30 Brilliant Email Marketing Campaign Examples to Inspire Your Strategy in 2023

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to engage customers and drive results for your business. In fact, email generates $42 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 4,200% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.

However, with the average person receiving 121 emails per day, it‘s more important than ever to create email campaigns that cut through the noise and deliver real value to your subscribers.

To help you elevate your email strategy, we‘ve rounded up 30 of the best email marketing campaign examples we‘ve seen, along with tips and takeaways you can apply to your own campaigns. We‘ll cover examples across various stages of the customer journey and types of emails, including:

  • Welcome and onboarding emails
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Engaging product launches
  • High-converting promotions and sales
  • Re-engagement and winback campaigns
  • Compelling storytelling and user-generated content
  • Interactive and gamified emails
  • And more!

Plus, we‘ll provide a handy email campaign planning template to help you implement these strategies in your own program.

Welcome and Onboarding Email Examples

1. Headspace

Subject line: Welcome to Headspace!

Why it works:

  • Friendly, conversational tone greets new users and sets expectations for future emails
  • Clean, uncluttered design puts the focus on key actions like starting a meditation
  • Personalized content block recommends beginner meditations based on user‘s initial app activity
  • Prominent CTA button drives users back into the app to complete onboarding steps

Headspace welcome email

2. Airtable

Subject line: Let‘s get you set up for success in Airtable

Why it works:

  • Helpful welcome email focused on empowering the user to complete key setup tasks
  • Video tutorial GIF demonstrates how to perform essential actions in an easy-to-follow way
  • Bulleted list of tips breaks down complicated topics like formulas and integrations
  • Link to comprehensive Airtable Guide provides self-serve support for additional learning

Airtable onboarding email

Key takeaway: Effective welcome and onboarding emails reduce barriers to getting started and set users up for long-term success with clear next steps, helpful resources, and guidance.

Personalized Product Recommendation Examples

3. Sephora

Subject line: Products picked just for you

Why it works:

  • Highly personalized product assortment based on user‘s purchase history, skin type/concerns, and beauty preferences
  • "Recommended for you" headline and tailored categories like "Moisturizers you‘ll love" make the email feel curated just for the recipient
  • Prominent "See all" CTA allows user to fully explore relevant products on site
  • Inclusion of ratings, best seller badges, and "value size" designation provide social proof and additional context

Sephora product recommendation email

4. Grubhub

Subject line: Based on your recent kung pao chicken order…

Why it works:

  • Timely, relevant recommendations triggered by user‘s actual order history
  • Features dishes and cuisines closely related to user‘s past meal, indicating smart algorithm
  • Mouthwatering food photography with "Get this free" copy evokes craving and incentivizes next order
  • One-click "Add to bag" functionality reduces friction to conversion

Grubhub order history recommendation email

Key takeaway: Personalized recommendations delight customers and drive incremental revenue by surfacing products uniquely relevant to their needs and interests, often based on behavioral and preference data.

Product Launch Email Examples

5. Fitbit

Subject line: Introducing Fitbit Luxe – Fitness + wellness in style

Why it works:

  • Stunning product photography highlights Luxe‘s sleek design and wearability as a fashion accessory
  • Focuses on the unique differentiation of this tracker, with its elegant look, advanced wellness features, and stress management tools
  • Emphasizes pre-order timing and special edition colors to create exclusivity and urgency
  • Testimonial from Fitbit ambassador adds credibility and aspirational appeal

Fitbit Luxe launch email

6. Dyson

Subject line: The science of healthy hair – Dyson Corrale™ straightener

Why it works:

  • Leads with core value proposition of achieving "50% less hair damage" with supporting visual
  • Explains innovative flexible plate technology and benefits through simple, scannable bullet points
  • Embedded video allows subscribers to see the product in action and learn more in a rich media format
  • Multiple CTAs to shop and explore more details cater to different readiness levels

Dyson Corrale launch email

Key takeaway: Engaging product launch emails build excitement by highlighting the most compelling features, innovations, and benefits through strong visuals and demonstrative content.

Promotion and Sale Email Examples

7. J.Crew

Subject line: You‘re invited! 40-60% off all swimwear happening now

Why it works:

  • Bright, colorful hero image evokes summer fun and showcases the merchandise
  • Promotional messaging and timing are clear, with a prominent "40-60% off all swim" headline
  • Breaks out compelling details like "Over 100 new styles added" and "Offer valid on sale styles too!" to entice bargain hunters
  • Creates a sense of urgency with time-limited, high-value offer

J.Crew swimwear sale email

8. Lululemon

Subject line: Members, this one‘s for you – Shop your 20-25% off code inside!

Why it works:

  • Leads with customer appreciation and members-only exclusivity
  • Clearly communicates tiered offer structure by loyalty program level, with discount codes front and center
  • Breaks down what‘s included/excluded and other key details in an easy-to-reference format
  • Mobile-optimized design highlights key CTA and promo info for small screens

Lululemon member sale email

Key takeaway: The most effective promotional emails make the details of the offer abundantly clear and create a compelling reason to act through urgency, exclusivity, and high-value incentives.

Email Design Statistics

Great email design goes beyond pretty pixels – it can have a measurable impact on key metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Consider these key statistics:

  • Emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates
  • Including a video in your email can increase click rates by 300%
  • Nearly 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device
  • Segmented email campaigns can drive a 760% increase in revenue

Sources: Campaign Monitor, Hubspot

Interactive and Gamified Email Examples

9. Litmus

Subject line: Email trivia – How well do you know your email stats?

Why it works:

  • Hooks subscribers with a fun, engaging trivia game that tests their email knowledge
  • Questions and answers cleverly weave in Litmus‘ email testing and analytics platform
  • Users can play along right within the email, seeing results for each question in real time
  • Follow up email shares user‘s score and prompts them to learn more with educational content

Litmus email trivia

10. Typeform

Subject line: Bet you can‘t guess your productivity type in just 4 Qs

Why it works:

  • Intriguing subject line throws down a challenge and piques curiosity
  • Each question is revealed one at a time as the user progresses, maintaining suspense
  • Animated interface and fun microcopy create an engaging, quiz-like experience
  • Results and productivity tips are served straight in the email, with opportunity to retake or share

Typeform productivity quiz email

Key takeaway: Adding interactive and gamelike elements to your emails boosts engagement and makes your message stickier by involving the recipient in a memorable, participatory experience.

Customer Winback Email Examples

11. Dropbox

Subject line: We‘ve missed you! Here‘s 20% off to come back

Why it works:

  • Empathetic "We‘ve missed you!" headline acknowledges recipient‘s lapsed usage
  • Copy reiterates core benefits and value props of the product to remind them what they‘re missing
  • Surprise-and-delight discount incentivizes them to reactivate and reinforces customer appreciation
  • Simple CTA and login link reduce friction to re-engaging

Dropbox winback email

12. Asana

Subject line: Oops – looks like you forgot something in Asana

Why it works:

  • Opens with an intriguing subject line that makes user think they left an important task unfinished
  • Bulleted list of benefits reminds user of the positive outcomes they‘re missing out on without Asana
  • Includes a "Quick Asana refresher" with tips and shortcuts to help them jump back in
  • Offers 1-1 support from the customer success team to make coming back easier

Asana winback email

Key takeaway: Effective winback emails combine a mix of incentives, value propositions, and removing barriers to re-engagement to compel lapsed customers to return.

Storytelling and User-Generated Content Examples

13. Airbnb

Subject line: How a Harvard student‘s Airbnb funded her tuition

Why it works:

  • Emotionally resonant, real-life host story puts a human face to the Airbnb platform
  • Compelling narrative arc follows host‘s journey from financial hardship to life-changing earnings
  • Aspirational, relatable story makes hosting seem achievable and rewarding for everyday people
  • Subtle "Become a host" CTAs woven throughout allow inspired readers to easily take the next step

Airbnb host story email

14. Fenty Beauty

Subject line: You did THAT 🙌 Fenty fam photos, tips & more

Why it works:

  • Celebrates customers‘ artistry and individuality by showcasing real user-generated makeup looks
  • Features fans of diverse skin tones achieving incredible results with Fenty products
  • Sprinkles in application tips and tricks from featured users, adding an educational element
  • Invites subscribers to share their own selfies for a chance to be featured, sourcing future UGC

Fenty Beauty UGC email

Key takeaway: Incorporating storytelling and user-generated content humanizes your brand, builds deeper customer connections, and provides authentic social proof.

Email Planning Template

Ready to put these strategies into action? Download our email planning template to map out your next campaign:

  • Clarify your key goals, metrics, and KPIs
  • Identify target audience segments and relevant messaging
  • Break down email types, timing, and content needed
  • Plan A/B tests and optimization opportunities
  • Analyze results and iterate

With 30 inspiring examples and this robust planning template, you have everything you need to create email campaigns that engage your customers and get big results.