25 Small Business Ideas in Houston with Low Investment

As a small business consultant in Houston, I‘ve helped many entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. With its massive population, diverse markets, and business-friendly environment, Houston offers no shortage of opportunities for aspiring business owners. Here are 25 of the most promising small business ideas to launch in Houston with low startup costs:

1. Food Truck

The food truck craze has hit Houston in full force, with an estimated 3,000 mobile food vendors currently operating in the city. Focusing on niche cuisines like banh mi, arepas, or fusion tacos can help you stand out from the crowd. Average startup cost: $55,000.

2. Co-Working Space

With over 113,000 self-employed residents, Houston has a growing freelancer population in need of professional workspaces. Leasing and renovating an older building to create a hip, amenity-filled co-working space can attract millennial entrepreneurs. Average startup cost: $100,000.

3. Home Health Care

Thanks to its large 65+ population, the home health care market is booming in Houston. Become a certified home health aide to offer non-medical services like housekeeping, transportation, meal prep, and companionship. Average startup cost: $2,000.

4. Craft Brewery

Texas craft beer is a nearly $5 billion industry, with thirsty Houstonians always looking for unique local brews. Focus on experimenting with flavors like local honey, fruits, and coffee to make your brews stand out. Average startup cost: $500,000.

5. Pet Services

Americans spend over $72 billion per year on their pets. Offer mobile pet grooming, dog walking, or pet sitting for busy Houston pet owners. Pet CPR/first aid certifications can give you a competitive edge. Average startup cost: $2,000.

6. IT Support

With small businesses across industries needing technical help, managed IT services are in high demand in Houston. Provide 24/7 tech support, data backups, cybersecurity services, and more for small business clients. Average startup cost: $2,000.

7. Meal Prep Services

Offer customized meal planning and preparation for busy professionals, athletes, and families seeking healthy eating options. Accept prepaid subscriptions for weekly meal deliveries. Average startup cost: $2,000.

8. Staffing Agency

Houston‘s low unemployment rate coupled with a tight labor market has employers in major industries like energy, manufacturing, and healthcare struggling to find workers. Launching a staffing agency can connect qualified candidates to these opportunities. Average startup cost: $50,000.

9. Auto Customization

Give sports cars, trucks, and SUVs enhanced style with services like tinting, detailing, wraps, wheel/tire packages, stereo installs, and engine upgrades. Market directly to car and racing enthusiasts. Average startup cost: $20,000.

10. Green Energy Installation

Install energy efficient upgrades like solar panels, tankless water heaters, smart thermostats, EV chargers, and low-flow toilets. Stay up-to-date on federal and local incentives to promote to homeowners. Average startup cost: $50,000.

11. Coworking Space

Freelancers and remote workers are flocking to shared workspaces for the community and amenities. Leasing and renovating an older building to create your own coworking space can provide recurring revenue from memberships. Average startup cost: $150,000.

12. Food Delivery Service

Apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash have demonstrated the demand for food delivery in Houston. Focus on a specific niche like healthy meals, comfort food, or late-night delivery. Average startup cost: $5,000.

13. Coffee Shop

Grab a share of Houston‘s $3 billion specialty coffee market by opening your own cafe focusing on high-quality beans and beverages in a relaxed atmosphere. Offer WiFi, baked goods, and snacks to drive sales. Average startup cost: $125,000.

14. Content Marketing

Help Houston companies create blog posts, ebooks, videos, and other digital content to drive leads and enhance SEO. Learn Google Analytics inside and out. Average startup cost: $500.

15. Florist Shop

Capitalize on Houston‘s year-round warm weather and active event scene by opening a boutique florist focused on unique floral arrangements. Offer delivery services for weddings, corporate events, and holidays. Average startup cost: $100,000.

16. Fitness Instructor

Lead group fitness classes in niche exercises like barre, pilates, aqua aerobics, martial arts, and strength training for seniors. Rent space at a gym or community center to establish your business. Average startup cost: $2,000.

17. Resume Writing Service

With over 4 million people in the metro area, Houston has no shortage of professionals in need of resume upgrades to stand out to employers and recruiters. Average startup cost: $500.

18. Pressure Washing

Keep Houston‘s many commercial buildings and residences looking their best by offering exterior pressure washing and soft washing services. Eco-friendly cleaning products can appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers. Average startup cost: $50,000.

19. Moving Company

Help Houstonians with one of life‘s biggest headaches – moving! Offer packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking services. Average startup cost: $20,000.

20. Interior Painting

Offer interior painting, refinishing, texture repairs, wallpaper removal, faux finishing, and cabinet staining services for residential and commercial properties across the metro area. Average startup cost: $7,000.

21. Landscaping Service

Maintain office parks, residential lawns, and commercial properties across sprawling Houston. Offer regular maintenance like mowing, edging, pruning, and fertilization. Average startup cost: $15,000.

22. Furniture Assembly

Help Houston residents put together flat pack furniture, shelves, TV stands, and more. Partner with furniture retailers for customer referrals. Average startup cost: $1,000.

23. Freight Brokerage

Connect shippers with reliable carriers to transport loads across Texas and beyond. Focus on particular industries to build expertise. Average startup cost: $5,000.

24. Event Planning

Organize corporate events, weddings, seminars, and other social occasions. Develop relationships with local venues and vendors to streamline event production. Average startup cost: $6,000.

25. Photography

Capture portraits, real estate listings, headshots, special events and more while showcasing Houston‘s architecture, parks, and communities. Average startup cost: $5,000.

With its affordable startup costs, built-in customer base, limited regulations, and business incentives, Houston checks all the boxes for small business success. Conduct in-depth market research, draft a detailed business plan, and carefully evaluate all risks and expenses when deciding which opportunity is right for you. With hard work and dedication, you can join the ranks of successful Houston entrepreneurs!