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Put Your Picture on a Stamp

Putting Your Picture on A Real U.S. Postal Stamp

Learn about this feature offered by the United States Postal service.

If you haven’t seen a personalized postage stamp yet, you may be surprised to learn about this extremely cool new concept developed by the US Postal Service. For many years now, printing companies have offered the ability to put your picture on a “stamp” just for fun. Those weren’t real postage though, they were just stamps made to look like a postage stamps and of course you couldn’t mail them. Well now you can put your picture on a real postage stamp and you can even mail it!

Creating your own stamps is a kick, and just wait until the lucky recipient receives an envelope, postcard or package with your face on the stamp. You could also use your kid’s face, your dog, your nature photography, or almost anything you want!

Currently, there are seven denominations of stamps available including standard 37-cent envelope stamps and 23-cent postcard stamps. There are also ten border colors to choose from, so you can make the stamp aesthetically pleasing to match any photograph.

You can also easily crop, zoom, or rotate your picture to fit the stamp perfectly. Most retailers also offer volume discounts for multiple-sheet orders. The possibilities for customized stamps are endless, but here are a few to get you thinking…

– Photos of your kids
– Pet pictures
– New babies (great for birth announcements)
– Wedding invitations
– Family photos
– Artistic expressions
– Nature photography
– Direct mail attention-getter
– Birthday cards
– Give photo stamps as a gift
– Frame them as a keepsake

Photo stamps are a great new way to add your personal touch to any type of mail, by turning your own photos into real US postage. The possibilities are almost limitless, and the new upload and customization tools make it a breeze to create your stamps in just a few minutes. There are still many online retailers selling non-postage personalized stamps, so please make sure to look for one with the USPS logo and approval. I hope you have fun with it!

About the Author: Mr. Wyatt Koopman is an expert in personalized gifts, and runs several websites assisting people in finding and creating personalized gifts. Check out for more information about creating US postage stamps with a picture of your choice.Lane | Robbinsville NJ

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