When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2024 for Small Business Owners?

As a fellow small business owner who has helped entrepreneurs grow on Instagram for over a decade, I cannot stress enough how crucial posting at optimal times can be. As Instagram‘s over 1 billion monthly active users have made it a powerful platform, timing content right when your audience is active can make a world of difference in driving engagement, reach, and ultimately sales.

Through my experience and analysis of multiple social media industry reports, I‘ve broken down the best times to post content on Instagram in 2024 for the various days of the week:

Why Posting at Peak Times Matters as an Entrepreneur

Posting when your target users are actively scrolling their Instagram feeds means more eyes immediately seeing your content. As industry research shows:

  • Posts receive over 250% more engagement if users are on the app at time of publishing vs inactive times
  • Content shared within the 1st 3 hours of peak usage has 2-3x higher overall reach compared to off-peak periods

This signals relevancy to Instagram‘s algorithm, leading it to show your posts to more potential customers over time:

Instagram Algorithm Engagement Impact

Source: Later Blog Instagram Algorithm Engagement Analysis

As a fellow small business owner, I know every new customer counts towards growing your company. Optimizing posting time can help your product images, promotions, or other branding content make more of an impact.

Best Times to Post by Day of the Week in 2024

While ideal posting times vary slightly by audience and industry, analyzing aggregate user activity reveals some best practices to use as an initial guideline:


Mondays see engagement spike during commute times as users scroll while heading to work. I recommend posting from 7-9 AM or 5-6 PM to capture these busy periods.


Tuesdays have the most engaged afternoon period of any weekday. Post between 1-4 PM when school/work lunches lead to increased browsing.


Users check Instagram the most on Wednesday mornings while enjoying their coffee or tea. 8-11 AM tends to see high click volume.


Thursday evenings tend to have very active usage as people unwind from their workweek. Aim for the 5-8 PM window.


Fridays have reliably busy happy hour periods across many demographics. Post from 4-7PM to align with post-work scroll sessions.


Weekend engagement shifts slightly later, as Saturday mornings 8-11 AM tend to be a prime posting time.


Sundays remain more relaxed browsing days, with the 9 AM-1 PM window generally performing well.

Best Instagram Posting Times of Week

Source: Sprout Social 2023 Instagram Engagement Data

As you can see from the chart, the busy evening period from 5-8 PM consistently sees high engagement across nearly all days of the week. If in doubt on the best time to post, this weekday window tends to perform well as users wind down and check their feeds.

Additional Tips for Optimizing Your Timing

Here are a few other tips from my own expertise in Instagram growth strategy:

  • Consider your audience‘s time zones – don‘t just default to your own! Adjust target posting times accordingly.
  • Quality and consistency matter – well-crafted, relevant content drives success more than anything else.
  • Track performance metrics over time – use analytics to study your audience patterns.
  • Experiment regularly – shift posting times every 2-3 weeks to find what resonates.

Let me know in the comments what posting times have worked for driving engagement! I‘m always happy to offer additional tips.