4 Types of Graphic Design to Know as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur looking to promote your small business, high-quality graphic design should be a top priority. Research shows 82% of people feel more positive about a brand after seeing custom graphic design work they have created. From your logo to website to product packaging, graphic design plays a critical role in shaping first impressions and driving growth.

While you may not be a designer yourself, understanding a few core types of graphic design can help you best leverage visual communication for your business. Here are four graphic design specialities worth knowing:

1. Corporate Graphic Design

Your corporate graphic design is the foundation for all other visual brand assets. It includes:

Your Logo: A logo is like your visual anchor, recognizable symbol that people associate with your brand. Keep it simple and versatile for a wide range of uses.

Typography: Font styles and text designs that communicate your brand personality on websites, business cards, signage and beyond.

Color Palette: Carefully chosen colors that represent your brand and should be used consistently across visual materials.

Stationery: Business cards, letterheads, folders, envelopes displaying your logo and colors.

Signage and Decor: Interior office/location signage and wall art reflecting the brand.

Consistent corporate graphic design results in 86% better brand recognition according to research. As a small business owner without an in-house designer, you can find freelance graphic designers specializing in corporate branding. Average cost ranges from $200 for a logo to $3,000+ for a full brand identity package.

To guide the project, prepare a creative brief highlighting your brand personality, competitors, style preferences and intended applications for the new logo and visual identity. Provide examples of brands you admire.

2. Packaging Graphic Design

If you sell any type of consumer product, packaging design is vital for standing out on shelves and conveying what makes your product special. Investing in custom packaging can deliver a 193% product value perception increase. Great packaging should align with your corporate identity and:

  • Catch consumer attention
  • Communicate product benefits
  • Align with brand style
  • Provide legal and product information
  • Preserve and protect the contents

In addition to shapes, forms and materials, graphic elements like typography, imagery, icons, colors and more allow designers to enhance packaging. For new products, expect to pay $1,500+ per item for custom packaging design. Start designers off with your corporate brand guide, competitive analyses and a detailed creative brief to maximize results.

3. Publication Graphic Design

If you are looking to self-publish content for your business like books, eBooks, magazines, newsletters or reports, connecting with a publication designer is recommended. These graphic designers excel at:

  • Formatting/laying out text for readability
  • Incorporating graphics and imagery
  • Designing page layouts for visual hierarchy
  • Selecting fonts, colors and styles

Hiring designers familiar with publishing practices can prevent formatting issues and speed up production. Depending on complexity, publication designers typically charge between $25-$75 per page for their services. Supply draft content, imagery, page requirements and publishing details to inform their designs.

4. Website Graphic Design

A custom-designed website that reflects your brand identity is expected in today‘s market. Skilled web designers focus both on visual design and user experience (UX) by:

  • Crafting website architecture and layouts
  • Choosing typography, colors, and imagery
  • Displaying information in order of importance
  • Optimizing navigation and site interactivity

Depending on platform and project scope, most websites cost between $2,000-$15,000+. Prepare by documenting your brand style guide, goals, target users, site map and key pages during the discovery process.

Leveraging custom graphic design solutions tailored to your brand and products gives small businesses like yours an competitive edge. As an entrepreneur, understanding these four major graphic design specialities – corporate, packaging, publication, and website – provides a strong starting point for prioritizing and investing in visual communication. With a clear vision and creative direction, graphic designers can bring your brand to life!