17 Resume Templates That Will Get You Hired in 2024

As a career expert who has reviewed thousands of resumes, I can confidently say that your resume design matters just as much as the content. While compelling bullet points and a strong work history will always be key, the visual impact of your resume can mean the difference between the "yes" and "no" pile.

Consider these statistics:

  • Recruiters spend an average of just 7.4 seconds scanning a resume before deciding whether to read further (source)
  • Adding color to your resume can make it stand out and increase the chances of getting noticed by 14% (source)
  • 97% of managers said they prefer a visual element on a resume, such as charts or graphs (source)

Because design can propel your resume to the top of the stack, I‘ve curated a list of 17 of the most impressive resume templates that combine style and substance. Whether you‘re a creative professional, a recent grad, or a seasoned executive, there‘s a template here to make your skills and experience shine.

Table of Contents

Creative Resume Templates

If you‘re in a creative field, you have more leeway to experiment with bold colors, unique layouts, and eye-catching design elements. The key is to strike a balance between demonstrating your creativity and maintaining a polished, professional look.

1. Graphic Designer Resume Template

Graphic Designer Resume Template

With pops of vibrant color, custom icons, and a distinctive header, this template is sure to grab any hiring manager‘s attention. The two-column layout provides ample space to showcase your design skills and achievements.

2. UX Designer Resume Template

UX Designer Resume Template

This template takes a more understated approach, relying on a clean, modern aesthetic and subtle visual elements to convey a sense of design expertise. The "Skills" section utilizes progress bars to provide an at-a-glance assessment of the candidate‘s proficiency.

3. Copywriter Resume Template

Copywriter Resume Template

Who said words can‘t be visually engaging? This resume template for writers makes ample use of bold typography, color blocking, and graphic accents to create a memorable visual impact. The unique layout helps the candidate‘s personality and style shine through.

Professional Resume Templates

For more conservative fields, such as finance, law, or executive roles, it‘s best to stick to classic, understated design elements that convey professionalism and credibility. These templates put the emphasis on your impressive accomplishments while still incorporating modern touches.

4. CEO Resume Template

CEO Resume Template

With its sophisticated serif fonts, rich navy tones, and generous use of white space, this template exudes executive presence. The clean header and subheader treatment helps guide the reader through the extensive (and impressive) work history.

5. Finance Manager Resume Template

Finance Manager Resume Template

This template‘s crisp dividing lines, elegant fonts, and strategic pops of color strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern. The layout makes smart use of space to fit a wealth of experience and education without feeling cluttered.

Modern Resume Templates

For candidates who want to demonstrate that they‘re on the cutting edge of their field, a sleek, contemporary resume design is the way to go. These templates incorporate emerging design trends and a polished aesthetic.

6. Software Engineer Resume Template

Software Engineer Resume Template

With its bold color scheme, asymmetrical layout, and use of infographics, this template feels fresh and modern. The "Skills" section is particularly impactful, using meters to illustrate proficiency in various programming languages and tools.

7. Digital Marketer Resume Template

Digital Marketer Resume Template

Featuring bright colors, playful fonts, and a distinctive header treatment, this template captures the energy and creativity of the digital marketing field. The "Portfolio" section makes it easy to link to samples of your best work.

Minimalist Resume Templates

Sometimes, less is more. A minimalist resume template can be a breath of fresh air in a sea of overdesigned, busy resumes. By stripping away extraneous elements, you allow your qualifications and achievements to take center stage.

8. Simple and Chic Resume Template

Simple and Chic Resume Template

With its clean lines, ample white space, and judicious use of color, this template proves that simple doesn‘t have to mean boring. The monochromatic color scheme and sans serif font give it a modern, sophisticated feel.

9. Bare Bones Resume Template

Bare Bones Resume Template

This black-and-white template takes minimalism to the next level, relying solely on strong typography and thoughtful formatting to create a powerful impact. It‘s a great choice for candidates who want the focus to be squarely on their qualifications.

Customizing Your Resume Template

Of course, no template will be an exact fit for your needs right out of the box. The key is to use these templates as a starting point and then customize them to showcase your unique skills, experience, and personality. Here‘s how:

  1. Swap out colors: Most templates come with a default color scheme, but don‘t be afraid to experiment with different hues that reflect your personal brand or target industry. Just be sure to keep it professional and limit yourself to 2-3 colors.

  2. Play with fonts: While it‘s best to stick with tried-and-true fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Georgia, you can mix up the sizing, weights, and styles to add visual interest and hierarchy. For example, use a bold, ALL CAPS font for section headers and a clean, legible font for body text.

  3. Rearrange sections: The layout of your resume should be dictated by your unique career path and goals. Feel free to reorder sections, add or delete content blocks, or even create custom sections to better tell your story.

  4. Add personality: Don‘t be afraid to inject some personal flair into your resume design, as long as it‘s appropriate for your industry. Could you add a small headshot or a logo related to your field? What about icons or graphics to illustrate your interests or skills? Small visual touches can make a big impact.

Optimizing for Applicant Tracking Systems

As you customize your resume template, don‘t forget about the ever-important ATS. These systems scan your resume for relevant keywords and often determine whether a human will ever lay eyes on it. While no template can guarantee you‘ll beat the bots, there are some design best practices you can follow to improve your chances:

  • Use standard section headings: Stick to conventional labels like "Work Experience," "Education," and "Skills" to make it easy for the ATS to parse your information.
  • Avoid graphics and charts: While visual elements are great for human readers, ATS can‘t process them. If you want to include an infographic or chart, make sure you also describe the content in the body of your resume.
  • Choose a simple layout: Complex, multi-column formats can trip up ATS. Stick to a single-column layout with clearly defined sections.
  • Use standard fonts: Avoid fancy or custom fonts that may not be recognized by ATS. Stick to web-safe fonts like Arial, Verdana, or Times New Roman.

By following these guidelines, you can create a resume that wows both human readers and the algorithms that stand between you and your dream job.

Key Takeaways

To sum up, here are the most important points to keep in mind when choosing and customizing a resume template:

  1. Design matters: In a competitive job market, a visually appealing resume can help you stand out and showcase your personality and skills.

  2. Choose a template that fits your industry: While creative fields offer more latitude for experimentation, traditional industries call for a more classic, understated approach.

  3. Customize strategically: Use your chosen template as a starting point, but don‘t be afraid to swap out colors, fonts, and sections to better suit your needs and personal brand.

  4. Keep ATS in mind: As you customize, be sure to follow design best practices that will help your resume make it through applicant tracking systems and into the hands of a human recruiter.

  5. Focus on substance: At the end of the day, even the most beautifully designed resume won‘t land you the job if it‘s not backed up by a solid work history, compelling achievements, and relevant skills. Use design to enhance your content, not to mask sub-par qualifications.

By following these tips and choosing one of the 17 standout resume templates showcased here, you‘ll be well on your way to creating a resume that gets you noticed – and gets you hired.

Happy job hunting!