30+ Best Cover Letter Examples for 2024: Writing Tips and Inspiring Samples for Any Job

Your cover letter is your first chance to impress hiring managers and convince them you‘re the ideal candidate for the role. An excellent cover letter should grab the reader‘s attention, highlight your most relevant skills and experience, convey your enthusiasm for the position and company, and ultimately persuade the employer that you‘re the perfect fit.

But what does a compelling cover letter actually look like? What information should you include, how should you structure it, and how can you make yours stand out from the competition?

To help you craft an interview-winning cover letter, we‘ve rounded up over 30 of the best cover letter examples for 2024. Whether you‘re a recent graduate, making a career change, applying for a leadership position, or working in a creative field, you‘ll find an inspiring sample to model yours after.

We‘ll also share expert tips and best practices for optimizing every section of your cover letter – from the salutation to the sign-off. You‘ll learn what hiring managers look for, which common pitfalls to sidestep, and how to tailor your letter for maximum impact.

By the end of this guide, you‘ll have all the tools and knowledge you need to write a cover letter that lands at the top of the pile. Let‘s dive in!

What Makes a Great Cover Letter?

Before we examine standout cover letter samples, let‘s go over the essential elements of an ideal cover letter:

1. Compelling hook

Start with an attention-grabbing opening line that piques the reader‘s interest and entices them to keep reading. This could be an impressive achievement, a powerful quote, a thought-provoking question, or an engaging personal anecdote that‘s relevant to the role.

2. Tailored to the role and company

Rather than sending a generic letter, customize each one based on the specific job description and organization. Echo the language and keywords in the posting, and demonstrate your knowledge of the company‘s mission, culture, and recent news. Explain why you‘re excited about this particular opportunity and convey a genuine interest.

3. Focused on your top selling points

Cherry-pick the most relevant and impressive qualifications from your resume and expand on them, using storytelling and data to illustrate your impact. Discuss the key skills and experience that make you an excellent candidate, and how you‘d apply them to drive results in the role.

4. Well-structured and concise

Organize your cover letter into clear, logical paragraphs that flow smoothly from one to the next. Get to the point quickly and adhere to a one-page limit – hiring managers don‘t have time to read a lengthy essay.


  • Salutation and personalized intro paragraph
  • Body paragraph(s) summarizing your key selling points
  • Closing paragraph reiterating interest and including a call-to-action
  • Professional signoff and contact info

While the content will vary based on your background and the role, this basic structure provides a solid foundation.

5. Shows rather than tells

Back up your claims with concrete examples, metrics, and anecdotes wherever possible. Don‘t just say you have strong communication skills – discuss a time your persuasive memo got a campaign back on track. Instead of claiming you have leadership potential, share how you trained and mentored a new team member. Vivid details make your unique value come alive.

6. Showcases your personality

Hiring managers aren‘t just assessing your hard skills – they‘re evaluating whether you‘d be a good fit for the team. So don‘t be afraid to let your personality shine through. This could include showing some humor, mentioning a relevant hobby or volunteer experience, or using more colorful, dynamic language. Just make sure to keep it professional and avoid oversharing.

7. Error-free and easy to read

Proofread carefully to eliminate any spelling, grammar, or formatting errors that will make you look sloppy. Choose a legible font like Arial or Calibri, break up text with bullet points when appropriate, and use bold or italics sparingly to make key details pop. Ample white space and short paragraphs increase scannability.

Now that we‘ve covered the core components, let‘s look at examples of cover letters that get it right…

27+ Best Cover Letter Examples for 2024

1. The Career Change Cover Letter

Making a career transition can be daunting, but a strong cover letter can help you bridge the gap between your past experience and future goals. In this example, the applicant leverages their transferable skills and passion for the new field to make a compelling case:

This cover letter works because:

  • The opening line immediately addresses the career change and frames it positively
  • It highlights relevant skills like data analysis, communication, and cross-functional collaboration
  • There are clear parallels drawn between past achievements and the new role‘s responsibilities
  • It showcases knowledge of the company and enthusiasm for its mission and products
  • The close emphasizes the candidate‘s unique value proposition and growth mindset

By connecting the dots between where they‘ve been and where they want to go, this applicant proves they‘re committed to making a successful leap. Their excitement for the opportunity is contagious.

2. The Fresh Graduate Cover Letter

When you don‘t have much professional experience, your cover letter is the place to highlight your academic achievements, extracurricular leadership, and potential. This new graduate makes a strong case for why they‘re ready to dive into the working world:

What makes this cover letter effective?

  • It starts with a powerful introduction that demonstrates grit, work ethic, and problem-solving skills
  • Concrete examples from coursework, internships, and student organizations prove they can apply their learning in the real world
  • Language from the job description is echoed, showing the candidate understands the role
  • Bullet points make their key qualifications easy to absorb
  • Their passion for the industry and desire to learn and grow are evident

While this candidate may not check every box, they make a compelling case for taking a chance on a rising star. The specific examples and infectious energy set them apart.

3. The Experienced Executive Cover Letter

Once you‘ve reached the executive level, your cover letter should exude confidence, leadership vision, and a track record of delivering results. In this example, the CFO candidate powerfully articulates their unique value:

This cover letter stands out because:

  • The first sentence instantly conveys the candidate‘s brand and establishes credibility
  • Metrics are used to concisely illustrate the scope and impact of their experience
  • Strategic initiatives and special projects demonstrate their leadership and problem-solving capabilities
  • They showcase an understanding of the company‘s goals and challenges
  • Their tone conveys Executive Presence – polished and self-assured without being arrogant
  • The close reiterates fit and extends a partnership offer to tackle obstacles together

By painting a picture of what they‘d bring to the role, this CFO makes a confident case for their candidacy. The cover letter positions them as a peer looking to collaborate with the hiring executive.

4. The Creative Cover Letter

If you‘re in a creative field like design or writing, your cover letter is the ideal place to showcase your style and personality. In this example, the UX designer makes their cover letter a UX demo in its own right:

Why does this unique approach work?

  • It instantly demonstrates the candidate‘s UX design skills and understanding of user-centric principles
  • The conversational tone and humor grab the reader‘s attention
  • Hyperlinking to a digital portfolio gives the hiring manager an easy way to see samples
  • Empathy for the user/hiring manager‘s experience is evident in the simple, intuitive layout
  • It‘s concisely written and skimmable with short paragraphs and lists
  • The PS adds a human touch and reinforces genuine interest

By making their cover letter a meta user experience, this designer proves they can walk the walk. The creativity captures the imagination while still covering the essential points.

5. The Layoff Cover Letter

Recovering from a layoff is challenging, but the right cover letter can help you bounce back. Here‘s an example of an applicant addressing their layoff gracefully while pivoting to the value they‘d bring:

What does this cover letter do well?

  • It uses empathetic language to acknowledge the hardship and disappointment of the layoff
  • Quickly pivoting to their applicable skills shows they‘re focused on the future vs dwelling on the past
  • Specific examples demonstrate the impact they‘ve made in previous roles
  • Including professional development shows the candidate is proactive in keeping their skills sharp
  • Mentioning mutual connections provides social proof and positions the layoff as a new beginning vs an ending
  • It ends on an optimistic note and a strong call-to-action

This cover letter skillfully balances addressing the elephant in the room with proving the candidate hasn‘t lost their edge. Tactfully framing a negative into an opportunity can go a long way.

6. The Promotion Cover Letter

When you‘re applying for an internal promotion or transfer, your cover letter should build a case for why you‘re ready to level up. In this example, a marketing specialist explains why she‘s prepared for a manager role:

This cover letter is convincing because:

  • It leads with an attention-grabbing statistic demonstrating the candidate‘s impact in their current role
  • Specific campaigns and leadership opportunities showcase their readiness for the next level
  • Insider knowledge of the company‘s goals and KPIs lends credibility
  • Bullet points concisely convey the scope of their responsibilities and results
  • The close emphasizes their enthusiasm and commitment to the company‘s continued success

By using their institutional knowledge and track record to make a case for advancement, this employee positions herself as the natural choice. She shows she‘s already operating at the next level.

7. The Big 4 Accounting Cover Letter

To even be considered at places like Deloitte or PwC, your cover letter needs to prove you can hang with the cream of the crop. This applicant uses their campus involvement and internship experience to position themselves as a top prospect:

What sets this cover letter apart?

  • The opener exudes confidence and outlines an impressive achievement right out of the gate
  • Details on their leadership in Beta Alpha Psi (an honor organization for accounting, finance, and information systems students) show they‘ve gone above and beyond
  • Concrete examples from their internship demonstrate their technical skills, work ethic, and collaboration abilities
  • Name-dropping a mutual connection and expressing appreciation for their mentorship adds credibility
  • It conveys the poise and professionalism expected at prestigious firms
  • The close reiterates fit and promises a follow-up

Using their academic and extracurricular track record to prove they can excel, this applicant makes a strong case for their Big 4 worthiness. They come across as capable, driven, and ready to dive in.

Impressive, right? Of course, these are just a few of many possible approaches. The key is taking the time to reflect on your unique strengths and experiences, research the company and role, and then craft a tailored cover letter that makes a compelling connection between the two.

By following these best practices and studying the samples for inspiration, you‘re well on your way to a cover letter that will open doors and get you noticed by hiring managers. Happy writing!