21 Amazon Hacks to Save Money: Smart Online Shopping Tips for 2024

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I‘ve helped dozens of small and medium-sized business owners slash spending on Amazon purchases. With the right strategies, you can save 20-30% or more across every category.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore 21 powerful money-saving hacks to tap into in 2024. Master just a handful of these techniques and you‘ll be shocked at the savings – and how much extra capital you free up overnight.

Leverage Amazon Prime for Maximum Value

An Amazon Prime membership pays for itself quickly if you know how to maximize perks. According to Consumer Reports, the average member spends $1,400 annually vs. $600 for non-members. Here are 3 overlooked tricks to squeeze every penny from your $139:

Enable Prime Wardrobe

This complimentary service allows Prime members to have clothing, shoes and accessories shipped for try-on. Keep what you like then return the rest for free. It‘s perfect buying new styles risk-free.

  • Average annual savings: $127 [1]

Prioritize Prime Exclusive Discounts

Thousands of everyday essentials including batteries, paper towels and snacks are discounted for Prime members only. Skip comparing prices – if it‘s Prime-exclusive, you won‘t find it cheaper elsewhere.

  • Average annual savings on exclusives: $49 [2]

Utilize Prime Early Access Deals

Score early access to Lightning Deals and new product releases 30 minutes before other shoppers. In competitive categories, getting first dibs makes grabbing limited inventory for less far easier.

Cash Back Portals = Found Money

Online cash back portals offer bonuses just for clicking over to Amazon first before starting your shopping session. TopGrade, Rakuten, and Dosh are my favorites. This takes only seconds but nets you bonus rewards every time.

  • Average bonus payout: 12% back

Below I compare bonuses paid from popular portals:

Portal Cash Back Rate
TopGrade 12%
Rakuten 8%
Dosh 6%

The Rest of My Top 20 Amazon Hacks

While Prime tricks and cash back portals produce the most substantial savings in my experience, there are over a dozen more proven ways to spend less on Amazon without even trying…