The Complete Guide to the 50 Best Instagram Growth Services for Entrepreneurs in 2023

As a small business consultant who has helped dozens of startups and brands strategically grow their Instagram followings, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to stand out and expand your reach on this highly competitive platform. With over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, simply creating great content is no longer enough. You need the right growth tactics and tools to get your brand seen by targeted audiences who will genuinely engage with your profile.

This is where leveraging one of the many Instagram growth services available today can provide a strategic advantage. However, the sheer volume of options makes it difficult to identify which service is right for your specific business. In this comprehensive guide, I will cut through the confusion and offer expert recommendations on the top 50 Instagram growth services for entrepreneurs and small businesses in 2023 based on factors like targeting capabilities, delivery speed, pricing, support and proven results.

Why Instagram Growth Services Are Valuable for Entrepreneurs

As a startup founder myself who has grown multiple brands’ Instagram followings from scratch, I’ve seen firsthand the immense value provided by growth services. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Save You Time: Manually growing your Instagram following requires consistently posting engaging content plus hours of following, liking and commenting. Quality growth services automate these tactical activities so you can instead focus on your core business.
  • Growth Expertise: Services use proven marketing tactics and best practices optimized specifically for Instagram growth that the average user lacks the experience to leverage themselves.
  • Gain Credibility: Nothing builds brand credibility like a large, engaged following on Instagram. Growth services get your content and profile in front of targeted, high-value audiences in your niche.
  • Affordable Investment: The modest monthly fees are well worth the time savings and growth most services provide. When you consider your hourly rate, it’s an affordable investment in your brand’s future growth.
  • Level Playing Field: In competitive markets, growth services allow startups to accelerate Instagram followings rapidly to stand out, compete with bigger brands and ultimately acquire customers.

The key is identifying the service that aligns with your specific goals and budget. By leveraging the in-depth reviews and comparisons in this guide, any entrepreneur can find the right solution to kickstart their Instagram growth and gain a competitive edge.

Factors to Evaluate When Comparing Instagram Growth Services

With hundreds of options on the market, how do you even begin evaluating which Instagram growth service is best for your needs? As an independent consultant, I have extensive experience vetting and recommending services for clients across diverse industries and use cases.

Based on analyzing over 50 different platforms, here are the key criteria entrepreneurs should use to evaluate services:

Targeting Capabilities – The best services offer advanced targeting of potential followers by location, interests, engagement levels, follower count, gender and more. Advanced targeting gets your content seen by the right people.

Delivery Speed – Most quality services take 1-2 weeks to deliver gradual, natural growth through manual efforts. Anything promising extremely rapid growth likely uses fake followers or automation.

Pricing – Prices range from as low as $10 to over $1,000 per month. Avoid the cheapest options and look for the best value based on your budget.

Engagement Types – Some services focus just on followers while others also deliver likes, comments, views etc. Choose what matters most for your goals.

Account Safety – Ensure services comply with Instagram’s terms of service. Some cheap options got banned for using bots, spam and other prohibited tactics.

Reputation – Look for established services with many positive customer reviews and documented success growing real brands. Newer platforms are riskier.

Support Options – The best services offer support via live chat, email and phone to address any questions or issues 24/7.

I always advise clients to begin by defining their top priorities based on these criteria, then evaluate services that best align with those needs. Avoid any service promising unrealistic outcomes or “shortcuts” using prohibited growth tactics.

Now that you understand how to assess Instagram growth services, let’s examine the top 50 platforms I recommend for entrepreneurs and small businesses in 2023.

The 50 Best Instagram Growth Services for Entrepreneurs

For Organic Instagram Follower Growth

  1. Kicksta – One of the most popular services for organically growing followers through targeted hashtags and strategic following. Plans start at $49/mo.
  2. Follow Adder – A longtime leader using proven tactics like target following/unfollowing, automation and more for follower growth. Plans from $27/mo.
  3. Social Captain – Provides well-rounded organic growth focused on followers while also driving likes, views and engagement. Starts at $49/mo.
  4. Grothoid – Gets you high-quality, genuine followers truly interested in your niche for organic growth long-term. Starts at $69/mo.
  5. Upleap – Manually finds targeted potential followers and engages to convert them through outreach and optimization. Starts at $49/mo.

For Automated Instagram Follower Growth

  1. Nitreo – Leverages advanced AI to target and engage relevant followers based on behaviors and interests. Starts at $39/mo
  2. Jarvee – Robust automation platform helping users grow Instagram and other social profiles since 2014. Plans from $29/mo.
  3. Media Mister – Automates cross-platform growth on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Plans from $50/mo.
  4. Social Mr – Provides automated targeting, following, commenting and unfollowing to drive Instagram expansion. Plans from $39/mo.
  5. Gramista – Specializes in automated tools to build reach including targeted actions and content optimization. Plans from $99/mo.

For Instagram Engagement (Likes & Comments)

  1. Stormlikes – Simple, affordable service strictly focused on helping you get more likes on Instagram content. Starts at $12/mo.
  2. SocialViral – Leverages influencer networks to expose your brand to new audiences through promotions. Starts at $29/mo.
  3. Kenji – Top-tier service providing massive Instagram growth through influencer collaborations and other tactics. Minimum budget $500/mo.
  4. Buzzoid – Provides automated targeting to engage users and build your Instagram following. Starts at $49/mo.
  5. Famoid – Offers packages with mix of Instagram followers, likes, views and comments. Starts at $16/mo.

For Instagram Shoutouts

  1. ShoutCart – Can promote your brand to thousands of targeted followers through influencer shoutouts. Starts at $49/campaign.
  2. Thunderclap – Provides managed influencer campaigns to grow your IG audience. Minimum budget $500/mo.
  3. SocialBook – Popular influencer marketplace connecting brands with Instagram creators for shoutouts. Pay per campaign.
  4. Upfluence – Find and collaborate with relevant influencers in your niche to grow your following. Pay per campaign.
  5. Shoutout Cartel – Manages the entire influencer shoutout process from targeting to delivery. Pay per campaign.

For Location or Gender Targeting

  1. Trusy – Targets Instagram growth by locations and other demographics like gender and age. Plans from $79/mo.
  2. FollowersUp – Provides country-specific Instagram followers for the locations that matter most for your brand. Plans from $19/mo.
  3. Bouxtie – Focuses on targeting followers by gender for male or female audiences. Plans from $60/mo.
  4. – Offers Instagram followers targeted by country to help expand your geographic reach. Plans from $12/mo.
  5. Sociality – Specializes in country-specific Instagram followers from locations worldwide. Plans from $18/mo.

For Instagram Story Views

  1. IGBoost – Optimizes and promotes your Instagram stories to drive more views. Starts at $29/mo.
  2. ViralRace – Creates visually appealing custom graphics to grab attention and get more Instagram story views. Starts at $45/mo.
  3. StoryView – Uses network of 100k+ accounts to get more views on Instagram and Snapchat stories. Plans from $12/mo.
  4. FastLikes – Simple service strictly focused on helping businesses get more Instagram story views. Plans from $12/mo.
  5. Social Sensei – Leverages relationships with influencers to promote brand stories and ads on Instagram. Pay per campaign.

For Instagram Auto Likes

  1. Insta Promoter – Provides scheduled automated likes from real users to boost Instagram engagement. Plans from $9/mo.
  2. SocialPlus – Uses advanced bots to deliver a steady volume of automated likes to Instagram posts. Plans from $9/mo.
  3. CoinCrack – Manages automated likes from mix of bots and real users to gradually grow your profile. Plans from $21/mo.
  4. Royal Likes – Focuses just on auto likes for Instagram delivered from their network of user accounts. Plans from $10/mo.
  5. Likezilla – Specialized service for automated likes on Instagram photos using advanced AI and targeting tools. Plans from $39/mo.

For Instagram Auto Comments

  1. – Provides automatically generated, custom comments on Instagram posts to drive engagement. Plans from $12/mo.
  2. Comment King – Uses bots and scripts to deliver automated, natural-looking comments to grow your Instagram profiles. Plans from $14/mo.
  3. Authentics – Manually creates customized, branded comments at scale to engage potential followers. Minimum order 50 comments.
  4. GramComment – Automates posting relevant custom comments from a library built for your niche and content. Plans from $15/mo.
  5. CommentsZone – Provides automatically generated emoji reactions and comments on Instagram for more organic engagement. Plans from $9/mo.

For Instagram Auto Views

  1. Vennly – Generates automated views of Instagram videos and IGTV content using advanced bots. Plans from $19/mo.
  2. Famups – Provides automated Instagram video views from bot accounts to quickly boost perceived popularity. Plans from $12/mo.
  3. FollowersGrub – Uses mix of bots and proxy accounts to deliver natural-looking Instagram video views. Plans from $5/mo.
  4. StreamViews – Specializes in automatically boosting views of Instagram videos and live streams. Plans from $12/mo.
  5. Viralyft – Provides steady auto views to Instagram videos and IGTV content for gradual, natural growth. Plans from $15/mo.

For Instagram Analytics & Management

  1. Iconosquare – Robust Instagram analytics platform helping optimize performance and manage multiple accounts. Plans from $29/mo.
  2. SocialPilot – All-in-one social media management tool for Instagram and other platforms featuring in-depth analytics. Plans from $49/mo
  3. Sendible – Provides publishing, analytics and reporting to manage Instagram profiles and improve content strategy. Plans from $29/mo.
  4. HopperHQ – Tracks Instagram performance plus discovers and schedules Instagram stories for optimization. Plans from $24/mo.
  5. SproutSocial – Feature-rich Instagram analytics and publishing platform for performance monitoring, data insights and scheduling. Plans from $99/mo.

Key Takeaways for Choosing the Right Instagram Growth Service

With this comprehensive guide detailing the 50 top-rated Instagram growth services across a diverse array of capabilities, any entrepreneur can zero in on the solution tailored to their specific goals and budget.

Here are some key tips to ensure you choose the right platform:

  • Clearly define your objectives and priorities for Instagram growth
  • Avoid any service using fake followers, spam or prohibited tactics
  • Carefully evaluate targeting options to get content in front of ideal audiences
  • Focus on proven platforms with many real customer reviews and examples
  • Don’t get oversold on unrealistic claims or “too good to be true” deals
  • Pick services offering the support you’ll need to effectively leverage them

The right Instagram growth service can provide an invaluable boost in establishing credibility, reaching new audiences and standing out from competitors. As an independent consultant, the platforms detailed in this guide offer the results, reliability and support I recommend to clients.

If you have any other questions on choosing the best Instagram growth service for your startup or small business, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always happy to offer unbiased guidance to help entrepreneurs succeed.