The 80+ Best Chrome Extensions for 2023

The Top Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Your Productivity in 2023

Do you often find yourself getting distracted, disorganized or wasting precious minutes on unproductive tasks while working online? With the average knowledge worker spending 28% of the workday on emails alone, optimizing your time in the web browser has never been more critical for staying efficient. Luckily, there‘s a solution right at your fingertips – Chrome extensions.

These handy browser add-ons can help you write better, research faster, stay secure and organized, and streamline your workflow with just a click. But with thousands available, finding the true gems can be overwhelming. No worries – we‘ve done the legwork for you. Here‘s our curated list of the absolute best, must-have Chrome extensions to install now and revolutionize your productivity in 2023:

Best productivity boosters

  1. Todoist – This top-rated task management extension turns your new tab page into a to-do list HQ. Easily organize tasks by project, add due dates, delegate to team members, and check off items without leaving your browser. The intuitive interface and seamless syncing across 10+ platforms make it a winner for getting things done.

  2. RescueTime – Want to know exactly where you‘re spending (or wasting) time online? RescueTime runs in the background to track and categorize your activity, providing detailed reports on productivity. Set goals and alerts to stay on track. The real eye-opener is the weekly summary breaking down your browsing habits.

  3. Grammarly – This wildly popular extension is like having a pro editor on call to polish your writing. Whether you‘re drafting emails, social posts, or lengthy documents, Grammarly checks your spelling and grammar, suggests style improvements and even detects the tone, making you a more effective communicator.

  4. OneTab – Drowning in a sea of tabs? OneTab instantly collapses all your open tabs into a single list, freeing up 95% of memory to speed up your computer. Return to your list and restore tabs at any time, or easily share grouped tabs with others. It‘s a game-changer for research and reference.

Top tools for researchers & writers
5. Evernote Web Clipper – Capture inspiring ideas, articles, screenshots and entire webpages in a snap with this extension from the leading notes app. Highlight and annotate text, organize clips into neat digital notebooks, and access everywhere. Killer feature: It can even clip multiple selected tabs at once.

  1. Pocket – This bookmarking extension extraordinaire saves articles, videos or pretty much any content to view later on any device, even offline. Tag items to organize and rediscover related content. Great for curating references to fuel your next blog post or project.

  2. Scribd Research Extension by – Get instant access to expertly curated research documents and analysis as you browse online. Scribd unlocks content from leading publishers and journals, while provides smart citations that analyze a source‘s reliability and supporting/disputing evidence. An authoritative combo to level up your research.

  3. Wordtune – This AI-powered extension is like Grammarly on steroids. It understands context to suggest fluent sentence rewrites for clearer, more compelling prose. Excellent for punching up lackluster copy or breaking through writer‘s block. The free version offers up to 10 rewrites a day.

Security essentials
9. LastPass – Juggling dozens of logins? LastPass remembers all your passwords securely and autofills them when needed. Generate hack-proof passwords instantly. Also stores digital records, credit cards and more. A must for protecting accounts and surfing safely.

  1. Ghostery – Defend your privacy from invasive ads and trackers with this smart extension. View and block trackers on each site you visit to browse up to 2x faster. Works behind the scenes to encrypt your data and mask your digital footprint. Peace of mind delivered.

Bonus mention: Loom – While not exclusively a Chrome tool, this video messaging extension is a productivity powerhouse for hybrid workplaces. Quickly record your camera, microphone and desktop simultaneously to create instant, shareable video messages that are clearer than text and faster than calls. Indispensable for demonstrations, feedback, and updates.

To sum up, these tried and tested Chrome extensions will help you communicate smarter, research efficiently, work securely and make the most of your time online. Thoughtfully combining the right set of digital assistants tailored to your needs is the key to less stress and more progress. Cheers to a more productive 2023!