6 of the Best Ecommerce Apps for Apple Watch

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Ecommerce Apps for Apple Watch in 2024


Ecommerce has exploded in popularity over the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down. As smartphone adoption reaches near ubiquity, more and more consumers are turning to mobile commerce to research products, compare prices, and make purchases on the go. In fact, mobile ecommerce sales are projected to reach $728.28 billion and account for 44.2% of retail ecommerce sales in the US by 2025.

But smartphones aren‘t the only devices driving the mobile commerce revolution. Wearables, particularly smartwatches like the Apple Watch, are emerging as the next frontier in digital shopping. The Apple Watch‘s unique blend of convenience, personalization, and on-the-go accessibility make it a powerful tool for savvy shoppers and forward-thinking brands alike.

In this guide, we‘ll take a deep dive into the best Apple Watch apps for ecommerce in 2024. Whether you‘re a consumer looking to streamline your mobile shopping experience or a brand wondering how to optimize for wearables, you‘ll find plenty of inspiration below. Let‘s get started!

  1. Amazon

It should come as no surprise that Amazon, the world‘s largest ecommerce company, has a best-in-class Apple Watch app. The most recent update adds a host of new features designed specifically for the wrist.

You can now use the Amazon app on Apple Watch to:

  • Search for products using Siri voice commands
  • Browse product images and read descriptions optimized for the small screen
  • Access personalized daily deals and limited-time offers
  • Add items to lists and carts
  • Track deliveries in real time
  • Reorder your favorite items with a single tap

Perhaps most impressively, Amazon has managed to translate its sophisticated recommendation algorithms to the Apple Watch. The app will surface products tailored to your search history and past purchases, making your wrist a powerful discovery tool for all of your shopping needs.

  1. Etsy

Etsy is another ecommerce giant that has gone all-in on wearable commerce. The Etsy app for Apple Watch is the perfect companion for your favorite independent retailers and artisanal brands.

With the Etsy app, you can:

  • Save and heart your favorite shops and products
  • Get notified the moment a limited-edition item drops
  • Receive order updates and shipping alerts
  • Message sellers directly from your watch
  • Discover and shop curated collections customized to your tastes

One standout feature is Etsy‘s Explore feed, which leverages your favoriting activity to serve up a continually refreshed assortment of unique finds that match your style. It feels like having a personal shopping concierge right on your wrist.

  1. Target

Target has long been a leader in mobile commerce, and its Apple Watch app doesn‘t disappoint. Perhaps most useful is the in-store shopping mode, which uses geofencing to detect when you‘ve entered a Target location and then displays your shopping list on your watch face.

As you roam the aisles, you can check items off your list with a simple tap. The app will even guide you to the right section of the store using haptic feedback. It‘s like having a personal shopping assistant guiding you every step of the way.

Additional features include:

  • Weekly ad scan with curated top deals
  • Instant Cartwheel offer redemption at checkout
  • Red Card and loyalty program management
  • One-click reordering of your essentials
  • Realtime order tracking

With the Target app on your Apple Watch, you can streamline your shopping trip and ensure you never forget that one crucial item on your list.

  1. Nike

For sneakerheads and hypebeasts, the Nike app on Apple Watch is a game-changer. Nike was one of the first major brands to embrace the concept of the "drop," or the limited release of exclusive, highly coveted products.

With the Nike app, you‘ll get a notification on your watch the instant a new product drops. You can then use the app to enter a live raffle or contest for the chance to purchase the item. Winners are notified immediately and can complete the purchase with a couple taps using Apple Pay.

The Nike app also allows you to:

  • Browse upcoming releases and mark your favorites
  • Get news and behind-the-scenes content about Nike‘s latest collars
  • Unlock sharable stickers when you log a workout with your Apple Watch
  • Redeem exclusive offers and rewards
  • Access priority customer support

For collectors and aficionados who live and breathe the Nike brand, having this level of insider access on your wrist is a major flex.

  1. Walmart

Walmart may have been late to embrace ecommerce, but it‘s been making up for lost time with a string of recent digital innovations. The latest is a significant update to its Apple Watch app focused on in-store shopping utility.

The centerpiece of the Walmart app is Store Mode, which transforms the watch face into an interactive guide to your local store. When you arrive at Walmart, the app will automatically display your shopping list and surface contextual reminders based on your location, like "Don‘t forget to pick up milk."

As you move throughout the store, the app will gently nudge you about nearby items on your list via haptic feedback. It can even direct you to specific aisles and shelf locations for hard-to-find products.

Other notable features:

  • Voice-based product search
  • Digital coupons and rollback alerts
  • Contactless checkout using Walmart Pay
  • Item scanning and bagging for Walmart+ members
  • Prescription refill and pickup alerts

The Walmart app on Apple Watch blends the best of online and offline commerce to help shoppers save time and money. It‘s an essential download for any frequent Walmart customer.

  1. StockX

StockX has emerged as the go-to marketplace for sneakers, streetwear, collectibles, and other coveted goods. And with its Apple Watch app, it‘s easier than ever to stay on top of the latest product drops and marketplace trends.

Using the app, you can:

  • Browse upcoming releases and set alerts for items you want
  • Receive notifications the instant an item is available for purchase or bidding
  • Place bids and offers from your wrist
  • Chat with sellers and negotiate deals
  • Authenticate purchases with a tap using StockX‘s verification process
  • Track sales data and pricing histories in realtime

For power sellers and serious collectors, the StockX app provides a constant stream of up-to-the-minute information about the products and brands you care about most. It‘s like having a miniature stock ticker for the resale market wrapped around your wrist at all times.

  1. Best Buy

Consumer electronics is one of the largest and fastest growing categories in ecommerce, and Best Buy is the undisputed industry leader. Its Apple Watch app puts an entire electronics store on your wrist.

In addition to expected features like product search and digital coupons, the Best Buy app also includes a barcode scanner that you can use in-store to quickly pull up product information, read reviews, compare prices, and even purchase items for in-store pickup.

Other features include:

  • Tech news briefings to keep you informed about the latest product releases
  • Access to expert reviews written by Best Buy‘s team of tech specialists
  • Personalized promotions based on your purchase history and loyalty status
  • Realtime inventory updates to locate and hold items at your local store
  • Integrated chat support for product advice and recommendations

The Best Buy app excels at bridging online and in-store shopping experiences. It puts a wealth of information at your fingertips to help you research and locate products, and it provides a direct link to knowledgeable support staff who can guide your purchase decisions.

  1. Shop

If you frequently purchase products from Shopify-powered stores, the Shop app is a must-have on your Apple Watch. Developed by Shopify, it offers a universal hub to track orders, redeem rewards, and browse recommended products from a massive network of independent retailers.

When you search for and save products in the Shop app on your phone, they‘ll automatically sync to your watch for easy access later. You can then shop those items knowing that the checkout process will be seamless thanks to the app‘s integration with Shop Pay, Shopify‘s accelerated checkout system.

Some of our favorite features:

  • Personalized shop and product recommendations based on your order history
  • Automatic delivery updates for all your purchases from Shopify stores
  • Instant reward redemption from brands you love
  • Realtime push alerts for sales and promotions
  • Handoff shopping carts from watch to phone to continue browsing on a bigger screen

Shop brings together thousands of stores and products into one streamlined package on your wrist. If you want to support independent brands while still enjoying the convenience of a centralized shopping app, you can‘t beat Shop.


The ecommerce apps covered above offer just a small glimpse into the exciting world of wearable commerce. As smartwatches and other wearables gain popularity, they‘ll continue to unlock new and innovative ways for consumers to discover, engage with, and purchase from their favorite brands.

Already, we‘re seeing forward-thinking retailers experimenting with things like untethered wearable apps that work independently from smartphones, voice-based shopping experiences, virtual and augmented reality integrations, and much more. The key for brands is to start optimizing for these emerging platforms now rather than playing catch up later.

Some key things to consider when developing an Apple Watch app for your ecommerce brand:

  • Focus on convenience, simplicity, and ease of use. The small screen is not the place for detailed browsing.

  • Prioritize personalized recommendations and timely alerts. Lean into the Apple Watch‘s strength as a curated notification channel.

  • Build features around mobility. How can you make the in-store shopping experience easier and more engaging?

  • Embrace voice technology. Siri integration is a must and voice-based search and navigation is quickly becoming the norm.

  • Make it fun. Gamify the shopping experience with exclusive rewards, product drops, and interactive content.

The future of ecommerce is increasingly mobile and multi-channel. An Apple Watch app may not drive a majority of sales (yet), but it can go a long way towards making your brand‘s shopping experience more delightful and frictionless. And in the highly competitive world of digital commerce, that‘s more than enough reason to start taking wearables seriously.