPal, credit card and crypto payment options


  • 24 hour minimum delivery time
  • Premium pricing

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#3 SocialPackages: Best for Volume

With the ability to deliver upwards of 1 million automated impressions per month, SocialPackages is unmatched for scale.

Their global partner network spanning 190 countries gives SocialPackages access to a vast inventory of accounts to drive traffic. While not as tailored as Media Mister, their targeting does filter countries, keywords and hashtags.

Working closely with Instagram influencers is central to their strategy. Having influencers with audiences in the millions interact with posts provides a noteworthy signal boost.

Pricing is very affordable, with options like $16 for 5,000 impressions or $149 for 100,000 impressions.


  • Huge volume capacity up to 1M monthly
  • Leverages influencers for maximum reach
  • Cheapest cost per 1,000 impressions


  • Targeting lacks refinement
  • Smaller engagement rate around 4%

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#4 Followersup: Best Budget Option

Catering to smaller businesses on tight budgets, Followersup makes buying impressions affordable. Their rates start at $9 for 1,000 impressions – an unrivaled price point for those with limited funds.

While targeting is basic, defaulting to popular hashtags and countries related to your account category, the end-to-end service runs smoothly. Expect transparent tracking with a dashboard profiling daily impressions, plus speedy 12 hour delivery turnaround times.

Pro tip: Buy impressions for new posts rather than old ones to maximize discoverability within their reach burst.


  • Lowest pricing starting at $9
  • Quick 12 hour delivery time
  • Easy-to-use dashboard


  • Very limited audience targeting
  • Small 50K monthly purchase cap

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#5 UseViral: Best Variety of Services

While impressions aren‘t their main offering, UseViral incorporates an Instagram impressions module into their broader social media services. This makes them a suitable one-stop shop.

Beyond impressions, small businesses can also leverage UseViral for followers, auto likes, managed Instagram Growth and more. Their free marketing analysis helps connect appropriate solutions to your goals.

Expect a delivery time of 36-72 hours for 1,000 impressions costing $18. Bulk rates discounted up to 30% off.


  • 30+ different social media services
  • Free social media growth analysis
  • 1,000 impressions for only $18


  • Slow delivery speed
  • Newer service provider, founded in 2021

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And there you have my top picks for purchasing Instagram impressions as a small business. Let me know if you have any other questions!