Questionable Practices Make BlastUp Too Risky

As an entrepreneurship consultant who advises many small business clients on social media growth, I always dig deep into Instagram growth services before making any recommendations. Based on multiple red flags, I cannot advise using BlastUp (formerly GramBlast). Here‘s a more comprehensive analysis of why.

BlastUp‘s History Does Not Inspire Confidence

BlastUp first rebranded from GramBlast after violating Instagram‘s terms of service. Usage of Instagram‘s trademarked term "gram" without permission is illegal. This initial disregard for Instagram‘s rules already raises suspcions about their business ethics.

Since rebranding as BlastUp, numerous alerts have flagged this company:

  • Multiple negative TrustPilot reviews expose dissatisfied customers.
  • Scamadviser‘s algorithmic assessments deem their site high-risk.
  • No evidence exists of satisfied customer endorsements.

For an Instagram growth company with a questionable history, I would expect strong efforts to rebuild credibility through transparent practices. But questionable techniques remain, including no verified payment gateway.

Aggressive Growth Claims Without Sufficient Proof

BlastUp promises suspiciously high engagement rates from so-called "real" users. But without substantiated proof like customer reviews, these claims remain dubious.

Analyzing their prices reveals rates 10x cheaper than industry averages of $10 per 100 followers. Very few legitimate Instagram growth companies can sustain such low pricing while providing real engagement. This signals automated bots or fake accounts.

You Can Grow Organically – With More Effort

For starters, remain vigilant about Instagram‘s terms of service and community guidelines regarding engagement tactics. Violating their rules risks account suspension or bans.

Focus on creating shareable content that resonates with your niche audience and use relevant hashtags. Engage actively with your current followers by liking posts and commenting.

Follow accounts similar to you and actively like and comment there as well. Tools like IGDiscover can identify relevant profiles through hashtag and location searching.

While organic growth takes more work upfront, you reap longer-term rewards by building authentic connections with real followers.

Verify Safe Providers Before Buying Followers or Likes

If you still want to explore reputable providers for social growth services, thoroughly vet options before purchasing.

Here are a few with strong track records:

  • Stormlikes – 4.8 TrustPilot rating after 5,000+ reviews
  • Followersup – 4.4 TrustPilot rating after 2,000+ reviews
  • SocialBoss – BBB A+ rating with verified customer reviews

Checking independent review sites protects you from unstable services prone to security issues or fake engagement bans. Only then can you grow your Instagram safely.

I welcome any other questions around organic or paid growth strategies for Instagram – just reach out! Wishing you social media marketing success.