Is AudienceGain Worth the Investment for Your YouTube Channel? An In-Depth Review

As a consultant with over a decade of experience advising small business owners on digital marketing strategies, I often get asked about services that promise to grow YouTube channels and monetization. One such service, AudienceGain, claims to boost channels by driving real subscribers, watch time, and rankings.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll analyze if AudienceGain‘s offerings are legitimate and worth the investment.

A Quick Primer on AudienceGain

Founded in 2020, AudienceGain focuses on YouTube marketing specifically helping channels:

  • Get the 4,000 watch hours required to monetize
  • Drive more subscribers
  • Rank higher in search results

The company claims to use 100% safe, legal tactics like SEO, collaborations, social promotion, and paid ads. Packages start at $119 for 2,000 watch hours up to $189 for 4,000 hours.

Red Flags Raised by Users

  • Fake or bot subscribers that get removed
  • Scamming people and refusing refunds
  • Using blackhat techniques that violate YouTube terms

These are serious concerns. As an advisor, I only recommend fully legal solutions that create real growth and engagement.

Evaluating AudienceGain‘s Specific Offerings

To give an informed recommendation, I need to take a deeper look at the services and techniques AudienceGain uses.

Watch Time Packages

AudienceGain‘s main offering is boosting "guaranteed" watch time so clients can monetize faster. However, bought views from bots or clickfarms will likely be removed by YouTube. Videos need real humans actively watching and engaging.

YouTube has sophisticated systems to detect artificial traffic. Getting caught buying watch time can lead to removal of those views or even channel termination.

  • Brian Dean, Founder of Backlinko

Rather than buying views, I advise clients to focus on watch time optimization:

  • Creating compelling content based on audience research
  • Using intros and graphics to hook viewers
  • Promoting videos to get clicks from real viewers

Verdict: Buying watch time is very risky and unsustainable.

Subscriber Packages

AudienceGain claims its subscriber packages help channels appear more popular and get promoted by YouTube more. However, research shows bought subscribers can actually harm growth:

  • Most paid subscribers are bots or fake accounts
  • This makes your channel seem untrustworthy
  • YouTube‘s algorithm will bury videos with poor engagement

According to SocialBlade, channels should aim for less than 5% paid subs, ideally none. Earning subscribers organically is far better long term.

Verdict: Buying subscribers will likely damage your channel versus helping it.

Ranking Boosting Services

AudienceGain also promises to boost search rankings through SEO and paid promotion. This can be effective if done right.

Best practices include:

  • Optimizing titles, descriptions and tags
  • Link building from authoritative sites
  • Paying for Google/YouTube ads ethically

But based on user complaints, I question if AudienceGain follows white-hat techniques. Too many shady providers use spammy backlinks or keywords stuffing which can get channels penalized.

Verdict: Proceed with caution if purchasing SEO or paid promotion. Verify their exact methods first.

Exploring Better Alternatives

Given the risks of AudienceGain‘s services, I recommend exploring safer and more sustainable options for growing your YouTube channel.

Focus on Creating Captivating Content

High-quality, valuable videos viewers genuinely want to see will drive more organic traffic and loyalty long-term. Analyze your niche‘s trends and gaps to identify topics and formats that grab attention.

Optimize Your Videos

Well-structured descriptions, eye-catching custom thumbnails, and strategic tag choices can boost click-through-rate and watch time per session. This signals value to YouTube‘s algorithm.

Promote Your Content

Share videos on social media, collaborate with others in your niche, and interact with fans to drive real viewers. Email and text promos to subscribers/customers work too.

Run Ethical Paid Ads

If you want to invest in paid growth, use Google/YouTube‘s own advertising platforms. Be transparent, follow policies, and target viewers likely to engage.

Monitor Analytics

Use YouTube‘s robust Creator Studio analytics to see what‘s working and optimize accordingly. Watch time, retention, traffic sources, demographics etc provide helpful insights.

Be Patient and Persistent

Growing an audience and monetizing takes consistent effort over months and years. Avoid any ‘get big quick‘ schemes making big promises. Stick to proven strategies.

The Verdict: Avoid AudienceGain Services

Based on extensive research into AudienceGain‘s offerings, marketing tactics and user experiences, I cannot recommend their services to business owners or creators. Too many warning signs point to fake or unsustainable growth that may actually damage trust and viewership long term.

There are no shortcuts when building a successful YouTube channel – just hard work creating value and making genuine connections with your audience. Focus on that instead of risky short-term schemes that rarely deliver meaningful results.

I hope this detailed review helps anyone considering AudienceGain or similar subscriber/view services make an informed decision. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions!