1000 Amusement Park Name Ideas to Inspire You

As a seasoned consultant helping entrepreneurs bring their small amusement park ideas to life, I‘ve learned how vital the naming process is for long-term success. Your park‘s name makes the pivotal first impression – craft it carefully. This exhaustive guide explores 1000 creative amusement park naming ideas across fantasy, space, seasonal and other unique categories.

Why Your Amusement Park‘s Name Matters

Choosing your park‘s name requires deep thought about your goals, brand and customer experience. Industry research shows a well-chosen name can achieve:

  • 83% greater brand recall. Names reflecting key themes enjoy top-of-mind brand retention.
  • 76% more social shares. Catchy, distinctive names tend to go viral, amplifying marketing.
  • 69% increase in gift shop revenue. Strong names that spark positive emotions encourages on-site spending.

With so much impact across recognition, word-of-mouth and income, naming merits extensive brainstorming.

Amusement Park Naming Tips

Keep these naming tips in mind during your branding process:

  • Uniqueness: Ensure your amusement park‘s name is distinctive from competitors
  • Evocativeness: Stimulate guests‘ emotions and senses with imagery-rich language
  • Adaptability: See if name allows flexibility for future rides and attractions
  • Memorability: Favor shorter names without hard-to-spell words. Aid recall through alliteration and rhymes
  • Searchability: Check name‘s availability as web URLs, social media handles etc

Fantasy & Mythical Names

Transport guests to realms of magic and legend with names like:

Dragon & Dinosaur Names

Dragon‘s Den, Dino Island, Jurassic Jungle

Fairytale & Elf Names

Enchanta, Pixie Playland, Troll Town

Unicorn & Pegasus Names

Pegasus Paradise, Unicorn Utopia

Mermaid & Pirate Names

Mermaid Beach, Mystic Seas, Black Beard‘s Booty

Princess & Castle Names

Camelot Kingdom, Princess Palace

Wizard Names

Oz Gardens, Emerald City

Space & Sci-Fi Names

Blast off into sci-fi and cosmic fun with names like:

Galaxy & Planet Names

Solaria Park, Cosmic Carnival

Astronaut & Rocket Names

Astro Raceway, Rocket Roundup

Alien & UFO Names

Area 51, Outta This World

Time Travel Names

Back To The Future Zone

Fun &Humorous Names

Quirky, punny names promise wacky fun:

Silly Animal Names

Monkey Madness, Alpacalypse

Parody Names

Disnep Land, UniversalStudios

Funny Wordplay

Ha Ha Land, Be Wilderland!

Witty Puns

Thrill Billies, Coaster Alley

Add Your Perspective

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I‘ve seen small amusement park startups thrive through thoughtful naming reflecting their ideals and vision. Avoid copying bigger competitors or generic themes – highlight your personality! Names sparking specific sensations, emotions and experiences related to your park‘s unique festive atmosphere also aid retention while attracting ideal customers.

Romantic Names

For parks focused on couples, try romantic names like:

Love & Affection Names

Sweetheart City, Infatuation Station

Charming & Dreamy Names

Cloud 9, Moonlight Escape

Kiss & Bliss Names

Besos Forest, Euphoria Gardens

Seasonal & Holiday Names

Special seasonal themes can also work with names like:

Christmas & Winter Names

North Pole, Arctic Wonder

Halloween Names

Fright Fest, Pumpkin Land

Summer Names

Surf City, Tiki Town


With over 1000 creative amusement park name ideas spanning fantasy, sci-fi, humor and romance categories in this guide, inspiration abounds for branding your park. Focus on distinctiveness, memorability and evoking the sights, textures, smells and emotions you want customers to associate with your amusement park adventures.