IPRoyal April Update: Empowering Web Scraping with Auto Top-up, New Locations, and Enhanced Security

In the world of web scraping and data extraction, reliable and efficient proxy solutions are essential. IPRoyal, a leading provider of proxy services, has consistently delivered cutting-edge features and improvements to meet the evolving needs of its clients. The IPRoyal April update brings a host of new features and enhancements that are set to revolutionize the way businesses and researchers approach web scraping.

Auto Top-up and Order Extensions: Streamlining Proxy Management

One of the most significant additions in the IPRoyal April update is the Auto top-up feature for Royal residential proxies. This innovative feature allows users to automatically extend their orders, ensuring uninterrupted access to proxies during critical web scraping tasks.

How Auto Top-up Works

When a user enables Auto top-up in the IPRoyal dashboard, they can select their preferred charge method (IPRoyal balance or credit card) and set the traffic limit at which the system will automatically add more traffic. For example, if a user sets the "When to add" field to 20 GB and the "Amount to add" field to 100 GB, the system will automatically place a new order for 100 GB whenever the available traffic falls below 20 GB, charging it from the account balance.

But how does this feature impact web scraping efficiency? By automating the proxy renewal process, Auto top-up eliminates the need for manual intervention, allowing web scraping scripts to run continuously without interruption. This is particularly valuable for large-scale projects that require significant amounts of data to be collected over an extended period.

Order Extensions for Seamless Proxy Access

In addition to Auto top-up, IPRoyal has also introduced the Auto extend order feature for its static residential, datacenter, sneaker, and mobile proxies. With this feature, users can set their orders to automatically extend using their preferred charge method, ensuring that their proxies remain active and ready for use.

The Auto extend order feature is particularly beneficial for web scraping tasks that require consistent proxy access. By eliminating the need to manually renew orders, users can focus on their data extraction processes without worrying about proxy expiration or downtime.

Expanding Global Reach with New Locations

IPRoyal has always prioritized providing its users with a wide range of location options to facilitate efficient web scraping from different regions. The April update brings even more locations to the table, further expanding IPRoyal‘s global reach.

New Countries for Datacenter and Sneaker Proxies

Datacenter and sneaker proxy users can now access proxies from five new countries: Argentina, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, and Turkey. These additions bring the total number of countries available for datacenter and sneaker proxies to an impressive 50+.

But what do these new locations mean for web scraping? Having a diverse range of location options is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Geo-targeting: Many websites serve different content based on the visitor‘s location. By using proxies from various countries, web scrapers can access and extract location-specific data, enabling more comprehensive and accurate data collection.

  2. Improved success rates: Some websites may block or restrict access from certain countries or regions. By rotating through a wide range of locations, web scrapers can minimize the risk of being blocked or flagged as suspicious, leading to higher success rates and more efficient data extraction.

  3. Faster connection speeds: Proximity to the target server can significantly impact connection speeds. By using proxies from countries closer to the target website‘s server, web scrapers can benefit from reduced latency and faster data retrieval.

To demonstrate the impact of these new locations, let‘s take a look at some data:

Country Number of Available IPs Average Connection Speed (Mbps) Average Success Rate
Argentina 10,000+ 25.6 95%
Estonia 5,000+ 58.2 97%
Latvia 8,000+ 64.1 96%
Sweden 15,000+ 87.3 98%
Turkey 20,000+ 32.9 94%

Data collected from IPRoyal internal testing and user reports.

As the table shows, these new locations offer a significant number of available IPs, with impressive connection speeds and success rates. For web scrapers looking to expand their data collection efforts into these regions, IPRoyal‘s new datacenter and sneaker proxy locations provide a reliable and efficient solution.

Static Residential Proxies: New Zealand and Portugal Join the Ranks

IPRoyal‘s static residential proxies have also received a location boost, with the addition of New Zealand and Portugal. These new countries expand the static residential proxy network to 30+ countries, providing users with even more options for location-specific web scraping.

Static residential proxies are particularly valuable for web scraping tasks that require a more consistent and stable IP address. By using proxies from New Zealand and Portugal, users can access region-specific content and gather data from websites that may be more difficult to access from other locations.

Enhancing Security with Identity Verification

In an effort to maintain the highest level of security and trust within its platform, IPRoyal has implemented mandatory identity verification for its static residential, datacenter, and sneaker proxies as of April 1st. While existing orders remain unaffected, users must now verify their identity to create new orders and access the API.

The Importance of Identity Verification in Web Scraping

Identity verification plays a crucial role in preventing fraud and abuse within the proxy ecosystem. By ensuring that all users are verified, IPRoyal can better protect its platform from malicious actors and maintain a high-quality proxy network for its clients.

But how does identity verification benefit web scrapers specifically? Here are a few key advantages:

  1. Reduced risk of IP blocking: Websites are more likely to block or flag IP addresses associated with fraudulent or abusive activities. By using verified proxies from a trusted provider like IPRoyal, web scrapers can minimize the risk of IP blocking and maintain access to target websites.

  2. Fewer CAPTCHAs and other anti-bot measures: Websites often employ CAPTCHAs and other anti-bot measures to deter automated access from unverified or suspicious IP addresses. With identity-verified proxies, web scrapers can reduce the frequency of CAPTCHAs and other obstacles, leading to smoother and more efficient data extraction.

  3. Compliance with legal and ethical standards: Identity verification helps ensure that proxy users adhere to legal and ethical guidelines surrounding web scraping. By using verified proxies, businesses and researchers can demonstrate their commitment to responsible data collection practices.

A Seamless Verification Process

To streamline the identity verification process, IPRoyal has designed a quick and user-friendly system that requires only a smartphone and a few minutes of the user‘s time. This approach balances the need for security with the convenience that proxy users expect from a top-tier provider.

Revolutionizing Proxy Management with the IPRoyal Browser Extension

In addition to the features introduced in the April update, IPRoyal‘s browser extension deserves a closer look for its role in simplifying proxy management for web scraping tasks.

Effortless Proxy Control

The IPRoyal browser extension allows users to manage their proxies directly from their browser, eliminating the need to navigate through the dashboard constantly. With just a few clicks, users can switch between different proxy types, locations, and IP addresses, making it easy to adapt to the requirements of different web scraping projects.

Advanced Features for Web Scraping Efficiency

One of the standout features of the IPRoyal browser extension is its proxy rotation capabilities. Users can set the extension to automatically rotate through different IP addresses at specified intervals, reducing the risk of detection and blocking by target websites. This feature is invaluable for large-scale web scraping projects that require continuous and uninterrupted data extraction.

But how does the IPRoyal browser extension stack up against other popular web scraping tools and extensions? Let‘s compare some key features:

Feature IPRoyal Extension Scraper Extension Web Scraper Extension
Proxy Rotation ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Proxy Type Selection ✔️ ✔️
Location Selection ✔️
IP Address Management ✔️
Integration with Dashboard ✔️

As the comparison shows, the IPRoyal browser extension offers a more comprehensive set of features for proxy management, making it a valuable tool for web scraping professionals.

Empowering Web Scraping Across Industries

The features and improvements introduced in the IPRoyal April update have far-reaching implications for businesses and researchers across various industries. Let‘s explore some specific examples of how IPRoyal‘s proxies can be used for web scraping in different sectors.

E-commerce and Price Monitoring

In the competitive world of e-commerce, businesses need to stay on top of their rivals‘ pricing strategies to remain profitable. Web scraping allows e-commerce companies to monitor competitor prices in real-time, enabling them to make data-driven decisions about their own pricing and promotions.

IPRoyal‘s Auto top-up feature is particularly valuable for e-commerce price monitoring, as it ensures that proxies never run out during crucial data collection periods. By using IPRoyal‘s proxies, businesses can scrape competitor websites at scale, gathering comprehensive pricing data to inform their strategies.

Market Research and Sentiment Analysis

Market research firms and brands often use web scraping to gather data on consumer sentiment, trends, and preferences. By scraping social media platforms, forums, and review websites, businesses can gain valuable insights into how their products or services are perceived by their target audience.

IPRoyal‘s diverse range of location options is especially useful for market research and sentiment analysis. By using proxies from different countries and regions, researchers can collect data that reflects the opinions and experiences of consumers across various markets, enabling more comprehensive and representative analyses.

Data Journalism and Investigations

Investigative journalists and researchers often rely on web scraping to uncover important data and insights that may not be readily available through official channels. By using proxies to scrape websites and online databases, journalists can access a wealth of information to support their investigations and stories.

IPRoyal‘s commitment to security and identity verification is crucial for data journalists and researchers. By using verified proxies from a trusted provider, investigators can ensure that their web scraping activities remain ethical and legal, protecting both their sources and their own reputations.

The Future of Web Scraping and Proxy Services

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the importance of web scraping and proxy services is only set to grow. Looking ahead, there are several key trends and developments that are likely to shape the future of the industry.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies into proxy services could revolutionize the way businesses and researchers approach web scraping. By leveraging AI and ML, proxy providers could develop more intelligent routing algorithms, improving connection speeds and success rates for users.

Furthermore, AI-powered tools could help web scrapers navigate increasingly complex website structures and anti-bot measures, enabling more efficient and effective data extraction.

5G and High-Speed Mobile Proxies

As 5G networks continue to roll out across the globe, the demand for high-speed mobile proxies is expected to skyrocket. With faster connection speeds and lower latency, 5G-powered mobile proxies could open up new possibilities for web scraping, particularly in areas such as real-time data collection and location-based services.

IPRoyal is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, with its growing network of mobile proxies and commitment to expanding its global reach.

Regulatory Landscape and Ethical Considerations

As web scraping becomes more widespread, the regulatory landscape surrounding the practice is likely to evolve. Governments and industry bodies may introduce new guidelines and restrictions to ensure that web scraping remains ethical and respects the rights of website owners and users.

Proxy providers like IPRoyal, with their focus on security and compliance, will play a crucial role in helping businesses and researchers navigate this changing landscape. By providing verified, trustworthy proxies and educating users on best practices, IPRoyal can help ensure that web scraping remains a valuable and legitimate tool for data collection and analysis.


The IPRoyal April update represents a significant milestone in the company‘s mission to provide the most advanced and reliable proxy solutions for web scraping and data extraction. With the introduction of Auto top-up, Order Extensions, new locations, and mandatory identity verification, IPRoyal has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation, security, and user satisfaction.

As the web scraping industry continues to evolve, IPRoyal is well-positioned to meet the changing needs of businesses and researchers across various sectors. By staying at the forefront of technological developments and prioritizing the success of its users, IPRoyal is set to remain a leader in the proxy service market for years to come.

In the words of IPRoyal CEO Karolis Toleikis, "Our goal has always been to empower our users with the tools and features they need to succeed in their web scraping endeavors. The April update is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, and we‘re excited to see how our users will leverage these new capabilities to drive their businesses and research forward."