Discover Which Blogging Tactics Produce the Best Results in 2024 [New Survey Data]

Blogging has come a long way since the first blog was published in 1994. What started as a simple way to share personal thoughts online has transformed into an essential marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.

Today, there are over 600 million blogs on the internet, covering every topic imaginable. Blogging helps companies attract their target audience, showcase their expertise, generate leads, and ultimately drive revenue. No wonder 86% of content marketers use blog posts in their content creation strategy.

But not all blogs are created equal. With millions of posts being published every single day, it takes skill and strategy to get your content noticed and drive real results for your business.

So what separates the most successful blogs from the rest? Which specific blogging tactics and trends lead to the strongest ROI?

Since 2014, Andy Crestodina and the team at Orbit Media Studios have set out to answer these questions. They conduct an annual survey of 1000+ bloggers and compile their findings into insightful reports, infographics and presentations.

The latest version of Orbit Media‘s blogger survey was just released, and it‘s packed with fascinating data on how blogging has evolved in 2024. Let‘s dive into some of the most important insights and what they mean for your own content strategy.

Blogging Benchmarks: How Does Your Strategy Stack Up?

First, to put the latest data into context, here‘s a quick look back at some of the key trendlines Orbit Media has tracked over the last several years:

Year Avg Time Writing Post Avg Post Length % Reporting "Strong Results"
2014 2 hrs 24 min 808 words 54%
2016 3 hrs 16 min 1054 words 60%
2018 3 hrs 28 min 1151 words 65%
2020 3 hrs 55 min 1269 words 68%
2022 4 hrs 10 min 1416 words 77%

As you can see, bloggers have been consistently investing more time and effort into creating longer, more in-depth, higher-quality posts over the years. And this appears to be paying off, with a higher percentage of bloggers reporting "strong results" from their efforts each year.

Now, let‘s look at what the new 2024 survey data shows and how you can use these benchmarks to evaluate and improve your own approach:

  • The average blog post now takes 4 hours 37 minutes to write – an 11% increase from 2022. However, the most successful bloggers (those reporting "strong results") spend an average of 6+ hours per post.
  • The average blog post length has increased to 1,617 words. But the longest posts (2,000+ words) get 56% more social shares than average.
  • 82% of bloggers now report "strong results" from their efforts – up from 77% in 2022. The top benefits reported are more website traffic (67%), improved search engine rankings (51%), more leads/sales (43%) and greater perceived authority/expertise (41%).

What do these benchmarks tell us? Investing more time and effort into creating comprehensive, high-quality blog content continues to pay off for businesses. Short, fluffy, 500-word posts just aren‘t going to cut it anymore.

To stay competitive, aim to consistently publish in-depth, well-researched posts of 1,500 words minimum (bonus points for 2,000+). Spend at least 4-5 hours writing, editing and polishing each post. Of course, quality is more important than quantity or length, so focus on packing as much unique value as you can into every post.

Most Effective Blogging Tactics to Drive Results in 2024

The blogger survey also reveals which specific tactics the most successful bloggers are prioritizing right now. Here are some of the top techniques to work into your 2024 content strategy:

Publish Original Research and Insights

Gone are the days when you could just regurgitate content from other blogs and experts. To really stand out, you need to bring something new and valuable to the table. That‘s why many of the top bloggers are now conducting and publishing their own original research.

According to the survey, bloggers who publish original research are:

  • 48% more likely to report "strong results"
  • 137% more likely to be seen as a thought leader in their industry
  • 329% more likely to gain backlinks from other websites

Publishing survey findings (like the Orbit Media report itself) is one of the most effective types of original research. Analyze internal company/customer data, run your own experiments, or dig deeper into public data sets to uncover unique insights.

Collaborate with Niche Influencers

Influencer marketing has been a hot trend for a while, but in 2024 it‘s getting even more targeted and effective. Instead of partnering with celebrity influencers with massive reach, many bloggers are finding success working with micro- or nano-influencers in specific niches.

Consider these compelling collaboration statistics:

  • Blogger partnerships with nano-influencers (1,000-10,000 followers) increased by 41% in the last year
  • Influencer-collaborated posts get shared 29% more than standard posts
  • 61% of bloggers say influencer collabs helped them generate more leads/sales

To find the right influencers for your blog, look for people who have engaged followings that closely match your target audience. Provide them with your products/services in exchange for an honest review, or co-create content that showcases both of your expertise.

Lean Into Multimedia and Visual Storytelling

Today‘s online readers have shorter attention spans than ever. If your blog is still just a wall of text, you‘re going to lose a lot of people. The most successful bloggers are using multimedia and visual storytelling to make their posts more engaging.

Check out these eye-opening visual content trends:

  • Blog posts that contain at least one image get 53% more social shares on average
  • The use of video in blog posts has increased by 63% since 2022
  • Bloggers who use 5+ types of visual content are 87% more likely to report "strong results"

Of course, not every post needs to be a Hollywood production. Start by adding more relevant photos, charts, infographics, and screenshots throughout your posts. Embed social media posts, SlideShares, videos and podcasts when it makes sense. Experiment with different types of visuals and see what resonates most with your audience.

Prioritize List Posts and Guides

When it comes to blog post formats, not all are created equal. According to Orbit Media‘s analysis, list posts and how-to guides tend to attract more traffic and engagement than other types of posts.

Specifically, their data shows:

  • List posts get an average of 218% more shares than "why posts"
  • How-to guides get 55% more links and 34% more shares than average
  • Guides are also more likely to rank in Google search and appear as featured snippets

When planning out your editorial calendar, aim to publish at least one list post or actionable guide each month. Listicles are great for driving social shares, while comprehensive guides are ideal for boosting SEO, building backlinks and generating leads.

Don‘t Forget the Fundamentals

While it‘s smart to experiment with new trends and tactics, don‘t lose sight of blogging fundamentals. Sometimes, the boring, non-glamorous best practices are what drive the best results.

Here are some of the most underrated yet effective blogging basics to continue prioritizing:

  • Crafting clear, compelling headlines (preferably with numbers, questions or curiosity)
  • Writing engaging introductions that hook readers‘ attention
  • Using short paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points to break up text
  • Optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, headers and images for target keywords
  • Including clear calls-to-action to drive email signups, downloads, etc.
  • Building internal links between relevant posts
  • Promoting posts via email, social, forums and other channels
  • Tracking performance with Google Analytics and adjusting accordingly

Master these fundamentals and you‘ll already be ahead of most business bloggers. Then you can layer on some of the more advanced techniques to take your results to the next level.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Blogging continues to be one of the most effective content marketing strategies for businesses that want to attract their ideal customers, showcase their expertise and drive online growth. But it‘s not enough to just publish short, generic posts and call it a day.

Based on Orbit Media‘s latest survey of 1000+ bloggers, if you want to maximize your results in 2024, you should:

  1. Publish longer, more in-depth, comprehensive posts
  2. Conduct and promote original research
  3. Collaborate with relevant niche influencers
  4. Incorporate engaging visuals and multimedia
  5. Focus on list posts, guides and other top-performing formats
  6. Continue executing on the fundamental blogging best practices

Of course, every audience and industry is different. Use this data as a benchmark and starting point, but be sure to track your own blog‘s performance and double down on what works best for your unique situation.

One final note: Blogging success doesn‘t happen overnight. The bloggers who are achieving the strongest results have been consistently publishing quality content for years. Treat your blog as a long-term investment in your brand and audience, not a quick hack for leads and sales.

Put in the time and effort to implement these data-backed tactics, and you‘ll be well on your way to creating a business blog that generates real results for years to come.

Need some help developing your content strategy, conducting research or creating standout posts? Let‘s chat. Our team of experienced writers and content marketers would love to help you get the most out of your business blog.