39 of the Best Website Designs to Inspire You in 2024

39 of the Best Website Designs to Inspire You in 2024

As we move further into 2024, website design continues to evolve at a rapid pace. With new technologies and shifting user preferences, the websites that stand out from the crowd are those that deliver exceptional usability, captivating visuals, and meaningful interactions.

To help spark your creativity, we‘ve compiled a collection of 39 of the best website designs that are making waves in 2024. From sleek ecommerce shops to immersive storytelling experiences, these sites showcase the latest trends and innovations in the world of web design.

Whether you‘re a designer looking for inspiration, a marketer seeking to optimize your company‘s site, or a business owner embarking on a redesign, these stunning examples will give you plenty of ideas to draw from. Let‘s dive in and explore the elements that make each of these designs so effective.

  1. Nomad Homes – https://nomadhomes.com
    Industry: Real estate
    What makes it great:
  • Stunning property photos displayed in a full-screen, responsive grid
  • Smooth, dynamic filtering options for an intuitive search experience
  • Subtle animations and transitions enhance the sense of interactivity
  • Minimalist design keeps the focus on the images while still conveying luxury
  1. Everpress – https://everpress.com
    Industry: Custom apparel
    What makes it great:
  • Bold, colorful hero video draws the eye and communicates the brand ethos
  • Prominent featured product displays with clear CTAs
  • Expandable full-screen menu for easy navigation
  • Unique illustrated icons give the site a fun, approachable style
  1. Pluto – https://pluto.audio
    Industry: Tech
    What makes it great:
  • Unconventional vertical layout encourages scrolling and exploration
  • Cohesive, high-contrast color palette and geometric shapes create a futuristic vibe
  • Subtle parallax effects add depth and visual interest
  • Concisely worded benefits and features quickly communicate value prop
  1. Basic.Space – https://basic.space
    Industry: Agency
    What makes it great:
  • Atmospheric, immersive hero video sets an intriguing tone
  • Unique horizontal scrolling for case study thumbnails
  • Clean typography and generous whitespace let the work shine
  • Surprise and delight elements like the changing cursor
  1. Myles Apparel – https://mylesapparel.com
    Industry: Ecommerce
    What makes it great:
  • Stylish product photos on a clean white background
  • Simplified navigation and filtering options for easy browsing
  • Dynamic product color swatches for quick visual selection
  • Reviews and social proof readily visible on product pages
  1. Canowater – https://canowater.com
    Industry: Food & Beverage
    What makes it great:
  • Bright, natural lifestyle photography conveys the brand personality
  • Transparent, easy-to-read nutritional labels and ingredients
  • Interactive scrolling animations lead you through the brand story
  • Integrated social feed showcases user-generated content
  1. Viva Dolan – https://vivadolan.com
    Industry: Art & Design
    What makes it great:
  • Elegant, minimal layout highlights the artist‘s work
  • Full-screen, high resolution images with zoom functionality
  • Pricing and dimensions clearly listed with enquiry buttons
  • About section provides insight into the artist‘s background and process
  1. Filling Pieces – https://fillingpieces.com
    Industry: Fashion
    What makes it great:
  • Bold, editorial-style imagery celebrates the products and lifestyle
  • Video backgrounds create an immersive, dynamic feel
  • Clear visual hierarchy guides you to key collections and products
  • Predictive search and easy filtering enhance product discovery
  1. Protest – https://protest.eu
    Industry: Nonprofit
    What makes it great:
  • Powerful, impactful messaging with strong calls-to-action
  • Embedded videos bring the issues to life
  • Easy email signup and donation options are front and center
  • Informative, well-organized issue pages provide further context
  1. Muse – https://muse.place
    Industry: Web3
    What makes it great:
  • Intriguing, mysterious hero section sparks curiosity
  • 3D animated graphics showcase the innovative nature of the product
  • Clear, concise copy quickly explains the core offerings
  • Subtle branded elements like the custom mouse cursor reinforce memorability
  1. Vitra – https://vitra.com
    Industry: Furniture
    What makes it great:
  • Engaging lifestyle photos show products in real-world settings
  • Magazine-style articles position the brand as an authority
  • Interactive 3D viewer provides a unique product experience
  • Detailed filtering options make it easy to find the perfect piece
  1. Boosted – https://boostedusa.com
    Industry: Transportation
    What makes it great:
  • Exciting, fast-paced product videos highlight the thrill of electric mobility
  • Prominent reviews and press quotes build trust and credibility
  • Comparison charts simplify the product selection process
  • Intuitive customization options let you visualize your build
  1. Getaway – https://getaway.house
    Industry: Travel
    What makes it great:
  • Captivating nature-focused photography inspires wanderlust
  • Simplified booking flow with upfront availability and pricing
  • Transparent cancellation policies and FAQs build trust
  • Blog content with travel tips adds value beyond the product
  1. Daye – https://yourdaye.com
    Industry: Health & Wellness
    What makes it great:
  • Inclusive, body-positive imagery celebrates all women
  • Informative, scientifically-backed content educates on important health topics
  • Discreet, straightforward product pages reduce stigma and confusion
  • Subscription options simplify the customer experience
  1. Actual – https://actualbudget.com
    Industry: Finance
    What makes it great:
  • Friendly illustrations soften an intimidating topic
  • Clear product benefits and differentiators set it apart from competitors
  • Social proof from well-known publications establishes trust
  • Free trial with no credit card required reduces signup friction
  1. Keap – https://keap.com
    Industry: Tech
    What makes it great:
  • Clean, benefits-focused messaging targets a specific niche
  • Automated product tour video explains key features
  • Customer stories and case studies showcase real results
  • Free demo and transparent pricing make it easy to get started
  1. Paperlike – https://paperlike.com
    Industry: Tech Accessories
    What makes it great:
  • Focused, single product site keeps the experience streamlined
  • Looping video background shows the texture and benefits
  • GIFs demonstrate the installation process
  • Robust FAQ section and support options instill buyer confidence
  1. Tracksmith – https://tracksmith.com
    Industry: Apparel
    What makes it great:
  • Immersive, brand storytelling immerses you in the running culture
  • Stylized product shots emphasize the premium nature of the gear
  • Journal content and athlete stories add an aspirational element
  • Youthful color palette and retro-inspired graphics convey the elite yet inclusive ethos
  1. Deskpass – https://deskpass.com
    Industry: Coworking
    What makes it great:
  • Vivid workplace photography showcases the variety of spaces
  • Interactive map search creates a personalized experience
  • Upfront pricing and list of amenities builds trust
  • Simple 4-step visual shows how the pass works
  1. Foxtrot – https://foxtrotco.com
    Industry: Food & Beverage
    What makes it great:
  • Colorful, playful illustrations catch your eye
  • Curated collections simplify the browsing experience
  • Enticing product photos on an uncluttered white background
  • Real-time delivery tracking and SMS notifications provide transparency

Tips for Finding Your Own Web Design Inspiration

With so many incredible website designs out there, it‘s easy to feel overwhelmed or intimidated when starting your own project. However, by taking cues from the best and applying a strategic approach, you can create an exceptional site of your own. Here are a few tips to guide you:

  1. Immerse yourself in web design blogs, books, and communities.
    Make a habit of browsing sites like Awwwards, Behance, and Dribbble, where top designers share their latest work. Read up on current trends and timeless best practices. Participate in online discussions and attend design events to learn from your peers.

  2. Look beyond your own industry.
    While it‘s important to be aware of what your competitors are doing, don‘t limit yourself to only looking at websites in your niche. Often the most interesting design ideas come from exploring other industries and adapting their techniques to your own context.

  3. Identify the core elements that resonate with you.
    As you browse inspiring sites, take note of the specific design components that catch your eye and make you feel something. Is it the color palette, the typography, the illustrations, the animations? Analyze what it is that makes those elements so effective and consider how you might put your own spin on them.

  4. Prioritize usability and accessibility.
    No matter how visually impressive a website is, if it‘s difficult to navigate or inaccessible to certain users, it fails a fundamental purpose. Always consider factors like page load speed, mobile responsiveness, logical information architecture, and WCAG compliance as you‘re evaluating designs.

  5. Test, iterate, and gather feedback.
    Once you‘ve created your design, don‘t be afraid to put it in front of users and gather their honest reactions. Conduct user testing sessions, run A/B tests on different variations, and continuously iterate based on the data and feedback. Great design is never finished – it‘s always evolving based on real user needs.

The Bottom Line

Designing a stunning website that delivers results for your business is no easy feat, but it‘s far from impossible. By studying the best of the best and applying their principles to your own unique context, you can create an online experience that delights your users and achieves your goals.

Use the examples in this post as a jumping off point for your own inspiration, but don‘t be afraid to experiment and forge your own path. Stay curious, stay open to feedback, and above all, stay focused on creating genuine value for your audience. Here‘s to making the web a more beautiful, functional, and inclusive place in 2024 and beyond!