23 Best Free Crypto Trading Bots for Binance, Coinbase etc (2023)

Automate Your Crypto Investing Like a Pro

As a consultant helping small businesses adopt new technologies, I‘ve worked with numerous entrepreneurs who invest in crypto. They often don‘t have time to manually trade and monitor the volatile cryptocurrency markets.

That‘s why using a crypto trading bot can be so valuable – it automates the process so you can focus on business priorities. But with hundreds of platforms available, finding the right free crypto trading bot can pose a challenge.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll compare the top 23 free cryptocurrency trading bots based on key factors like profitability, security, coins/exchanges supported, and ease-of-use. I‘ve used many bots myself and helped clients pick the best ones to fit their investing style.

Here are the top recommendations for beginner, intermediate, and advanced crypto traders:

For Beginners

  1. Pionex – User-friendly bot for Bitcoin & grid trading strategies
  2. Coinrule – Automate "if this, then that" crypto trading rules
  3. Shrimpy – Rebalance crypto portfolio allocation on autopilot

For Intermediate Traders

  1. Bitsgap – Smart one-click trading terminal using GRID bot
  2. 3Commas – More advanced trading bots like DCA, short bots, etc
  3. Mudrex – Invest in preset algorithmic trading bots
  4. NapBots – Pick premade trading strategies or build your own

For Advanced Traders

  1. Cryptohopper – World-class trading platform with marketplace
  2. Kryll – Create automated trading & risk strategies without coding
  3. Gunbot – Highly customizable trading bot for every exchange

Now let‘s dive deeper into the key features and user benefits that landed each bot a top spot…

1. Pionex – Best Free Crypto Trading Bot Overall

I recommend Pionex as the overall best free crypto trading bot for simplicity, beginner-friendly tools, and free unlimited trading.

Key Features:

  • 12 preset trading bots (Grid Bots, Trailing Take Profit, etc)
  • Built-in crypto exchange with low fees
  • Easy to use & understand even for beginners
  • Supports major coins like BTC, ETH, DOGE, SOL

I like tools that make complex processes simple. Pionex offers a slick, intuitive bot trading interface accessible to any skill level. From dollar-cost averaging to arbitrage, their smart trading algorithms help investors automate sound strategies.

The variety of integrated trading bots allows ample flexibility too. I suggest the Grid Trading Bot for those new to crypto bots since it autonomously buys low & sells high within ranges you define.

One standout factor is that Pionex requires no trading fees if you use their native exchange. Plus, they fully fund the trading float too so you can start without large upfront capital.

Over $1 billion assets are traded through Pionex bots each month showing the immense profit potential. The free forever plan also places no limits on your traded volume or coins.

For these reasons, Pionex earns the top spot for free crypto bots catering to all skill levels.

2. Coinrule – Best for Automated Trading Rules

Coinrule makes crypto bot trading accessible for beginners without technical skills. Their platform allows setting "if X, then Y" rules to automate trades.

Consider these examples:

  • If BTC price drops 5% in 1 hour, then buy $500 worth
  • If ETH price surpasses $1,600, then sell 25% of holdings

This type of conditional auto trading is easy to set up within Coinrule‘s intuitive interface. You can build, test, automate, and monitor your custom bot strategies without coding or prior bot experience.

I often suggest Coinrule for clients unfamiliar with creating detailed technical trading systems seen on platforms like Cryptohopper or 3Commas. The rule-based method is closer to natural language – simplifying bot development.

Standout Coinrule Features:

  • 150+ trading rule templates & ideas
  • Free Demo Mode mirrors real market data
  • Active social community for strategy ideas
  • Available on mobile iOS & Android apps

While supporting complex strategies, Coinrule doesn‘t overwhelm beginners with too many bot features upfront. It‘s a great starting point before exploring more advanced crypto bots.

3. Shrimpy – Leader in Portfolio Automation

Shrimpy excels at automating an entire crypto portfolio across centralized & decentralized exchanges. If you own multiple coins across different wallets, Shrimpy can track everything and maintain your desired asset weighting.

For example, you might allocate:

  • 50% Bitcoin
  • 30% Ethereum
  • 10% Solana
  • 10% Chainlink

As you trade or prices fluctuate, the percentages change. Shrimpy automatically rebalances your portfolio continuously to stay fixed to those targets 24/7. This form of index fund-style automation is why Shrimpy makes our list.

Beyond portfolio rebalancing, they also offer:

  • Powerful API integrations across 10+ exchanges
  • Backtesting tools to optimize portfolio strategy
  • Social trading features
  • And apps to manage and monitor portfolios on the go

I rank Shrimpy as the leading portfolio automation solution for hands-off investors with a long-term buy-and-hold strategy spanning multiple assets and wallets. It mitigates risk through proper diversification and allocation you define as the market moves.

The API keys do pose a larger vulnerability than bots self-contained to an exchange like Binance. So I suggest using Shrimpy‘s Universal 2FA and other security layers to authenticate API access.

Overall for passive portfolio management rather than short-term trading, Shrimpy hits the mark.

4.Bitsgap – All-In-One Crypto Trading Platform

Bitsgap goes beyond offering a single bot – they provide an entire automated crypto trading infrastructure in one unified interface.

Their flagship bot utilizes a GRID trading strategy proven profitable if used correctly. Bitsgap executes multidimensional trades to gain market making income from volatility.

I suggest reviewing detailed materials on how GRID works before activations a high volume bot. Used properly, GRID provides relatively stable returns coin agnostic.

Aside the GRID bot features, Bitsgap also delivers:

  • Portfolio tracking with 5000+ coin integrations
  • Built-in stop loss, take profit, and trailing mechanics
  • Arbitrage identification across 10+ exchanges
  • And full historical data analysis

So in a single platform, you gain portfolio automation, arbitrage trading, risk metrics, and detailed reporting – alongside the key GRID bot.

This all-in-one functionality is unique compared to singular-focused bots. If you own an array of cryptos across multiple exchanges and desire automation plus transparency under one roof, Bitsgap warrants consideration.

I suggest using their 14-day free trial to validate it aligns to your strategy before paid subscriptions.

5. 3Commas – Most Customizable Advanced Trading

3Commas caters to advanced traders seeking maximum options to customize crypto trading bots. I rank it highly for active traders already well-versed in indicators and complex strategies.

Some highlighted capabilities includes:

  • DCA (dollar-cost averaging) Bots
  • Short Bots with Binance integration
  • Composite Bots combining multiple positions
  • and Smart Trade functionality

These advanced tools enable you to create intricate bots managing deals across any budget. I appreciate the transparency too – with clear pricing listed for each part of the modular bot building components.

I only recommend 3Commas for intermediate+ traders who specifically desire robust functionality disconnected from simplicity. Otherwise platforms like Pionex offer 80% capabilities with greater ease-of-use.

But for a deep-dive into advanced crypto bot trading, 3Commas leads in customizability.

6. Mudrex – Invest Like the Pros

Mudrex classifies itself as crypto investing on autopilot. Their platform centers on prebuilt algorithmic trading bots created by seasoned Wall St traders and hedge fund managers.

Unlike tools for you to build a bot step-by-step, Mudrex focuses completely on proven automated strategies. These implementations arise from professionals who‘ve traded traditional markets successfully for decades.

Picking a solid Mudrex bot lets you mirror established financial experts adept at trading. You further customize parameters to fit your risk tolerance like an asset manager aligning clients to model portfolios.

Mudrex algorithmic bots include:

  • Dollar cost averaging bots
  • Swing trading bots
  • And various capital preservation bots

Consider Mudrex if you prefer leveraging professional expertise instead of formulating trading bots yourself. Their preset bots democratize access to top-tier trading algorithms with transparent track records.

You can select, test, and manage algorithm performance fully within their platform as well. I appreciate how Mudrex opens advanced algorithmic trading to everyday investors – not just financial institutions.

7. NapBots – Crypto Investment Automation

NapBots transforms complex crypto trading automation into easy "one-click trading setup. Much like Mudrex, they offer fully built trading bots with established profitability history created by certified developers and traders.

They share and sell these premade bots openly on the NapBots marketplace. You browse bots, view historical performance, then purchase access to the investing algorithms.

Key reasons NapBots appeals to less technical traders:

  • 100% hands-off after easy 1-click setup
  • Don‘t need to code or backtest any strategies
  • Split available capital automatically across multiple proven bots
  • Monitor dashboard tracks all chosen algorithms

I appreciate the NapBots model enabling casual investors to leverage proven trading algorithms without needing to code or constantly manage positions.

The NapBots marketplace houses automatic bots for majority of popular transaction types too – such as scalping, averaging, algorithmic, and more.

While less customizable than building your own bot, NapBots automates the entire trading infrastructure end-to-end so anyone can tap into institutional-grade technology.

8. Cryptohopper – Professional Trading Made Easy

With over 200k users and counting, Cryptohopper has earned its reputation as a world-class trading bot and complete crypto management platform.

They make it simple to mirror seasoned professional trader‘s strategies through a signals marketplace. Or you can utilize Cryptohopper‘s templates and indicators to engineer your own bot step-by-step.

I consider Cryptohopper one of the best blended solutions between:

  • Preset automation from professionals
  • AND custom bot building control

Other strengths beyond their bot depth include:

  • Active trader community & discussions
  • Staking tools
  • Mobile apps
  • Plus portfolio tracking, historical performance reporting, and other stackable features.

Cryptohopper stays on the cutting-edge by continuously rolling out new innovations too. Their team boasts over $300 million in automated trades executed successfully.

I rank Cryptohopper equally suitable for novice copy traders, intermediate bot builders, and experts who customize complex quantitative methods. It brings together the best of both worlds in an intuitive platform.

9. Kryll – Create Trading Bots Visually

Kryll delivers a top-tier crypto bot focused purely on automation for simplicity. You can create automated strategies with their drag-and-drop flow-based editor without needing to code.

I love the visual method for building logic flows that represent triggers, actions, notifications, etc that enable automation. Connecting blocks logically trains the bot to execute your vision hands-off.

Beyond their editor, Kryll offers other strength like:

  • Free Android & iOS apps
  • Public community strategies
  • In-platform signals & metrics
  • Plus tools to backtest trading systems

Kryll keeps onboarding seamless yet retaining advanced functionality through their UX. And they store all data securely on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure bringing reliability.

I rank Kryll excellent for non-developers desiring strong visual controls to construct customized trading systems. They empower traders of all expertise to bring automation visions to reality.

10. GunBot – Crypto‘s Most Customizable Bot

Offering capabilities for 100+ exchanges, GunBot earns the title as the most flexible crypto trading bot ever created. They live up to the tagline “GunBot – The Crypto Trading Bot.”

Their emphasis resides purely on custom strategies. I consider GunBot the developer‘s first choice to code elite bots from the ground up for serious traders.

You can endlessly configure GunBot:

  • Choose from +10 pre-built trading methods
  • Backtest against historical market data
  • Create limitless custom add-ons and plugins
  • Craft strategies using Pine Script, Python, or their GUI
  • White labelGunBot completely to your brand

I always say if you can dream a functionality, GunBot can develop it. Their decentralized team has created by far the most extendable and moldable trading systems catering from beginner to institutional clients since 2016.

The backend GunScript processes over 300,000 trades daily showing broad adoption. Whether aiming to setup a simple dollar cost average bot or invent complex derivatives algorithms, GunBot is the undisputed industry leader.

Honorable Mentions

While my top 10 bot picks cover common investor segments, check out these additional recommendations:

Zignaly – Copy trade dozens of premade crypto signals with this cloud-based platform for custom bots
Wunderbit – All-in-one trading terminal bundled with a smart crypto trading bot and portfolio manager
Bitsgap – All-in-one crypto trading platform with integrated GRID bot optimal for market making
Shrimpy – Leader in automated crypto portfolio management via easy rebalancing
Quadency – Unified automated trading solution with built-in backtesting tools and advanced options
Coinrule – Beginner-friendly way to generate automated If-Then crypto trading rules without coding experience
Cryptohopper – Proven world-class bot for intermediates wanting both premade and custom trading automation
Kryll – Visually build automated crypto trading strategies with an intuitive flow-based editor
BearTax – Crypto and Bitcoin tax software for automated trading activity reporting and taxation
Cointracker – Platform reporting that tracks and manages DeFi and crypto bot trades across exchanges

Crypto Bot Considerations

While crypto trading bots provide invaluable automation, please consider a few key factors:

Security – Enable 2FA and limit API permissions to read-only where possible. Store API keys securely and revoke if compromised.

Volatility – Bots can maximize profits but also losses from crypto‘s inherent volatility. Use stop-losses.

Monitoring – Occasionally monitor bot performance 1-2 times daily at minimum during market spikes

Withdrawals – Disable auto withdrawals until vetting a strategy through backtesting and live trading first

Privacy – Review privacy policies carefully and what data, if any, a company can share or access

If used properly, algorithmic bot trading can unlock passive revenue streams and take your crypto portfolio to new heights! I sincerely hope this detailed guide gives you ample tools and education to choose the best free crypto trading bot matching where you are in your journey today.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out via my contact page if you have any other questions as you venture down the automation rabbit hole!