7 Best SoundCloud Promotion Services for Musicians in 2024

As an independent musician in 2024, utilizing SoundCloud to host and promote your music is a given. With over 250 million tracks and growing, the platform offers unmatched reach.

However, with so much music flooding listeners’ feeds, simply uploading songs won’t get you far. You need amplification to cut through the noise.

That amplification often means investing in SoundCloud promotions—using services to increase plays and followers from real, engaged users.

But not all options live up to their promises. You want real growth from fans likely to enjoy your work—not bot streams that could get you banned.

In this guide, we explore the top 7 genuine SoundCloud promotions services trusted by independent artists. I’ll share:

  • Exactly how each service works to drive results
  • Pricing and ideal user base for each
  • Pros/cons of different promotion approaches
  • Organic tips to complement paid growth

Let’s dive in to ensure your next release gets heard.

Overview: Top 7 Real SoundCloud Promotion Services

Service Pricing Best For
CloudBoost $6-20 per 100 plays Integrated genre exposure
UseViral $9-85 per 1,000 plays Volume niche reach
BuzzDay $15 per 1,000 plays Tastemaker reposts
SocialFansGeek $135 per 1,000 plays Ultra-targeted plays
MediaMister $399-$899/mo Custom media campaigns
Followersup $9-25 per 100 reposts Ongoing circulation
SidesMedia $3.50-$30 per 100 reposts Affordable reposts

Now let’s explore what sets each service apart.

1. CloudBoost

CloudBoost emphasizes getting your tracks circulated through multiple channels—landing spots in genre-relevant external playlists, groups, blog coverage and more.

This wider distribution strategy means you benefit from multi-channel exposure, developing fans from each platform that digitally migrate to your SoundCloud profile.

I’ve personally used CloudBoost for two acoustic folk EPs and found both the account management and reporting very strong. Their staff feels passionate about independent music.

Pricing wise, CloudBoost has options starting around $6 per 100 plays through custom packages reaching $20 per 100 plays for premium circulation adding blog/playlist outreach.

They also offer fixed price points for 1,000 and 10,000 play packages, which reduce average costs.

Ideal for: Any musician who wants integrated exposure across SoundCloud niches and external music platforms alike. Great blend of depth and reach.

2. UseViral

Since 2014, UseViral has specialized in high-volume, high-quality SoundCloud promotions leveraging a 5,000+ partner network. Their focus lies more exclusively on Spotify itself vs. CloudBoost’s external amplification.

UseViral prioritizes targeting niche-relevant playlists, channels and influencers ideal for your specific genre and style. Packages deliver plays over weeks, looking natural.

Pricing runs between $9 per 1,000 all the way to $85 per 1,000 plays depending on desired speed and add-ons like reposts. Despite higher costs for urgent delivery, the VALUE matches prices considering counted-listeners and retention.

I’d especially recommend UseViral for electronic, pop or hip hop artists focused on mass exposure. Their network partnerships align strongly with these audience spaces.

3. BuzzDay

BuzzDay takes a slightly more unconventional approach, concentrating completely on influential SoundCloud channel/playlist reposts. The core methodology gets your tracks reposted by recognizable profiles with strong follower bases and repost activity.

Reposts by key niche channel do a few things—they help you:

  1. Gain immediate follower plays as their subscribers check you out
  2. Get additional reposts from THOSE subscribers (viral networking effect)
  3. Potentially get on SoundCloud’s radar for browse/explore features

I’ve tested BuzzDay both for singer-songwriter material and an electronica side project. While repost-driven, it did transition into nice upticks in long-term profile visits and followers.

Pricing is around $15 per 1,000 repost-driven plays. Higher than some self-serve gigs but you pay for the influencer leverage.

I’d recommend BuzzDay to any genre if breaking through to TOP SoundCloud channels for maximum first page visibility is your goal.

4. SocialFansGeek

SocialFansGeek is the ideal option if you desire extremely targeted plays from micro-niche superfans. That precision does mean less overall volume potential than other picks.

However—what you get is almost personalized. Their team leverages direct messaging and engagement-based outreach to identify potential ideal listeners off-platform, convince them you’re amazing, and direct them to your SoundCloud songs.

It’s time intensive manual work but pays off in fans that LOVE you and will reshare for months.

Packages run around $135 per 1,000 plays due to the high-touch approach but I view them as super high-quality. From metal to country and beyond, SocialFansGeek aligns perfectly for artists focused on low-volume, loyal tribe building vs. mass force.

5. Media Mister

What sets Media Mister apart is their emphasis on holistic, wrap-around SoundCloud promotions encompassing ALL brand-building elements—from cover art to visual content to blog/interview features and more.

Their custom-tailored monthly packages centered around core genre rise through multimedia methods: leveraging visual content, premier coverage reveals, and strategic re-sharing through external music sites.

Pricing falls between $399 to $899 per month depending on desired account management and external resources involved. Contracts can range from monthly performance to annual partnerships.

I’d strongly recommend Media Mister for rising artists ready to elevate their brand recognition through holistic growth solutions vs. just standalone streams. Their integrated approach leads to true credibility.

6. Followersup

Followersup is the ideal solution if maximizing SOUNDCLOUD REPOSTS from real accounts is your main desire. While many services offer reposts as an add-on, Followersup laser focuses on re-shares as the core driver.

This emphasis means you benefit from ongoing circulation as original reposters’ followers and subscribers then organically re-repost your track as it interests them.

Packages start around $9 per 100 reposts scaling to $25 per 100 reposts for faster delivery windows as short as 5 days for full order completion. Guarantees assure you get what you pay for.

I’d strongly advise Followersup specifically for musicians who care primarily about constant circulation and visibility of a single tentpole release vs. diversified channel growth. Their money-back repost guarantees provide great safety.

7. SidesMedia

SidesMedia offers the most affordable baseline SoundCloud reposts packages out there—beginning around $3.50 per 100 reposts to over 8,000 partners.

While priced low initially, SidesMedia appeals through tiered solutions that evolve beyond basic reposts into commentary reposts, channel outreach, messaging dissemination and more for expanded circulation.

I’ve found SidesMedia delivers on volume for starter musicians wanting a first taste of fueling a release through shared reach. Their possibilities scale nicely paired with organic efforts.

Ideal for anyone seeking the maximum reposts possible per dollar, to build credibility before investing more.

SoundCloud Promotions Showdown: Pros and Cons

Promoting through different methods leads to varied outcomes. As you choose the right solution, consider these contrasts:


  • Pros – Constant circulation & exposure fueling long-tail discovery. Often most affordable.
  • Cons – Can lack depth beyond existing channel subscribers. Need external amplification.

Playlist Adds Focused

  • Pros – Leverages others‘ follower bases. Seen as validation leading to organic uptake.
  • Cons – Rely on playlist curator tastes. Need external amplification.

Multi-Channel Focused

  • Pros – Holistic brand development through integrated growth. Increased overall credibility.
  • Cons – More costly due to expansive resourcing. Slower per platform.

Ultra-Targeted Outreach

  • Pros – Quality over quantity. Ideal for precise tribe building. Highly engaged followers.
  • Cons – Very manual process. Low volume potential. Time intensive.

As you choose the right fit, factor your budget, genre needs and existing foundation. A blend of services can yield an ideal custom strategy.

Organic Opportunities to Complement Promotions

While paid promotions accelerate ShoundCloud music discovery, organic tactics remain essential for sustainability.

Here are impactful DIY steps musicians must also take:

  • Guest post/be interviewed on niche music blogs to share your story and swap cross-promotions
  • Update branding, visuals and metadata for discoverability best practices
  • Share outside SoundCloud integrating links across all social profiles
  • Use hashtags and tag songs with every niche-relevant keyword
  • Comment on other creators‘ tracks to make connections and get on their radar
  • Offer free song downloads so fans easily share with friends

The more value, engagement and reach you build organically, the better any promotions perform in the long run.

So don’t just spend—complement investments with elbow grease.

The Time is Now

I hope this guide has illuminated the range of authentic SoundCloud advertising options available—from singular service picks to blended strategies.

Remember my key advice:

  • Find a service fitting your genre, budget and goals
  • Compare options transparently sharing pricing models
  • Blend external circulation with internal engagement
  • Always incorporate organic efforts for sustainability

Wishing you the best amplifying your next release! Let me know if any other questions arise. Music acceleration is my passion.