20 Brilliant Landing Page Examples You‘ll Want to Copy in 2024

Are your landing pages pulling their weight in your marketing campaigns? Or are they failing to turn hard-earned visitor traffic into valuable leads and customers for your business?

In the fast-moving world of digital marketing, your landing pages can make or break your ability to hit your growth goals. The average conversion rate for a landing page is just 4-6% according to Wordstream – meaning 94-96% of the people who visit are bailing without taking action. Yikes!

But the top 10% of landing pages are converting at a whopping 15% or more. The secret to joining their ranks? Building focused, compelling pages that match visitor expectations and drive them to act.

To help inspire your next landing page designs, we dug through hundreds of examples to bring you 20 top-notch pages across a range of industries, offers and conversion goals. For each one, we‘ll break down what they did right and unique ideas you can borrow for your own campaigns.

Get ready to take some notes and rev up your landing page game!

Creative, Visually Stunning Landing Pages

1. Apple – AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro Landing Page

Apple is known for design, so it‘s no surprise their landing page for AirPods Pro earbuds is a visual masterpiece. The combination of sleek product shots, clean typography and ample whitespace conveys a premium positioning while letting the product shine.

The unique headline "Magic like you‘ve never heard" perfectly captures the emotional benefit of the noise cancellation technology. Scrolling down the page reveals more eye-catching visuals that highlight key features and an interactive 3D tour to draw visitors deeper into the experience.

Potential A/B Test: The CTA button "Buy" could be tested against more benefit-driven variations like "Get Yours Now" or "Experience the Magic" to see if implied scarcity or more emotion drives higher conversions.

2. Moment – Anamorphic Lens

Moment Anamorphic Lens Landing Page

Moment makes lenses for mobile filmmaking. Their landing page for the new anamorphic lens creates an immersive, cinematic experience that transports visitors into the world of the product. The full-screen, edge-to-edge video background instantly communicates the wide-screen effect the lens is designed for.

Scrolling down reveals real footage shot with the lens, spec details and glowing testimonials from professional filmmakers – all persuasive elements that establish authority and credibility. The sticky 2-step CTA lets visitors choose their phone model to confirm compatibility before adding to cart, reducing friction in the purchase flow.

Potential A/B Test: The current CTA is "Buy Now". Testing the specificity of "Buy a Lens" vs the implied scarcity of "Get Yours Now" could reveal an opportunity to boost conversions.

3. Airbnb – Experiences

Airbnb Experiences Landing Page

Airbnb‘s landing page for their local experiences marketplace is a vibrant sensory journey packed with people, places and tantalizing activities. High-quality photos transport you from a pasta making class in Italy to a street art tour in Melbourne. The copy emphasizes "unforgettable activities hosted by locals" – a succinct benefit statement.

Social proof is featured via a dynamic block displaying the number of 5-star reviews and a sampling of glowing testimonials. By allowing visitors to search by destination, date and type of experience, Airbnb increases conversion likelihood by helping them find exactly what they‘re looking for.

Potential A/B Test: Currently, the page relies on a dropdown menu to filter experiences by type. Adding top-level category links (food & drink, classes & workshops, etc) could expose visitors to ideas they didn‘t know to search for and boost engagement.

Simple, Streamlined Landing Pages

4. Square – Payments

Square Payments Landing Page

Square‘s landing page for payment processing is a study in elegant simplicity. The clean, uncluttered design puts the focus squarely on the compelling value proposition – getting paid fast. The headline "Next-day transfers. On your terms." is reinforced by the subheadline detailing the benefit and the singular, action-focused CTA "Get Started."

Scrolling down reveals a comparison chart showing how Square stacks up against the competition on key factors like transfer speed, fees and hardware – a very compelling visual way to make their case. Customer testimonials and a FAQ round out the page, addressing common concerns without cluttering the initial view.

Potential A/B Test: The page currently features a customer photo. Testing different customer photos could reveal which help visitors best visualize successfully using the product.

5. Slack – Enterprise

Slack Enterprise Landing Page

Slack‘s landing page for enterprise customers keeps things simple and direct while packing in some persuasive elements. The headline clearly states the product‘s purpose while implying its company-wide benefits. Paired with a graphic showing the app interface, it makes it easy to imagine using Slack at your organization.

Proof points are featured via the banner displaying notable enterprise logos, communicating "if it‘s good enough for them, it‘s good enough for us." The CTA button opens a lead gen form inside a lightbox, allowing visitors to stay on the page instead of interrupting their flow.

Potential A/B Test: The lone CTA "Talk to sales" could be paired with a lower-friction option like "View demo video" or "Get product overview" to boost total conversions and engagement.

Product-Focused Landing Pages

6. Casper – Wave Hybrid Mattress

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Landing Page

Casper‘s landing page for their luxury Wave Hybrid mattress does a great job showcasing the flagship product. The lifestyle photo creates an emotional appeal while product shots highlight the unique 5-layer foam construction and cooling technology.

Extensive social proof is provided via customer reviews, press logos and industry awards. A 100-night trial and free shipping/returns make taking action feel low-risk. Toggling between sizes updates the price dynamically on the CTA button, providing a tailored experience.

Potential A/B Test: The product description is quite lengthy. Testing shorter variations, a bulleted format and different mixes of features vs benefits could reveal the optimal way to convey the key value props succinctly.

7. Allbirds – Men‘s Running Shoes

Allbirds Men's Running Shoes Landing Page

Allbirds‘ landing page for their sustainable running shoes is a breath of fresh air. The full-width hero video shows the shoe in motion from all angles. As you scroll, different color variations are dynamically swapped in, providing a virtual try-on experience.

The product story is told through a mix of stylized visuals and clever copy – "Light on your feet. Light on the planet." Visitors can toggle between details of the shoe‘s 5 key benefits or skip ahead to customer reviews. Urgency is dialed up with a limited edition color CTA.

Potential A/B Test: The main CTA "Shop Men‘s" is quite generic. Testing the specificity of "Shop Tree Runners" vs the scarcity of "Get Limited Colors" could uncover a higher-converting hook.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

8. Unbounce – Conversion Intelligence Assessment

Unbounce Conversion Intelligence Assessment Landing Page

Conversion platform Unbounce uses an interactive assessment on this landing page to generate leads. The promise is compelling – discover your business‘s potential conversion uplift in 2 minutes or less. Customer-centric language like "uncover how much more you could achieve" and "zero obligation" overcome common opt-in objections.

Inside the assessment, a progress bar and dynamic question copy keep visitors engaged. The conversational tone, modern design and lack of distractions make users far more likely to complete the flow and reach the lead gen form.

Potential A/B Test: The form currently asks for 5 fields of info, more than the often-recommended 3. Testing a shorter initial form that asks for just an email (and auto-fills subsequent fields based on API data) could increase completion rates.

9. HubSpot – State of Marketing Report

HubSpot State of Marketing Report Landing Page

To gate their annual State of Marketing report, HubSpot built a clean, well-organized landing page that gets visitors excited to get the data. The headline and subhead spell out the tantalizing insights readers will gain. Further down, trends are previewed through bite-sized stats and graphs.

Authority is established through the MIT co-branding while the featured download preview increases desire for the full report. Social proof in the form of tweets adds to the FOMO – this is something marketers are talking about!

The one-click instant download (with pre-filled contact info for existing leads) and no-pressure CTA "Download for free" make conversion a no-brainer.

Potential A/B Test: The submit button copy "Download Now" satisfies an immediate desire but doesn‘t imply much value. Testing more benefit-focused CTAs like "Send me the insights" or "Improve my marketing now" could lift submissions.

Key Takeaways for Better Landing Pages in 2023

Based on these examples and industry data, some best practices emerge for creating high-performing landing pages:

  • Message match is essential: Ensure your landing page copy and content align with your ads and referral source for a seamless experience. If the page doesn‘t immediately deliver on the promise that brought visitors there, they‘ll bounce.
  • Make your case with specifics: Whenever possible, quantify the value and benefits of taking action. Use real data, customer results and concrete examples that help visitors envision success.
  • Design for clarity and conversion: Keep your page design simple and distraction-free, with a logical flow toward your conversion goal. Use consistent branding, legible fonts and ample whitespace. Put key info and CTAs above the fold.
  • Optimize for mobile: Over 60% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Ensure your landing page loads fast and looks great on small screens. Keep forms short and use large touch targets.
  • Always be testing: The best landing pages are never "done". They are continually optimized through A/B testing. Try new headlines, images, sales copy, proof points, CTAs and more to keep lifting your conversion rates over time.

With these principles and creative ideas from top brands, you‘re well-equipped to build landing pages that delight visitors and drive serious business results. Next time you‘re launching a new campaign, product or offer, challenge yourself to craft a destination page worthy of the traffic you‘re sending it. Your bottom line will thank you!