Apex Trader Review: In-Depth Analysis for Entrepreneurs

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, evaluating tools and software platforms critically is key before integrating them into your operations. In the world of cryptocurrency trading, bots like Apex Trader aim to automate certain processes to improve efficiency. But do the pros outweigh the potential risks?

In this comprehensive 2023 review, I’ll analyze Apex Trader’s features set while providing perspectives from real-world entrepreneurial experience.

Company Background

First, some quick background on Apex Trader as a company:

  • Founded in 2018 and based in England
  • Focus on web-based crypto trading bots
  • Claim to have over 7,000 active users
  • Part of broader trend of rising crypto bot popularity

However, Apex Trader hasn‘t matched the growth of top competitors like Bitsgaps, which has over 300,000 active monthly users. This suggests they may be struggling to differentiate their platform.

Features Overview

Apex Trader does offer a reasonable set of beginner-friendly crypto trading features, including:

  • 4 Exchange Integrations: Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, Bybit
  • Automated Trading Bots
  • Premade Strategy Templates
  • Technical Analysis Triggers
  • Dollar Cost Averaging

However, there are conspicuously missing core features that hurt its value, especially for serious traders:

  • No Backtesting Functionality: Major risk of unproven strategies
  • No Direct US Exchange Connectivity: Limits assets
  • No Mobile Apps: Restricts potential user base

Let‘s analyze the pros and cons of Apex Trader‘s capabilities compared to alternatives.


  • Simple point-and-click bot builder
  • Good variety of preset strategy templates
  • Cloud-based with flexible access


  • No backtesting exposes traders to unproven strategies
  • Limits opportunities in growing US crypto market
  • Mobile app needed to attract younger demographic

When evaluated side-by-side with top competitors (see comparison chart below), Apex Trader has significant shortcomings for entrepreneurs and business owners exploring automated crypto trading.

Alternatives Comparison

Platform Backtesting US Exchanges Mobile App
Apex Trader

Top rivals offer backtesting, US exchange integration, and mobile accessibility – all missing from Apex Trader currently.

Pricing Considerations

Apex Trader does try to compete via its pricing model:

  • Entry Package – $30/month
  • Advanced Package – $60/month

At face value this seems affordable. But without access to key features like backtesting, the platform‘s true value is questionable even at those price points when factoring in risks.

As an entrepreneur myself, I‘m unwilling to gamble with unproven automated trading strategies that could jeopardize hard-earned capital.

Final Verdict

While Apex Trader checks some boxes for beginner crypto traders, its lack of backtesting and technical limitations greatly narrows its applicability.

For entrepreneurs and business owners seeking advanced crypto trading tools, alternative platforms like Bitsgap and Quadency are vastly superior options based on my own experience and research.

The bottom line: Apex Trader has potential but fails to differentiate itself enough to earn a full recommendation. Look into other options before committing funds based on this review.