7 Australian Companies with Great Taglines [+What Marketers Can Learn From Them]

The Anatomy of an Unforgettable Tagline: 10 Australian Brands That Nail It

In a densely populated business landscape, especially in startup hubs like Sydney and Melbourne, Australian companies need to find ways to cut through the noise and connect with their target customers. While a unique brand name is a good start, a cleverly crafted tagline can be the perfect complement to succinctly capture your brand essence and value proposition.

A great tagline sticks in people‘s minds, differentiates you from the sea of competitors, and ideally becomes synonymous with your brand over time. Some top Australian brands have absolutely nailed this, creating taglines that are bold, memorable, emotive, and inextricably linked to what they offer.

So what‘s the secret sauce behind an unforgettable tagline? Let‘s unpack the key ingredients, using 10 examples from Aussie companies that have created some of the most iconic and impactful brand slogans.

  1. Simplicity is key
    The most effective taglines are often the simplest. You want something concise and easy to remember, not a complex sentence that will get lost in translation.

Take Woolworths‘ famous tagline – "The Fresh Food People". In just four words, it conveys the supermarket chain‘s emphasis on providing quality fresh produce to shoppers. It‘s direct and unpretentious, and has served the brand well for decades.

Online graphic design platform Canva takes a similar approach with "Design anything. Publish anywhere." It tells you exactly what the product enables users to do, without any fluff. The simplicity makes it highly impactful.

  1. Clever wordplay
    Injecting some wit, humor or a clever twist of phrase into your tagline is a great way to make it stand out and get people talking. Just look at skincare brand Sukin and its slogan "Skincare that doesn‘t cost the earth". The double meaning hints at both the brand‘s affordability and its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Hungry Jack‘s "The burgers are better at Hungry Jack‘s" is another example of smart, catchy wordplay. The use of alliteration with the repeated "b" sounds makes it especially memorable.

  1. Bold claims
    Sometimes it pays off to make a bold, confident claim about your brand and what it delivers. It‘s a way of challenging people‘s perceptions and enticing them to see for themselves if you live up to the hype.

A classic example is XXXX Gold beer and its infamous tagline "Australians wouldn‘t give an XXXX for anything else". It‘s an audacious statement that the beer is so ingrained in Australian culture that locals would turn their nose up at any other brew.

Similarly, Target‘s slogan "Expect more. Pay less." makes a bold promise about the brand‘s ability to deliver quality at great value. It dares shoppers to expect big things despite budget-friendly prices.

  1. Capturing the brand essence
    A tagline should be a distillation of what your brand represents – the key emotions, values or experiences you want people to associate with you.

"Australia lives here", the tagline used by TV network Channel 9, encapsulates the idea that the channel is the go-to destination to experience Australian culture, perspectives and stories. It‘s about a feeling more than the specific programs.

Kmart‘s "Expect something special" is another tagline that evokes an emotion and shapes perceptions about the retail brand. It elevates Kmart from just a budget store to a place where you can uncover unexpected delights.

  1. Putting a stake in the ground
    Some of the most powerful taglines work because they make an assertive, definitive statement about the brand‘s positioning or point of difference. They plant a firm stake in the ground that sets the brand apart.

"There‘s no other store like David Jones", the longstanding tagline for the department store, does this brilliantly. It declares that David Jones offers an unparalleled shopping experience that simply can‘t be found elsewhere.

Boutique online retailer Redbubble takes a similar approach with "Find your thing". It sends the message that no matter how unique or niche your style, you‘ll find something on Redbubble to express your individuality. The brand confidently owns its positioning as the place for quirky, uncommon designs.

Putting It All Together

As these examples from top Australian brands show, a well-crafted tagline is a powerful asset that can shape perceptions, communicate your value proposition, and make your brand unforgettable. The magic formula seems to be a blend of simplicity, cleverness, boldness, and most importantly, capturing the core of what your brand represents.

So how can you create your own version of "The Fresh Food People" or "Australians wouldn‘t give an XXXX for anything else"? Start by deeply understanding your brand identity, values and unique selling proposition. Brainstorm words, phrases and ideas that bring those elements to life in a provocative, differentiating way. Road test a shortlist of options to see what resonates most with your customers.

And once you land on a winner, integrate it consistently into all your touchpoints to build that connection between the tagline and your brand. Make it an unmistakable part of your brand DNA, just like the colours in your logo or your distinctive tone of voice.

Investing the time and creative energy to develop a standout tagline is well worth it. Because in a market as competitive and fast-paced as Australia‘s, a few memorable words can make all the difference in cementing your brand in the hearts and minds of customers.