Ampfluence Reviewed: The Good, Bad and Ugly for Growing Your Instagram

As a consultant who advises entrepreneurs on digital marketing strategies, I‘m often asked about the best ways to grow a following on Instagram.

Organic growth can be painfully slow. Yet many services promising instant growth carry risks or deliver low-quality followers.

So what‘s the truth about one of the most popular Instagram growth companies – Ampfluence?

In this in-depth review, I‘ll share an unbiased look at Ampfluence based on extensive research and client feedback. You‘ll learn:

  • An overview of Ampfluence‘s offering
  • The pros and cons of using services to grow Instagram
  • Key risks and considerations to weigh
  • How Ampfluence compares to alternative providers

I realizeONESIZEd content does not fit all when it comes to defining Instagram success. My goal is simply to arm you with information to make the best possible decision for YOUR brand and goals.

The Marketplace for Instagram Followers

Over 4.2 million people actively use Instagram Stories every day. And Instagram reels get over 30% more engagement than feed videos.

Yet the competition for attention and followers is FIERCE.

The reality is that organic growth can be very slow and unreliable on Instagram without paid ads. Gaining 1,000 engaged followers per month organically is a STRETCH for most brands.

Many turn to services promising shortcuts to rapid Instagram expansion. But many fail to gain true influence or loyalty using fake followers and spam engagement tactics.

The SMART middle ground is services using targeting and engagement automation technology to accelerate interest in your brand and content.

This brings us to Ampfluence…

What Exactly is Ampfluence?

Founded in 2018, Ampfluence is one of the longest standing Instagram growth providers online. They‘ve served over 500 businesses worldwide.

Ampfluence offers an automated service for liking, commenting and following targeted users on Instagram to drive followers and engagement.

Pricing starts at $250 per month for their Starter plan, which offers:

  • Up to 2,500 new followers per month
  • Up to 12,500 content likes monthly
  • Detailed analytics dashboards
  • Campaign targeting included

They also offer custom monthly plans priced up to $999 per month for additional content creation and community management features.

Ampfluence‘s Growth Process and Technology

Ampfluence focuses on accelerating Instagram growth through strategic audience targeting and automated interactions including:

  • Targeting users and hashtags related to your niche
  • Liking posts ranked high for engagement
  • Commenting relevant messages
  • Following and interacting with accounts
  • Analyzing data and refining targeting

The idea is that if you actively engage the right users, a percentage will convert to followers organically over time.

They claim their service uses "no bots" and "100% human powered interactions."

But make no mistake – software and automation technology drives the process. They could not complete millions of actions manually. There is always some grey area here across the industry.

The key is avoiding over-automation that causes account bans or blocks. Managing limits and pacing appropriately is critical.

The Pros and Cons of Using Ampfluence

Should you use Ampfluence to grow your Instagram? Here are the key factors to consider:

Benefits of Ampfluence

Speed – The automation technology interacts with thousands daily, much faster pace than manual efforts could achieve.

Convenience – Hands-free service means you can focus time on content creation vs community growth.

Affordability – Very cost efficient compared to hiring a dedicated community manager.

Potential Downsides

Limited Control – Less customization than a fully manual service.

Grey Area Tactics – Automated actions violate Instagram‘s terms of service and carry some level of risk.

Inconsistent Results – Delivery volume and quality may have high variance month to month.

The question becomes: Do the rewards outweigh potential risks for your brand?

How Ampfluence Compares to Alternatives

Competitively, Ampfluence faces stiff competition from the likes of Growthsilo, Upleap, and Growthoid.

Growthsilo offers more custom targeting and content automation features. Upleap touts more reliable delivery volumes. And Growthoid has more flexibility for manual interactions blended with automation.

For pure automation, Ampfluence holds its own. But lack of customization keeps it from being a top choice for larger brands.

Yet for those purely seeking extra scale / vanity metrics – Ampfluence delivers. Just beware the risks and monitor your account closely for any activity restrictions.

Final Verdict: Ampfluence is OK for Scaling Numbers

In closing, the automation technology Ampfluence leverages can clearly deliver follower and engagement growth on Instagram.

However with automation inevitably comes risks of limitations, as well as lower authenticity and account quality.

Weigh these factors closely based on your brand, objectives and risk tolerance. There are certainly situations where services like Ampfluence make sense as part of a marketing mix.

But for building an influencer brand focused on prestige and loyalty? Tread very carefully. Quality should trump vanity metrics.

Have you used Ampfluence or other Instagram growth companies? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!