12 Best Delivery Apps to Work For in 2024 (Earn Up to $250/Day)

As an entrepreneurship consultant who has helped dozens of small business owners strategically leverage delivery apps, I‘m excited to provide an in-depth analysis on the best opportunities based on earnings, flexibility and overall driver experience. Driving for the top apps, especially during peak demand, can realistically net you up to $250 a day.

Key Decision Factors for Choosing Delivery App

As an driver, maximize your earnings by choosing an app based on these key factors:

Pay Rates: Average per delivery and hourly pay rates vary greatly across apps from $8-19 per hour according to recent Gridwise analysis. Plus tips and promotions can boost earnings.

Flexibility: Some apps require a minimum number of deliveries while others have no restrictions. This affects the freedom to set your optimal schedule.

Demand and Order Volume: The size of the delivery region and local popularity of the app impacts earners. More orders and peak bonuses during rush times can mean more money.

Support: Ratings and reviews reflect driver sentiment on support when issues arise. Support response time and helpfulness varies across apps.

Top Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps offer the most delivery income opportunities. Here are the top contenders:

App Avg Hourly Pay Rating Notes
DoorDash $19 4.7 Great peak pay promotions
UberEats $17 4.2 Leverages Uber brand and infrastructure
GrubHub $15 3.9 Declining marketshare but still popular

*Based on Gridwise 2022 Driver Earnings Analysis

DoorDash stands out with high earnings during dinner and weekend rushes when Peak Pay bonuses add up. UberEats uses prime pickup spots and loyalty programs to incentivize drivers. GrubHub‘s marketshare has dropped but still delivers consistent income for drivers.

Top Goods Delivery Apps

Beyond food, delivering goods offers variety and income stability:

Service Avg Hourly Pay Rating Notes
Instacart $16 4.5 Shopper and driver roles available
Amazon Flex $18 4.3 Increased packages around holidays
Shipt $16 4.1 Tips subsidize base pay

*Based on Gridwise 2022 Driver Earnings Analysis

Instacart lets you choose between being a personal shopper at the grocery store or driver. Amazon Flex jumps during the holidays when Amazon orders surge. Shipt facilitates communication with customers for shopper tips.

How to Maximize Delivery App Earnings

Follow these expert tips and work full-time for the highest paying apps during peaks to realistically earn up to $250 a day:

  • Work weekends and rush hours when orders and promotions surge
  • Drive for DoorDash from 5-9 pm for Peak Pay bonuses
  • Deliver Amazon packages from Black Friday through Christmas
  • Take on extra shifts during big sports events and bad weather
  • Sign up for multiple apps to fill in gaps between orders
  • Provide excellent service and communicate promptly for bigger tips
  • Save on gas with fuel rewards programs and higher MPG vehicles


Choosing the best delivery app to work for is essential to maximize stable earnings of up to $250 per day during peak demand. Evaluate key decision factors like driver pay rates, flexibility, service regions and support resources as you choose apps aligned with your needs and earnings goals. Platforms like DoorDash, Amazon Flex and UberEats are prime contenders, especially when you leverage peak order surges.

Let me know if you have any other questions!