22 Crucial Blogging Statistics Every Small Business Must Know for 2024

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I‘ve seen firsthand the power of blogging for boosting small business success.

Strategic business blogging builds expertise, drives conversions and accelerates growth.

But launching an effective blog is harder than ever, with over 600 million sites competing for readers.

The blogs that will thrive in 2024 are laser-focused on creating value for their readers.

Below I‘ll highlight 22 need-to-know blogging statistics for this year and break down key takeaways for applying them to your small business approach.

Finding Your Audience

Understanding reader demographics, interests and preferences is step one for providing value through blogging.

1. 53,000 People Search “How To Start a Blog” Monthly

  • Takeaway: Despite heavy competition, huge interest still exists in launching blogs. Cater to this demand by guiding readers through your own blogging journey.

2. 26% of Blog Readers Are Aged 30-49

  • Takeaway: Tailor your content, case studies and examples to best resonate with readers in this age bracket. But don‘t fully exclude younger and older demographics.

3. 26% of Kids Aged 5-18 Read Blogs

  • Takeaway:Educational child-focused blogs have opportunities to build life-long loyalty and interest

Hot Content Formats & Topics

Creating posts readers love starts with choosing proven, engaging formats.

4. 77% of Blogs Publish “How To” Articles

  • Takeaway: Step-by-step tutorials are wildly popular. Teach readers hands-on skills related to your niche.

5. Food and Finance Blogs Earn Over $9,000 Per Month

  • Takeaway: These lucrative niches attract hungry readers. But even non-monetized blogs benefit from focusing on defined topics.

Optimizing Content

How you format and structure your posts impacts readership and rankings.

6. Blog Posts Should Be 2,000+ Words

  • Takeaway: Prioritize in-depth expertise over short snippets. Break up long-form posts to enhance skimmability.

7. 7 Minutes is the Optimal Reading Time

  • Takeaway: Limit each section or post to 7 minutes through concise writing, graphics and frequent headers.

8. Blogs With Visuals Get More Traffic

  • Takeaway: Relevant images, data visualizations and videos boost engagement.

9. Bloggers Spend Over 4 Hours Per Post

  • Takeaway: Rushing posts diminishes quality. Invest time researching and carefully crafting high-caliber content.

Income Potential

For savvy bloggers, blogging extends far beyond being a hobby.

10. 92% of Marketers Use Blog Posts

  • Takeaway: Blogs boost SEO rankings, establish thought leadership and convert readers into leads. Blogging and marketing go hand-in-hand.

11. You Can Earn Over $1,000 As a Blogger

  • Takeaway: While rates vary widely, niche micro-influencers, like small business owners with blogs, can monetize content through ads, affiliates, speaking gigs and beyond.

Key 2023 Takeaways

The blogging landscape evolves quickly. By focusing on value, search optimization and your niche, your small business blog can break through the noise to drive real results.

Let me know in the comments what blogging stats you find most surprising or helpful! I‘m eager to keep advising small business clients like yourself on winning blogging strategies customized to your growth goals.