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Welcome to our Internet Marketing Directory.

If you’re looking for Internet marketing sites, then look no further. The MarketingScoop.com Marketing Directory is the most up-to-date, comprehensive listing of marketing websites – human edited to ensure quality. Select a category below to get started…


Advertising Blogs (9) Graphic Design Blogs (4)
Affiliate Marketing Blogs (5) Industry Specific Blogs (4)
Business-to-Business Blogs (9) Internet Marketing (30)
Branding Related Blogs (9) Market Research Blogs (4)
Communication & Media Blogs (4) Public Relations Blogs (4)
Copywriting Blogs (4) Search Engine Marketing (2)
Direct Marketing Blogs (3) SEO Blogs (8)
Email Marketing Blogs (3) Tradeshow Blogs (10)
General Marketing (15) Suggest a Category


Please note, we do not accept URLs that include any of the following:

1. Drug or pharmacy content
2. Gambling content
3. Predominantly affiliate content
4. URLs whose sole purpose is to direct the user to another page (example: doorway pages)
5. URLs for pages that hide or disguise text from the user

Every URL submitted to the program passes through an intensive quality review process.

Search our Marketing Blog Directory to find the marketing blogs that bring you the information you’re looking for.