Should You Use Boostlikes for Your Instagram Growth? A Data-Driven Review

As a small business owner trying to expand your reach on Instagram, the promise of quick and easy follower growth offered by services like Boostlikes can seem appealing. But are these services actually effective? And are they safe for your account?

In this in-depth review, we’ll analyze what Boostlikes offers, crunch the numbers on quality and alternatives, and provide best practice advice for sustaining engagement as an entrepreneur.

What Does Boostlikes Provide for Instagram Users?

Boostlikes specializes in follower, likes, and views packages catered specifically to Instagram platform. Their offerings include:

  • Followers Packages: Starting from 100 followers for $2.89. Also offer monthly subscription for steady delivery.
  • Likes Packages: Buy post/photo likes from $5.99 per 100 likes.
  • IGTV Views Packages: Purchase views for Instagram videos.

Reviewing their site and offerings, it becomes clear Boostlikes is focused more on vanity metrics and less on meaningful engagement. The convenience of totally hands-off services likely appeals to users focused on perceiving popularity.

Examining The Pros and Cons of Using Boostlikes

Based on analysis of their services, brand, and approach, I’ve identified some notable pros and cons:


  • Secure HTTPS website
  • Pricing shown upfront for all services
  • FAQ covers basics on offerings

Visibility into pricing makes cost analysis straightforward. And their FAQ helps explain processes for delivering likes, followers etc.


  • No credible customer reviews posted
  • Unknown payment and data security
  • Likely fake or low-quality engagement

The lack of independent reviews makes verify satisfaction or results impossible. And limited security details raises questions.

Boostlikes Alternatives Deliver Better Quality

Rather than risk issues fake engagement or potential account bans, top Instagram growth services can drive authentic growth through intelligent targeting and organic engagement campaigns.

Service Rating Engagement Quality
Nitreo 4.8 100% Real Targeted Users
Kicksta 4.7 Above Industry Avg
UseViral 4.5 High Retention Rate

These services invest in targeting ideal audiences and nurturing genuine interest from real humans. This leads to higher retention and conversion versus artificial mass produced engagement.

The Verdict: Proceed With Caution

While ease of use and low costs may attract some to Boostlikes, uncertainty around reliability, safety, sustainable engagement makes it a risky choice.

For your brand‘s Instagram presence, higher quality services or authentic engagement strategies based on providing value are better paths forward.

Small Business Tips to Improve Your Instagram Engagement

Here are my top tips for expanding your organic reach and connection with fans:

  • Post Shareable Content: Focus on content tailored to your audience that offers value. Encourage natural shares.
  • Engage Followers: Reply to comments, ask questions in captions. Build relationships at scale.
  • Optimize Hashtags: Include relevant hashtags to improve discoverability. Identify best hashtags to target.
  • Leverage Influencers: Partner with nano or micro influencers to expand reach. Ensure clear mutual value exchange.
  • Analyze What Works: Track key Instagram analytics. Double down on top performing content styles and engagement tactics.

Stay patient, post consistently, and focus on value. Sustainable Instagram growth is a marathon, not a sprint.

Have you used Boostlikes or other Instagram automation tools? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!