How to Buy Twitter Followers the Right Way (and Why You Shouldn‘t Buy Fakes)

Twitter has been a key player in the social media marketing world for well over a decade now. And it‘s showing no signs of slowing down in 2024. In fact, the latest data shows that:

  • 82% of B2B content marketers use Twitter for organic content marketing (CMI, 2023)
  • The platform has 238.7 million monetizable daily active users (Twitter, 2023)
  • Ad engagements increased 74% year-over-year in Q4 2022 (Twitter, 2023)

Clearly, Twitter remains a powerful channel for businesses to connect with their audience and drive results. But with so much competition on the platform, it can be a challenge to stand out and attract followers.

That‘s why many brands and marketers are tempted to take the seemingly easy route of buying Twitter followers. After all, having a large following can make your account look more credible and authoritative at a glance.

However, buying fake followers is never a good idea. In this post, we‘ll break down exactly how it works, why you should avoid it, and what to do instead to grow a real, engaged following on Twitter.

The Shady World of Buying Fake Twitter Followers

There‘s no shortage of services out there promising to deliver thousands of new followers to your account practically overnight. A quick Google search for "buy Twitter followers" turns up dozens of options.

Typically, these services sell followers in tiered packages at prices like:

  • 1,000 followers for $10
  • 5,000 followers for $40
  • 10,000 followers for $70

Some providers even offer "premium" followers that they claim look more authentic, for a higher price. Most promise near-instant delivery and "lifetime refill guarantees" to replace any followers that drop off.

Sounds tempting, right? But here‘s what these services won‘t tell you: The vast majority of followers you buy will be fake accounts and bots. They might inflate your vanity metrics for a bit, but they‘ll never engage with your content, visit your website, or become real customers.

Even worse, buying fake followers can seriously backfire on your brand. Here are just a few of the risks you run:

Your engagement rates will tank

Fake followers might boost your overall follower count, but they won‘t interact with your tweets. So if you have 10,000 followers but only a handful of likes and retweets on each post, your engagement rate will be suspiciously low.

This can actually hurt your organic reach in the long run, as Twitter‘s algorithm prioritizes showing content from accounts with high engagement.

You‘ll lose sight of your real audience

When you inflate your following with fake accounts, it becomes much harder to understand your true audience metrics. Your data in Twitter Analytics will be skewed, making it difficult to glean accurate insights about your followers‘ demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.

This can lead you to make misguided decisions about your content and marketing strategy.

You could get suspended or banned

Buying followers is a direct violation of Twitter‘s terms of service. If you‘re caught, your account could face consequences like:

  • A temporary lock until you remove the fake followers
  • Deletion of your offending tweets
  • Permanent suspension of your account

It‘s simply not worth risking your entire Twitter presence for a few thousand fake followers.

You‘ll waste time and money

Buying fake followers is essentially throwing money down the drain. Even if they only cost a few cents each, they provide zero value to your business.

You‘re much better off investing that budget into tactics that will attract real followers who are actually interested in your brand (more on that later).

You could damage your reputation

While the average user might not be able to spot a fake follower at first glance, there are plenty of ways to check an account‘s authenticity. Tools like Twitter Audit and Sparktoro‘s Fake Followers Audit can estimate what percentage of an account‘s following is fake.

If it comes out that a high proportion of your followers are bots, it could be a big blow to your brand‘s reputation. People may start to doubt your credibility and trustworthiness.

Just look at what happened to sports commentator Shannon Sharpe in 2022. He was called out on social media for allegedly having over 95% fake followers. The resulting backlash and mockery undoubtedly damaged his personal brand.

As you can see, buying Twitter followers is a shortsighted strategy that comes with a lot of risks and virtually no upside. But that doesn‘t mean you‘re stuck with slow organic growth. There are plenty of legitimate ways to attract real followers at scale.

How to Get Genuine Twitter Followers with Ads

If you have some budget to put behind your Twitter growth efforts, running a followers campaign using Twitter Ads is your best bet. This will allow you to promote your account to a targeted audience and encourage them to hit that follow button.

Here‘s a step-by-step overview of how to set up a Twitter followers campaign:

  1. Go to and click "Create campaign." Choose "Followers" as your campaign objective.

  2. Set your daily campaign budget. Twitter recommends a minimum of $30 per day for followers campaigns to ensure competitive ad delivery.

  3. Create an ad group and define your target audience. Twitter‘s targeting options include:

    • Demographics (age, gender, location, language, etc.)
    • Interests (based on user actions like who they follow and what they engage with)
    • Keywords (reach people who‘ve engaged with tweets containing specific keywords)
    • Conversation topics (reach people engaged with tweets about certain topics)
    • Follower look-alikes (reach people with similar characteristics to your existing followers)
    • Retargeting (reach people who‘ve previously interacted with your account or website)
  4. Create your ad creative. For a followers campaign, you‘ll need to select an existing tweet to promote or create a new one. Make sure your ad includes a clear CTA to follow your account, along with compelling visuals and copy that showcase your brand value.

  5. Launch your campaign and monitor performance. Keep an eye on key metrics like follower growth rate, cost per follower, and engagement rate. Test different targeting criteria, ad formats, and creative elements to optimize results.

Running a well-targeted followers campaign can be a highly effective way to jump-start your audience growth with real, relevant users. Just be sure to maintain a strong organic posting cadence alongside your ads to keep those new followers engaged over time.

Organic Strategies to Boost Real Followers

Of course, you don‘t need a huge advertising budget to grow your Twitter following the right way. There are plenty of organic tactics you can use to attract genuine followers for free.

1. Consistently share valuable content

At the end of the day, the best way to get people to follow and engage with your brand on Twitter is simply to tweet great content on a regular basis. Focus on providing value to your target audience, whether that‘s through:

  • Informative blog posts, whitepapers, and industry reports
  • Engaging videos, GIFs, and images
  • Inspiring quotes and thought leadership insights
  • Entertaining viral content and memes
  • Helpful product tips and use cases

Don‘t just stick to self-promotional content. Aim to follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of your tweets should be focused on educating, inspiring, and entertaining your audience, while only 20% are directly promoting your product or service.

2. Engage with your community

Twitter is all about two-way conversation. If you want to attract followers, you need to be an active participant in your community, not just a broadcaster. Some ways to engage include:

  • Responding promptly to mentions, replies, and DMs from your audience
  • Seeking out relevant conversations using Twitter search and hashtags, and jumping in where you can add value
  • Retweeting and quoting tweets from other thought leaders and brands in your space
  • Running Twitter polls and Q&A sessions to gather feedback and spark discussion
  • Live-tweeting events and conferences in your industry

The more you engage with other users, the more likely they are to take notice of your brand and follow you back.

3. Optimize your profile for discoverability

Make sure your Twitter profile is set up to make a strong first impression on potential followers. Some key elements to optimize include:

  • Profile photo: Use a high-quality, recognizable image that represents your brand, like your logo or a headshot.
  • Header image: Choose an eye-catching, on-brand visual that showcases your value proposition.
  • Bio: Write a clear, concise description of who you are and what you do. Include relevant keywords and hashtags.
  • Pinned tweet: Pin one of your best-performing or most important tweets to the top of your profile to immediately show value to visitors.
  • URL: Include a link back to your website or a specific landing page to drive traffic from your profile.

4. Leverage Twitter chats and spaces

Participating in relevant Twitter chats and spaces is a great way to get your brand in front of a highly engaged audience. For example:

You can find chats relevant to your niche by searching for hashtags or using tools like TweetReports.

During the chat, answer questions, share your insights, and engage with other participants. Many people will check out the profiles of active chatters and follow any that seem relevant to their interests.

5. Cross-promote your Twitter on other channels

Make sure your existing audience on other channels knows you‘re active on Twitter. Some ways to cross-promote include:

  • Adding Twitter buttons to your website and blog
  • Linking to your Twitter profile in your email signature and newsletter
  • Promoting your Twitter account on other social profiles like LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Running occasional "Follow us on Twitter" campaigns to your email list

This can help you tap into your existing audience on other channels and get them to follow you on Twitter as well.

How to Measure Your Twitter Growth

As you implement these strategies, it‘s important to regularly measure your results so you can refine your approach over time. Some key metrics to track include:

  • Follower growth rate: Track how quickly you‘re gaining new followers each month. According to Scrunch, the average monthly follower growth rate is between 0-6%.
  • Engagement rate: Calculate the average number of engagements (likes, replies, retweets) per tweet, divided by your total number of followers. A good engagement rate is typically between 0.5-1%.
  • Organic vs. paid followers: If you‘re running follower ads, track how many of your new followers are coming from organic tactics vs. paid promotion. This will help you allocate your budget effectively.
  • Audience demographics: Keep an eye on your follower demographics using Twitter Analytics. Make sure you‘re attracting the right kind of followers for your brand.

It‘s also a good idea to benchmark your performance against competitors and industry averages. Tools like Sprout Social and Rival IQ can help you track how your growth and engagement stack up.

Real Brands Winning with Authentic Twitter Followings

Need some inspiration for your own Twitter growth strategy? Check out these brands who have built engaged, authentic followings:

  1. Wendy‘s (@Wendys): The fast food chain is known for its snarky, humorous Twitter presence. They regularly engage in witty exchanges with followers and aren‘t afraid to roast competitors. By leaning into their unique brand voice, they‘ve attracted over 3.9 million followers.

  2. HubSpot (@HubSpot): The marketing software company has built a following of over 561K by consistently sharing valuable content on topics like sales, marketing, and customer service. They also use Twitter to promote their free courses and certifications, driving leads for their business.

  3. Shopify (@Shopify): The e-commerce platform has over 783K followers thanks to its helpful content aimed at online business owners. In addition to product tips and case studies, they also host a weekly Twitter chat called #ShopifyChat to spark discussion and community engagement.

  4. GE (@generalelectric): The multinational conglomerate has attracted over 323K followers by sharing stunning visuals and stories showcasing their innovative projects across industries like aviation, energy, and healthcare. They also use Twitter to highlight their sustainability initiatives and thought leadership.

  5. Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster): The dictionary publisher has built a strong Twitter presence by tapping into timely trends and hashtags to share "word of the day" posts. They also engage followers by soliciting their vocabulary questions and hosting word-themed Twitter polls.

These brands show that by staying true to your unique voice, sharing valuable content, and actively engaging your audience, you can build a strong organic presence on Twitter. And you don‘t need to resort to sketchy tactics like buying fake followers to do it.

Key Takeaways

We covered a lot in this guide, so let‘s recap the main points:

  • Buying Twitter followers is a bad idea. It might seem like a quick fix, but it comes with serious risks like poor engagement, skewed analytics, potential suspension, and reputation damage.

  • Instead of buying fakes, focus on attracting real followers through legitimate methods like running targeted Twitter Ads campaigns and implementing organic growth strategies.

  • Some effective organic tactics include consistently sharing valuable content, engaging with your community, optimizing your profile, participating in Twitter chats, and cross-promoting your account on other channels.

  • Regularly measure your growth and engagement rates to track progress and optimize your strategy over time. Tools like Twitter Analytics, Sprout Social, and Rival IQ can help.

  • Look to successful brands like Wendy‘s, HubSpot, and GE for inspiration on how to build an engaged, authentic Twitter following.

Building a strong presence on Twitter takes time and effort, but it‘s well worth it for the long-term health and success of your brand. By focusing on providing real value to your audience and fostering genuine community, you can steadily grow your following the right way.

And remember, when it comes to Twitter followers, quality always trumps quantity. It‘s better to have 1,000 engaged followers who love your brand than 10,000 fake ones who don‘t care at all.

So don‘t take the easy way out with quick fixes like buying followers. Invest in building authentic connections, and you‘ll reap the rewards of a thriving Twitter community for your business.