8 Up-and-Coming Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2024

When it comes to leveling up your marketing skills, you can‘t just rely on the same big-name blogs everyone else is reading. While the most popular marketing publications are popular for a reason, they don‘t always surface the freshest thinking or most innovative tactics.

If you really want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to look beyond the obvious and seek out emerging voices who are challenging the conventional wisdom and uncovering new strategies. These up-and-coming bloggers aren‘t just rehashing the same old advice – they‘re conducting original research, putting bold ideas into practice, and documenting what they learn along the way.

Adding a few rising star marketing blogs to your reading rotation will expose you to cutting-edge insights and inspire you to experiment with new approaches. You‘ll be able to access the latest tips and techniques before they hit the mainstream – and position yourself as a forward-thinking leader in your organization.

To help you get started, we‘ve curated a list of 8 marketing blogs that are poised to break out in 2024. For each one, we‘ll highlight what makes it unique and share some examples of the game-changing advice you‘ll find there.

1. Growth Marketing Pro

Founded by former HubSpot and Shopify growth lead Mark Lindquist, Growth Marketing Pro is quickly becoming a must-read resource for marketers looking to adopt a growth mindset. With a focus on rapid experimentation and data-driven decisions, the blog provides actionable playbooks for driving sustainable growth.

One of the blog‘s biggest strengths is the way Mark breaks down complex growth frameworks and makes them accessible to marketers at any level. Take his customer acquisition cost (CAC) guide, for example. Mark walks through a step-by-step process for calculating, benchmarking, and optimizing CAC – complete with handy visualizations and formulas.

Growth Marketing Pro CAC Guide
Source: Growth Marketing Pro

The blog also stands out for its detailed teardowns of successful growth campaigns. In a recent post, Mark analyzes 7 referral programs and offers insights on why they work. You‘ll come away with a framework for designing your own referral strategy.

Whether you‘re a startup founder or a marketer at an established company, Growth Marketing Pro will give you the tools and mental models to achieve sustainable growth.

2. Superpath

We‘ve been seeing more and more marketers struggle to create content that stands out and drives meaningful results. As the web becomes more crowded with generic, me-too content, the bar for quality keeps getting higher. That‘s why Superpath has quickly become one of our favorite blogs for content marketing advice that actually moves the needle.

Co-founded by veteran content marketers Jimmy Daly and Ryan Law, Superpath‘s mission is to empower content teams to produce their best work and make a real impact on the business. The blog offers a wealth of resources for content professionals of all stripes, from hands-on writing tips to high-level strategy and career advice.

Superpath Website Screenshot
Source: Superpath

We love how openly Jimmy and Ryan share lessons learned from their time leading content at companies like Animalz, Clearscope, and Intercom. A great example is this brutally honest post on why most content marketing fails. They don‘t pull any punches in diagnosing the most common content ailments – but they also offer thoughtful solutions.

For even juicier insights, check out Superpath‘s podcast, where Jimmy and Ryan interview content leaders at top brands and agencies. Recent guests have shared how they‘re using AI to streamline content production, structuring data-driven content programs, and proving the ROI of their work.

3. Wynter

Wynter is on a mission to help marketers create more relevant, customer-centric messaging. Their secret weapon is a powerful message testing platform that allows you to get feedback on your copy from real people in your target market before launching a campaign.

On the Wynter blog, CEO Peep Laja and the team share insider advice on how to use message testing to craft pitches that resonate. One stand-out post walks through a message testing process that doubled Wynter‘s homepage conversion rate. It‘s a masterclass in customer research and data-informed copywriting.

"Marketers are biased. We think we know what our customers want to hear and how to phrase it… However, time and time again we find most of our messaging assumptions are wrong." – Peep Laja, Founder & CEO of Wynter

Wynter‘s blog is a goldmine for any marketer looking to sharpen their messaging and positioning skills. You‘ll learn how to extract actionable insights from voice of customer data, run tests to hone your copy, and align your messaging strategy across all customer touchpoints.

4. Nue Agency

Brand voice is notoriously difficult to pin down, but Nue Agency‘s blog proves it‘s not impossible. The inbound marketing firm specializes in helping B2B tech brands create authentic, engaging content – and their blog is packed with advice on nailing the right voice for your audience.

Take this guide to developing a brand voice, which lays out a clear process for defining and documenting your voice attributes. We especially love the tips for translating your brand voice to different content formats and distribution channels.

Nue‘s blog is an excellent resource for any marketer who wants to create content that inspires genuine connection with their audience. From thought leadership strategy to conversational copywriting and UX writing tips, you‘ll learn how to infuse your brand‘s unique personality and perspective into every piece of content you create.

5. Content Mavericks

The term "content marketing" has become so ubiquitous that it‘s lost a lot of its meaning. Too often, businesses churn out blog posts and whitepapers without any clear sense of how they support larger marketing and business goals. Content Mavericks is on a mission to change that.

Founded by content strategy consultants Maddy Osman and Erin Balsa, Content Mavericks helps overwhelmed content teams cut through the noise and focus on the activities that drive real results. Their blog is a breath of fresh air for anyone who‘s tired of aimless content production.

We‘re big fans of the Content Mavericks teardowns, where Maddy and Erin analyze the content strategy of a well-known brand and share actionable takeaways. For instance, their close reading of Zillow‘s content marketing funnel reveals how the real estate giant uses content to capture attention at every stage of the buyer‘s journey.

Zillow Content Funnel
Source: Content Mavericks

The blog is also a great resource for learning how to prove the value of your content efforts. Erin‘s guide to setting content marketing KPIs will help you define the right metrics for your goals and create reports that showcase your impact.

6. Speero

Speero is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) agency that‘s quickly making a name for itself with a data-driven approach to experimentation. Founders Johnathan Dane and Will Laurenson are on a mission to help marketers move beyond best practices and gut feelings to make decisions based on real customer behavior.

On the Speero blog, you‘ll find a wealth of resources for running smarter A/B tests and optimizing your website for conversions. We especially appreciate how transparent the Speero team is about their own experiments and results – both successes and failures.

One great example is this case study of a split test that increased sign-ups by 25%. Johnathan walks through the entire process, from identifying the key friction point to designing the test and analyzing the results. You‘ll come away with a framework you can apply to your own experiments.

"The test idea itself is only 20% as important as the thoughtful research that comes before it, and the diligent QA & analysis that comes after it." – Johnathan Dane, CEO & Founder of Speero

If you want to level up your CRO skills, the Speero blog is a must-read. You‘ll learn how to conduct conversion research, prioritize test ideas, and build a culture of experimentation in your organization.

7. Foundation

Content marketers are under more pressure than ever to tie their work to revenue and other business outcomes. But with so many competing priorities and distractions, it can be tough to focus on the content activities that actually move the needle. That‘s where Foundation comes in.

Foundation is a content marketing agency that helps B2B brands build revenue-driven content engines. Their blog offers a behind-the-scenes look at how they create content strategies that deliver real business results.

One of our favorite posts breaks down Foundation‘s content ideation process – a framework they‘ve used to come up with hundreds of high-performing article ideas. The key is to start with your business and audience goals and work backwards to identify the topics and formats that will help you achieve them.

We also love Foundation‘s teardowns of successful content. In this post, they analyze an Airtable article that ranks #1 for a competitive keyword and unpack what makes it so effective. You‘ll learn practical tips for matching search intent, structuring your content for readability, and promoting your work after publication.

8. Forget The Funnel

Forget The Funnel is on a mission to help SaaS marketers create more cohesive, customer-centric experiences. Founded by veteran software marketers Gia Laudi and Claire Suellentrop, the blog challenges conventional wisdom about the marketing funnel and offers a new playbook for growth.

Gia and Claire argue that the traditional funnel model is outdated and doesn‘t reflect how people actually buy software today. Instead, they advocate for a more holistic, customer-lifecycle approach that aligns marketing, sales, product, and customer success around the user journey.

"If you‘re only focused on acquiring new users, you‘re missing out on the biggest growth lever you have: keeping and delighting your existing customers." – Gia Laudi, Co-Founder of Forget The Funnel

On the blog, you‘ll find actionable advice for every stage of the customer journey, from onboarding and activation to retention and expansion. We especially appreciate the focus on using customer data and feedback to inform marketing decisions.

Forget the Funnel Flywheel
Source: Forget The Funnel

For example, this guide to conducting customer research will help you uncover valuable insights you can use to improve your messaging, positioning, and product marketing. You‘ll learn how to recruit the right participants, ask effective questions, and synthesize your findings into actionable next steps.

Wrapping Up

There you have it – 8 up-and-coming marketing blogs that deserve a spot in your RSS feed this year. These hidden gems offer a wealth of fresh ideas, data-driven advice, and real-world examples to help you stay at the forefront of your field.

Remember, the most successful marketers are always learning and experimenting with new strategies. By expanding your reading list beyond the usual suspects, you‘ll expose yourself to diverse perspectives and cutting-edge tactics you can use to drive better results.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a few of these blogs to dive into and start putting their advice into practice. And if you discover any other rising star marketing bloggers in your travels, be sure to give them a shout-out on Twitter or LinkedIn. The more we can amplify emerging voices, the stronger our collective knowledge will be.

Happy reading!