Best Logo Maker Platforms to Kickstart Your Brand Identity

As a small business owner, creating a professional logo design used to require hiring a graphic designer at significant expense. But thanks to user-friendly DIY logo makers, anyone can now create an impressive, high-quality logo in minutes and at an affordable price.

In this comprehensive guide, we analyze the top 10 logo design platforms to find the best options to kickstart your brand identity, back your vision with visual assets, and make a memorable first impression.

Before jumping into the solutions, let‘s discuss why your logo deserves both time and budget. Because it is often the first touchpoint for customers engaging with your brand.

🚀 Increase Revenue – Well-designed logos make companies appear more legitimate, leading to more sales. Startups with logos match funding goals by 82% more than those without.

💲 Cost Savings – DIY logo makers empower entrepreneurs to create professional logos without expensive graphic designers. Prices start from free up to $50/month.

🔎 Brand Recognition – Memorable logo shapes, symbols and fonts boost brand awareness by up to 80%, setting you apart from competitors.

So rather than an afterthought, treat your logo as a vital business asset and long-term investment into your brand identity.

Now let‘s compare the top options for crafting your iconic emblem without breaking the bank!

1. Tailor Brands

Best For: AI-powered Logo Design

Tailor Brands utilizes artificial intelligence to instantly generate on-brand logo options matching your business niche, industry style, values and preferences.

👍 Pros

  • Market-relevant logo designs
  • Fully customizable font, shape, colors
  • Vector and bitmap outputs
  • Easy to use editing tools
  • Social media asset generation

👎 Cons

  • Monthly subscription

Tailor Brands scores an impressive 4.9 on WebsitePlanet for logo quality and editor functionality. With intelligent algorithms tailoring outputs, even non-designers can craft professional emblems to kickstart their brand identity in minutes.

Pricing: Starts from $3.99/month billed yearly

2. Printful

Best For: Integrated Merchandise Printing

In addition to logo design, Printful also offers integrated merchandize production and shipping. From apparel to home goods, you can apply your brand identity across products.

The style-focused editor provides more customization control compared to strictly AI platforms. But the focus remains on preparing print-ready branding assets.

👍 Pros

  • Direct merchandise printing
  • Easy to use editor
  • High-quality emblem outputs

👎 Cons

  • Merchandize fulfillment focus
  • Lesser style options

Trusted by over 1 million businesses for emblem printing, Printful earns excellent user reviews. If merchandizing products is a core need, Printful provides reliable end-to-end support.

Pricing: Pay per merchandise order. No monthly fees.

3. Squarespace

Best For: Complete eCommerce Suite

Squarespace provides an integrated all-in-one solution spanning logo design, websites, hosting and ecommerce features.

The logo maker canvas is simple but limited to 100+ design templates. However, seamless pairing with other business-critical tools makes Squarespace a potential one-stop-shop.

👍 Pros

  • Integrated business suite
  • Simple logo creator
  • 10% off code available

👎 Cons

  • Only 100 logo templates
  • Creator lacks advanced options

Squarespace earns decent feedback for its straightforward tools scoring around 4/5 across review sites. For entrepreneurs wanting convenience and simplicity, Squarespace delivers an unified platform.

Pricing: Plans from €11/month

4. DesignEvo

Best For: Massive Template Library

DesignEvo provides an extensive 10,000+ template library enabling anyone to create a logo by editing and customizing premade designs.

The editor itself is straightforward with limited adjustments compared to other makers. But the vast starting points ensure most common brand styles are covered.

👍 Pros

  • 10,000+ logo templates
  • Easy-to-use editing
  • Multiple file format downloads
  • Very affordable pricing

👎 Cons

  • Limited customizations
  • No proprietary outputs

Backed by a 4.8 Trustpilot score, DesignEvo earns top marks for beginner-friendly tools to craft logos from a large template stock. A perfect starting point for early concepting.

Pricing: Free to $49.99

5. Logogenie

Best For: Simple Logo Editor

Logogenie focuses solely as a straightforward logo editor rather than bundled services. With icons, fonts and color options to construct your own without starting templates.

It lacks advanced editing capabilities but appealing for those wanting more creative freedom in design compared to locked templates.

👍 Pros

  • Simple DIY editing
  • Creative freedom
  • Affordable download

👎 Cons

  • Very basic editor
  • Limited customization
  • No proprietary outputs

Scoring a 4.0 on Trustpilot, Logogenie strikes an affordable balance between templates and creation tools. Best for early concepts rather than polished emblem production.

Pricing: €18.90 Basic Logo Package

6. Logomaster

Best For: DIY Tutorial Guidance

Logomaster incorporates an easy-step DIY video tutorial guiding users through incorporating shapes, badges, fonts and frames into custom logo designs.

The starter-centric focus limits applicability for extensive styling needs. But for small business owners, the guided experience helps craft meaningful logos.

👍 Pros

  • DIY video tutorial
  • Simple badge/icon options
  • Affordable one-time pricing

👎 Cons

  • Lesser advanced editing

With a Trustpilot score of 4.8 out of 5, Logomaster wins praise as a tutorial-led option for first timers rather than its depth of capabilities. Still, an ideal start for basic branding needs.

Pricing: €22 one-time fee

7. Logomakershop

Best For: Mobile App Design

Logomakershop provides a mobile app enabling logo design completely from an iPhone or iPad. The minimal interface focuses on quick construction rather than advanced editing.

While convenient for on-the-go creation, critical features still gated for paid subscriptions makes assessing full utility difficult.

👍 Pros

  • Mobile app for iOS
  • Fast 5-minute logos
  • Simple badge/icon options

👎 Cons

  • Key features paywalled
  • Subscription pushes
  • Limited file outputs

Ranking #90 among graphic apps with 4.4 stars, Logomakershop scores well given minimal scope. But upsell subscription efforts hamper ability to judge true quality.

Pricing: Free trial only. Subscriptions from $4.99 weekly.

8. LogoOrbit

Best For: Bundled Branding Services

Offering logo design paired with brand guide creation, website building, business card design and other services, LogoOrbit aims higher than standalone makers.

However, conflicting reviews regarding quality and customer service make properly assessing platform potential difficult.

👍 Pros

  • Broad branding packages
  • Presentation templates
  • Stationary designers

👎 Cons

  • Mixed quality feedback
  • Upsell website packages

With 4.9 on TrustPilot but just 2.0 on Yelp, LogoOrbit receives contradictory feedback for reasons unclear. Likely best to evaluate closely rather than assume reliability.

Pricing: Logos from $49 to $189

9. LogoMaker

Best For: First DIY Platform

As one of the original DIY logo creation platforms, LogoMaker taps decades of experience in empowering entrepreneurs to design their own branding assets.

However, the website and interfaces feel severely dated by modern standards though the editing process itself remains simple enough.

👍 Pros

  • Intuitive creation
  • Additional branding assets

👎 Cons

  • Very dated interface
  • Limited style options

Scoring just 3.8 on Trustpilot, LogoMaker suffers from aging site upkeep issues that dampen appeal compared to slicker modern alternatives.

Pricing: Free creator. Download $39.95 one-time fee.

10. Logoshi

Best For: No Frills Logos

Logoshi skips bloatware for a stripped down emblem editor focused purely on logo generation, no subscriptions or bundles attached.

Without upsells or distractions, the maker provides a clutter-free and frustration-free option. But generic outputs and limited customization leave much to be desired.

👍 Pros

  • Simple pure logo maker
  • No subscription needs
  • Multi-file outputs

👎 Cons

  • Lesser customization
  • Generic templates

For basic logos on a budget, Logoshi delivers as promised. But limited stylings and stock icon usage prevent truly original results.

Pricing: $5 Basic. $20 Pro package one-time fees.

1️⃣ Invest in your logo: Treat logo design as vital for establishing professional brand visibility, not an afterthought.

2️⃣ Try before you buy: Experiment with free builders first to narrow down your style.

3️⃣ Compare creation tools: Balance your need for templates, customization depth, bundled services etc during selection.

4️⃣ Allocate sufficient budget: Splurging on a quality logo saves expenses down the road across branding collateral.

Creating an unforgettable identity and impression requires thoughtfulness in adequately investing into and designing your iconic emblem. I hope this guide illuminated top avenues enabling any small business to unlock world-class logo production without cost concerns!