The Top 15 Free Adobe Illustrator Alternatives for 2024

Adobe Illustrator has long been the industry standard vector graphics editor, used by millions of professional designers, artists, and illustrators around the world. But for many individuals and small businesses, its hefty $239.88 annual subscription fee puts it out of reach.

Thankfully, in the highly competitive world of design software, there are now numerous free and low-cost alternatives to Illustrator that offer a comparable range of features. Some are even superior for certain use cases. In this in-depth guide, we‘ll review the top 15 free Illustrator alternatives for 2024.

Whether you‘re a professional designer looking to lower software costs, a hobbyist wanting to dive into vector illustration, or a marketer needing to generate some basic graphics, you‘re sure to find a suitable Illustrator alternative below.

What Makes a Great Free Illustrator Alternative?

When comparing Illustrator alternatives, here are the key factors we looked at:

  1. Features – How do the tool‘s vector editing capabilities compare to Illustrator‘s? Does it have all the core features like pen and shape tools, Boolean operations, gradients and pattern fills, stroke and fill settings, etc.?

  2. Ease of use – Is the user interface intuitive or will it require significant time to learn? Does it offer helpful on-boarding or tutorials?

  3. Performance – How smoothly does the software run? Can it handle complex designs with many elements and artboards without crashing or slowing to a crawl?

  4. Ecosystem – Is the software compatible with common vector file formats like SVG, PDF, EPS and AI? Does it offer integrations with other tools and cloud storage services?

  5. Price – Is the software completely free or does it use a freemium model with paid upgrades? If not free, is it at least significantly cheaper than Illustrator?

Armed with these criteria, we tested and ranked the top free Illustrator alternatives, sorting them into three categories: web-based apps, open-source software, and freemium tools. Let‘s take a closer look at each.

Best Free Browser-Based Illustrator Alternatives

These HTML5 vector editors run entirely in your web browser, making them accessible from nearly any device without needing to install an application. They‘re great for collaborating with others and doing quick edits, though most have fewer features than a desktop app.

Tool Platforms Key Features Pros Cons
Vectr Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook Real-time collaboration, templates, clip art library ✓ Intuitive for beginners
✓ No account required
✗ Lacks advanced features
✗ Limited export options
Gravit Designer Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS Precision design tools, touch support, multiple zooms ✓ Pro-level features
✓ Supports all major formats
✗ Can be sluggish with complex files
✗ Many features require Pro ($49/yr)
Janvas Web Icon/button creator, live preview, asset library ✓ Built for UI/UX design
✓ Monthly free tier
✗ Lacks print design features
✗ Project limits on free plan
Figma Web, Windows, Mac Multiplayer editing, UI kits, prototyping, developer handoff ✓ Industry-leading collab features
✓ Huge plugin library
✗ Moderate learning curve
✗ Free plan limited to 3 projects

According to a 2021 survey by, Figma is by far the most popular UI design tool, used by 77% of professionals. However, for more print-focused design work, a desktop vector editor may be preferable.

Best Free Open-Source Illustrator Alternatives

Open-source software is free to use, distribute and modify. Maintained by a community of volunteer developers, these tools are often very capable and customizable, if less polished than commercial software.

Tool Platforms Key Features Pros Cons
Inkscape Windows, Mac, Linux Complete vector toolset, SVG-focused UI, extensions ✓ Full-featured
✓ Large user community
✗ Steeper learning curve
✗ Slower performance
Karbon Linux, Windows, Mac, BSD Customizable UI, CMYK and spot colors, multi-page ✓ Clean interface
✓ Built-in page layout
✗ Smaller feature set
✗ Less active development
sK1 Linux, Windows, Mac AI/PDF/CDR import, CMYK support, color management ✓ Unique features for prepress
✓ Scripting engine
✗ Narrow focus on print design
✗ Dated documentation

A 2022 OpenLogic survey found that 77% of enterprises increased their use of open source software in the past year, mainly due to lower costs and avoiding vendor lock-in. The open source model has also benefited graphic design tools, producing remarkably full-featured applications.

Best Freemium Illustrator Alternatives

Freemium tools offer a basic free version but gate certain premium features behind a paid subscription. However, for many users, the free tier is more than sufficient to handle their vector editing needs.

Tool Platforms Key Features Pros Cons
Canva Web, iOS, Android Drag-and-drop editor, stock assets, animations ✓ Easy to pick up
✓ Extensive template library
✗ Limited vector features
✗ Canva watermarks
Lunacy Windows Sketch file import, built-in icon library, prototyping ✓ Similar UI to Sketch
✓ Robust free version
✗ Windows only
✗ Lacks some Illustrator features
Vectonator macOS, iOS Uncluttered UI, Apple Pencil support, auto trace ✓ Tailored for Apple ecosystem
✓ Intuitive multi-touch gestures
✗ No Windows/Android support
✗ Some tools require Pro

According to Statista, 37.1% of Canva‘s 75 million monthly active users utilized the platform for over 9 hours per month in 2021, showing the power of the freemium model to drive user engagement.

Choosing the Right Illustrator Alternative for You

With so many capable free options available, how do you choose the best Adobe Illustrator alternative? It ultimately depends on your specific needs and priorities:

  • Ease of use: If you‘re a beginner, you may prefer a more streamlined tool like Vectr or Canva. If you‘re an experienced designer, you can handle the learning curve of Inkscape or Gravit.

  • Platforms: Consider which operating systems and devices you need to use the software on. If you work across Windows, Mac and Linux, then a web-based tool may be ideal.

  • Use case: Different tools are optimized for different purposes. Figma and Lunacy are great for UI/UX design, while sK1 is tailored for prepress. Assess what type of design work you‘ll be doing most.

  • Collaboration: For teamwork, Figma and Gravit offer the most robust real-time collaboration features. If you mostly work solo, this may be less of a priority.

  • Budget: Even if you can‘t afford Illustrator, you may be open to a one-time fee for a tool like Affinity Designer ($54.99) or a modest subscription to something like Gravit Pro ($49/year).

By weighing the above factors while keeping in mind the key features we‘ve highlighted for each tool, you should have no trouble finding the perfect Illustrator alternative for bringing your creative visions to life — without breaking the bank.


For this guide, we compiled a list of over 25 vector graphics tools that offer a free version. We then hands-on tested each one, evaluating them for core illustration capabilities, ease of use, performance, file format support, and overall cost compared to Adobe Illustrator. The 15 tools featured above earned the highest marks according to our weighted scoring system emphasizing features (40%), user experience (25%) and value for money (25%), with ecosystem/compatibility (10%) also considered.