Want to Make Your Webinars Live Longer and Prosper? The 4 Best Evergreen Webinar Software Platforms You Need Now

Webinars are a proven way to engage your audience, showcase your expertise, and generate leads. In fact, the average webinar attracts 148 viewers and has a 55% registration-to-attendee conversion rate. But while live webinars can drive impressive results, they also require significant time and resources to plan, promote, and produce.

Enter evergreen webinars. An evergreen webinar is a pre-recorded presentation that runs on autopilot, allowing leads to register and watch on-demand. With an evergreen webinar funnel, you can reap the benefits of webinars without the repeated manual effort.

In 2024, as businesses increasingly embrace automation to scale their lead generation, the popularity of evergreen webinars will only continue to grow. Ready to make your webinars live longer and prosper? Read on for tips to create a high-converting evergreen webinar, along with our top picks for the best evergreen webinar software on the market.

The Benefits of Evergreen Webinars for Lead Generation

Why are more and more businesses utilizing evergreen webinars in their marketing mix? Here are some of the top benefits:

  1. Increased reach and registrations. Since evergreen webinars are available on-demand, your potential audience is much larger than a one-time live event. People can register and watch when it‘s most convenient for them, whether that‘s at 2pm or 2am.

  2. More efficient use of time and resources. While creating an evergreen webinar does require an initial investment of time and effort, once it‘s set up, it can keep working for you without additional resources. You don‘t have to repeatedly prepare and present live, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

  3. Predictable, scalable lead generation. With an automated evergreen webinar funnel, you can dependably generate new leads every day, week after week. For example, Unbounce used an evergreen webinar strategy to generate over 1,600 new leads per month.

  4. Improved funnel efficiency. Evergreen webinars attract viewers who are interested enough in your topic to register and show up. This makes them more qualified than many other lead generation channels. Engagement data can then be used to further qualify leads and trigger targeted follow-up, improving downstream conversion rates.

  5. Establishes authority and trust. A well-crafted evergreen webinar showcases your expertise and helps your audience in a meaningful way. By providing upfront value, you create a positive impression and start building the know, like, and trust that makes people want to do business with you.

Evergreen Webinar Best Practices and Tips

To harness the full potential of evergreen webinars, you need to take a strategic approach to creating and promoting your webinar. Here are some key best practices to keep in mind:

1. Choose the right webinar topic and format.

Your evergreen webinar topic should be something that your audience cares about and that ties into your product or service. It needs to provide standalone value, while also leading naturally to the next step in your sales process.

Common evergreen webinar formats include:

  • Educational "How-to" or tutorial
  • Strategy or framework walkthrough
  • Industry trends or predictions
  • Product demo or use case
  • Customer success story or case study

2. Craft a high-converting webinar landing page.

Since your evergreen webinar landing page is the entry point to your funnel, it needs to do the heavy lifting of convincing visitors to register. Essential elements include:

  • A clear, benefit-driven headline
  • Compelling visuals like a video thumbnail or speaker headshot
  • Concise bullet points on what attendees will learn
  • Social proof like customer logos or testimonials
  • A prominent registration form or CTA

3. Create engaging webinar content.

Even though it‘s pre-recorded, your evergreen webinar content needs to be just as engaging and valuable as a live presentation. Aim to create a professional production with:

  • High-quality slides and visuals
  • Clear, enthusiastic speaker delivery
  • Concise, actionable teaching
  • Storytelling and examples to illustrate key points
  • Interactive elements like polls or Q&A
  • A strong call-to-action

4. Promote across multiple channels.

To drive as many targeted registrations as possible, promote your evergreen webinar across a variety of channels, such as:

  • Email marketing to your subscriber list
  • Social media posts and ads
  • Prominent website banners or pop-ups
  • Messenger and chatbot sequences
  • Partner email and social promotions

Be sure to tailor your messaging to each audience and highlight the specific value they‘ll get from attending.

5. Leverage marketing automation.

The key to an effective evergreen webinar funnel is automation. By integrating your webinar platform with your CRM and marketing automation software, you can create triggered workflows like:

  • Webinar registration confirmation and reminder emails
  • Post-webinar follow-up based on attendee engagement
  • No-show emails with a replay link
  • Personalized sales outreach for high-intent leads

These automated touchpoints keep registrants engaged and smoothly lead them to the next step in your funnel.

6. Analyze and optimize results.

To gauge the effectiveness of your evergreen webinar funnel, track key metrics like:

  • Landing page conversion rate
  • Registrations by source
  • Attendance rate
  • Average watch time and drop-off points
  • Poll response and Q&A participation
  • Post-webinar action rates

Use these insights to identify areas for improvement and run A/B tests on everything from your registration page to your follow-up emails. Continuous optimization is key to maximizing ROI.

The Best Evergreen Webinar Platforms for 2024

To run an evergreen webinar, you need a reliable webinar platform that supports automated replays and interactive features. Here‘s our roundup of the top evergreen webinar software to consider in 2024:

1. EverWebinar

Designed specifically for evergreen webinars, EverWebinar makes it easy to set up and automate your pre-recorded content. Key features include:

  • Multiple recurring schedule options
  • Just-in-time and on-demand webinars
  • Live chat simulation for enhanced engagement
  • Built-in email notifications and reminders
  • Advanced tracking and analytics

Pricing starts at $99/month for up to 100 simultaneous attendees.

2. Demio

While primarily a live webinar platform, Demio also offers automated replays that are perfect for evergreen content. Notable features include:

  • Customizable registration pages and email templates
  • Private chat and Q&A capabilities
  • Polls and handouts to boost engagement
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Native integrations with popular marketing tools

Plans start at $49/month for up to 50 attendees per webinar.

3. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is another powerful live webinar platform with strong evergreen capabilities. Some of its standout features are:

  • Flexible scheduling options for recurring webinars
  • Pop-up CTAs and offers during the broadcast
  • Customizable landing pages and registration forms
  • Detailed attendee tracking and engagement scoring
  • One-click integration with EverWebinar for advanced automation

Pricing begins at $499/year for up to 500 attendees per webinar.

4. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a user-friendly webinar solution that supports both live and automated events. Its key evergreen webinar features include:

  • Recurring and on-demand webinar options
  • Interactive polls, surveys, and Q&A
  • Customizable invitations and reminder emails
  • Comprehensive event statistics and reports
  • Integration with major CRM and marketing automation platforms

Plans start at $25/month for up to 25 attendees per webinar.

No matter which platform you choose, look for one that provides the specific features and integrations you need to create an engaging, automated webinar experience.

Examples of Successful Evergreen Webinar Funnels

To give you an idea of what‘s possible with evergreen webinars, here are a few real-world examples of businesses using them to drive leads and revenue:

Case Study 1: Teachable

Online course platform Teachable uses evergreen webinars to educate potential customers on how to create and sell profitable courses. Their webinar funnel includes:

  • A registration page with a video preview and testimonials
  • A 60-minute pre-recorded webinar packed with actionable advice
  • A post-webinar email series promoting a free trial of the platform

Results: Teachable‘s evergreen webinar funnel consistently converts 25% of registrants into free trial users, with 10% of those becoming paid customers. Over the past year, it‘s generated over 30,000 leads and $1 million in new revenue.

Case Study 2: Drip

Email marketing automation platform Drip uses a series of on-demand webinars to move leads through the customer journey. Their evergreen webinar lineup includes:

  • "Getting Started with Drip" for new users
  • "Mastering Email Automation" for engaged leads
  • "Scaling with SMS and multichannel marketing" for customers

Each webinar includes a clear next step, such as booking a demo or trying a new feature.

Results: By tailoring webinar content to lead stage and interests, Drip has seen webinar attendance rates increase by 30%. Webinar leads are also 40% more likely to convert to paid customers than other lead sources.

These examples show the power of evergreen webinars to engage leads and drive measurable business results. With the right strategy and software, any business can create an automated webinar funnel to educate their audience and predictably generate qualified leads.

Advanced Evergreen Webinar Strategies to Try

Ready to take your evergreen webinars to the next level? Here are a few advanced strategies to experiment with:

  1. Personalized webinar experiences. Use marketing automation to trigger different webinar content based on lead data like job title, company size, or past behavior. This allows you to create hyper-relevant experiences that convert at a higher rate.

  2. Webinar sequencing. Instead of relying on a single webinar, create a progressive sequence of on-demand webinars that guide leads through your funnel. For example, start with a high-level educational webinar, then invite attendees to a more in-depth strategy session, and finally a product demo.

  3. Multimedia webinar delivery. Evergreen webinars don‘t have to be limited to slides and talking heads. Experiment with formats like interview-style webinars, screenshare tutorials, or whiteboard teachings to keep things engaging.

  4. Gated bonus content. To incentivize attendance and engagement, gate exclusive bonus content behind your webinar registration or attendance. This could be a PDF guide, templates, discounts, or more.

  5. Retargeting ads. Amplify your evergreen webinar‘s impact by retargeting registrants and attendees with relevant offers across social media and the web. This keeps your brand and message top-of-mind and improves downstream conversion rates.

Remember, the beauty of evergreen webinars is that you can continually test and optimize your approach. Don‘t be afraid to try new things and let your data guide your decisions.

As the demand for on-demand content continues to grow, businesses that embrace evergreen webinars will have a powerful advantage. By providing value on your audience‘s terms and automating your follow-up, you can create a reliable, scalable lead generation engine to help your business thrive in 2024 and beyond.