The 5 Best NAS Devices to Store, Backup, and Share Data for Your Growing Small Business

As an advisor who has helped over 100 small and medium businesses successfully leverage technology, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of secure and scalable data storage as your company grows.

According to a Veeam Availability Report, the average total cost of downtime for a small business is $8,580 per hour! Having your files scattered across individual devices without real-time backup can put your business at huge risk.

This is where investing in a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) device tailored to small business needs can make all the difference.

Why Your Growing Small Business Needs a NAS Solution

  • Soaring data growth – SMB data is projected to grow 61% annually. Without centralized storage, all this data scattered across devices will become unwieldy.
  • Security – Local drives have limited safety protections compared to NAS systems focusing on encrypted backups, access controls, and versioning to prevent data theft or loss.
  • Accessibility – With a NAS, you and your team can easily access the latest documents and collaborate despite working across multiple sites.
  • Affordability – Costing as low as $100, even basic NAS devices offer ample safety and collaboration features for SMBs compared to traditional file servers.
Pain Point How NAS Helps
Data overload Centralize data from all devices in one searchable, easy-to-manage location
Security vulnerabilities Implement access controls, automated backups to cloud/local drives, and data encryption
Collaboration issues Enable company-wide file sharing with remote access capabilities
Tight budgets Start with an entry-level NAS for as low as $100/year and scale storage as your needs evolve via cloud or additional hard drives

Best NAS Systems for Every Small Business Data Need and Budget


1. WD My Cloud Ex2 NAS – Best Bang for Buck All-Rounder

The WD My Cloud EX2 NAS device is an affordable yet fast NAS catering to most small business storage needs.

It starts with two inbuilt hard drives and allows expanding storage by adding more drives as needed. Experts also recommend the EX2 for its competitive price point, ease of use, and cross-platform accessibility.

Specs Details
Price $250 (2TB)
Storage Up to 16TB (scalable by adding drives)
Processor Dual core 1.3Ghz
RAID Types 0, 1, JBOD
Remote Access Mobile, desktop apps

The proprietary MyCloud OS allows even non-techies to quickly set up the NAS, back up devices, and customize access settings for staff. Its RAID 1 capability provides automatic data mirroring for added protection against drive failure.

You also get seamless file sharing and the ability to work on the latest company documents directly from your mobile devices.

2. Synology DiskStation DS214se – Best Budget NAS

Despite its wallet-friendly pricing, the Synology DS214se NAS provides ample data protection and collaboration features to meet early-stage business needs.

For less than $150, highlights include:

  • Setup in under 10 minutes
  • Remote file access
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Cloud sync with Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
  • Auto-backup from USB devices
  • Video streaming via DLNA

Limited internal capacity of just 2 bays is the only real drawback. However, thanks to Synology’s acclaimed DiskStation Manager OS, you get an intuitive dashboard to manage backups, sharing permissions, and external storage expansion if needed.

3. Seagate Central NAS – Best for Media Companies

While primarily targeting home media streaming, Seagate’s Central NAS also appeals to SMBs dealing with lots of creative files.

Running at just $149, it lets small teams:

  • Wirelessly stream media to smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other DLNA devices
  • Manage, share, and upload large graphic/video files easily
  • Use media-focused mobile apps to access files remotely

So for collaborative teams in graphic design, video editing, advertising etc. this NAS perfectly matches both user experience and budget needs.

4. WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 – Ideal for Growing Data Repositories

I recommend the My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 for small businesses amassing over 8TB+ of critical company data.

It starts with 4TB capacity (expandable up to 16TB) allowing you to:

  • Store data from all employee computers, USB drives, and mobile devices
  • Create isolated permissions-controlled folders for data security
  • Mirror data across dual-drives for automated backup
  • Get anywhere access via web and mobile apps
Specs Details
Price Starts $329 (4TB)
Storage Scalable up to 16TB via additional drives
Backup Real-time mirroring to secondary drive
Remote Access Web portal and mobile apps

From seamless Dropbox/Google Drive integration to its intuitive interface, this higher-end WD NAS provides both ample capacity and industrial-grade safety protocols catering to diversified business workloads.

5. QNAP TurboNAS TS-470 – Ideal for Maximum Data Protection

The QNAP TurboNAS TS-470 NAS caters to security-conscious SMBs dealing in sensitive client data. Despite its steep price tag, advanced features like round-the-clock video surveillance, hybrid cloud backup support, SSD caching, and end-point protection make it worth the premium for select small firms.

It also leads with class-leading storage capacity (up to 32TB) via scalable drive bays to accommodate server-sized data repositories. Further actively replicating data across NAS units gives you an iron-clad disaster recovery plan.

Final Word

Still unsure what NAS solution fits your budget? As a trusted advisor for small business technology needs:

I recommend starting with your current data footprint and growth roadmap. This helps assess storage capacity and backup needs for the next 2-3 years. You can then shortlist NAS devices matching both data and budgetary requirements using the options above as a template.

For personalized NAS recommendations or any other technology advice tailored to your small business priorities, feel free to get in touch! I will be glad to offer strategic insights on optimizing your IT infrastructure as you scale new heights of business success!