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  1. Steven Smith

    WordPress Hosting Basics

    Remember there are 2 ways to host a WordPress site. There is hosting with and there is self-hosting, Self-hosting is where you are taking care of the web hosting yourself which is not as scary as it sounds. When somebody refers to WordPress hosting, they will usually always mean...
  2. Steven Smith

    Free v Paid Plugins

    Just like with themes there will be free and premium plugins. A lot of free plugins are very functional and work extremely well. Likewise, there are many excellent paid for plugins that can really take your WordPress site to the next level. Again, as with themes, it’s important to ensure that...
  3. Steven Smith

    WordPress Plugins in Detail

    A WordPress plugin is a piece of software written in PHP code that you install on your WordPress site. You do not have to worry about the code or anything like that. When you choose your plugin, you just need to press install and then activate. You can also think of a plugin as being just like...
  4. Steven Smith

    Free Themes v Paid Themes

    For every free WordPress theme out there, there will normally be a premium version or a paid for version. Just because a WordPress theme will come free, it does not mean it will be limited or it won’t look good, I have built many a professional website using only free themes. Very often the...
  5. Steven Smith

    Everything WordPress Themes

    Now that you know exactly what WordPress is and which version you should choose, we will now look at one of the most exciting aspects of WordPress which is WordPress Themes. Why are WordPress themes so exciting? The great thing about WordPress being open source which is something we touched on...
  6. Steven Smith

    Welcome To WordPress

    If you are considering building or improving your WordPress Site and are searching online to learn more about this incredibly powerful platform, you have made a very wise choice in choosing WordPress and in doing some initial research. Welcome to the WordPress section of MarketingScoop! This...
  7. Steven Smith

    Performance Based Selection

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  8. Steven Smith

    Create an RSS Feed for Your Website

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  9. Steven Smith

    How to Write a Powerful Marketing Plan

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  10. Steven Smith

    Signatures Explained

    If you would like to promote your website or blog on the forums under each of your posts, now you can! Once you have completed the following you may add a signature to your account. 50 Useful Message(s) Be a member for more than 30 day(s) After you have made your 50th post, you will be able to...
  11. Steven Smith


    Welcome to the forums! Let us know if you have any questions :)
  12. Steven Smith

    Meta Description how important is it ?

    Just thought this needed updating.... Your actually referring to meta "keywords" (which are no longer used - by Google) However, Google & every search engine in the world lists the meta "Description" in their search results - it's what you read when looking at Google, Yahoo, & Bing search...
  13. Steven Smith

    What is PageRank?

    Just thought this needed updating :) Page Rank (PR) is not a metric used or counted any more by search engines & is effectively a defunct metric or measurement of a sites authority. Domain Authority & Page authority are the new standard to gauge web pages & web sites with. It is also however...
  14. Steven Smith

    How to Check Duplicate Content ?

    I have used copyscape for years & have found it to be a very useful tool! (including checking for copy & paste entries on this site - which isn't allowed) :)
  15. Steven Smith

    How to boost the organic traffic..?

    To boost "organic" traffic - traffic that comes from a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing - there are many ways to do this, including: - Make your pages relevant to the keyword or topic, the more text, images the better, as long as the text is well-written and relevant to your website. -...
  16. Steven Smith

    What are crawl stats ?

    Search engines have software that "crawls" websites online, they do this so they can index your websites pages & subsequently list those pages (URL's) on their websites (directories) in the appropriate section of their directories (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) This process is called...
  17. Steven Smith

    Geo-targeting query

    Irregardless of where your clients company is based, if the client wants traffic from a particular region or country, you must setup a page containing that countries keywords as well as the clients products/services keywords. You will then need to link to that page or pages from other similar...
  18. Steven Smith

    Hello from Hastings.ON.Canada

    Hey Richard. It's always nice to see another "canuck" on the forums! Welcome, Please let me know if you need anything and enjoy the site :)
  19. Steven Smith

    An awesome study on content duplication..

    Actually, "Duplicate Content" and it ruining your ranking is somewhat of a myth, yup - let me explain. If you were to write an excellent article on lets say "the benefits if SEO" and you published that article on your blog/site, Google and all the other search engines would naturally index (not...
  20. Steven Smith

    What is PageRank?

    Page Rank (or PR) is assigned by Google to a web page or URL and is a measure of how Google rates your sites credibility. The higher your "Credibility" online the more Google gives your URL "Authority" and the better credibility and authority, the higher you will rank online. Both Authority and...