16 Proven Call-to-Action Formulas That Make People Want to Click

Are your calls-to-action (CTAs) falling flat? Are you struggling to entice visitors to take the next step and convert into leads?

You‘re not alone. Writing a compelling CTA is both an art and a science. It requires a deep understanding of consumer psychology, persuasive writing techniques, and conversion best practices.

But fear not! In this post, we‘ll reveal 16 powerful CTA formulas that are proven to boost clicks and conversions. These formulas come straight from the legendary marketer Neil Patel, who has helped hundreds of companies drastically increase their online revenue.

Whether you‘re a rookie or a veteran marketer, you‘ll find actionable tips and examples you can implement immediately. Let‘s dive in!

Why Are CTAs So Important?

Before we get to the formulas, let‘s quickly review why nailing your CTA copy is absolutely critical:

  • CTAs guide users to take a desired action, moving them through your sales funnel
  • Effective CTAs can dramatically boost click-through rates and conversions
  • Even small tweaks to CTA wording can have a massive impact on results
  • Strong CTAs differentiate your brand and make your offers irresistible

In short, CTAs are one of the highest ROI elements in all of marketing. Time spent perfecting them is time well spent.

The Anatomy of a Irresistible CTA

What separates an average CTA from a great one? While there‘s no one-size-fits-all formula, the most effective CTAs tend to include the following elements:

  1. Strong command verb – Starts with an action word like "Get", "Download", "Sign up", "Try", "Discover"
  2. Clear value proposition – Communicates a compelling benefit the user will get by clicking
  3. Urgency – Includes words that inspire immediate action, like "now", "today", "instant"
  4. Low commitment – Minimizes risk with phrasing like "free", "no obligation", "cancel anytime"
  5. Personalized – Speaks directly to user with "you" and "your"
  6. Contrasting design – Stands out visually with eye-catching color and placement

With these conversion triggers in mind, let‘s look at 16 plug-and-play formulas you can adapt for your own irresistible CTAs.

16 Proven CTA Formulas to Skyrocket Clicks

  1. Try [product/service] free for [time period]

    • Example: "Try HubSpot CRM free for 30 days"
    • Why it works: Low-risk offer, clear value prop, urgency
  2. Get your free [resource] now

    • Example: "Get your free SEO checklist now"
    • Why it works: No commitment, instant gratification
  3. Sign up and get [benefit]

    • Example: "Sign up and get 25% off your first order"
    • Why it works: Strong incentive tied directly to action
  4. Claim your [discount/coupon] before it‘s gone

    • Example: "Claim your $20 gift card before it‘s gone!"
    • Why it works: Urgency, exclusivity, clear reward
  5. Take the free [time length] [skill] course

    • Example: "Take the free 7-day project management course"
    • Why it works: No cost, specific outcome, short time investment
  6. Join [number]+ [group] who [benefit]

    • Example: "Join 20,000+ marketers who get our weekly tips"
    • Why it works: Social proof, FOMO, targeted content
  7. See how [company] can help you [achieve goal]

    • Example: "See how Airtable can help you streamline workflows"
    • Why it works: Invokes curiosity, personalized solution
  8. Download our [adjective] [content type] to [achieve result]

    • Example: "Download our ultimate guide to increase organic traffic"
    • Why it works: Perceived comprehensiveness, laser-focused promise
  9. Get the checklist used by [customer/expert]

    • Example: "Get the SEO checklist used by Neil Patel"
    • Why it works: Credibility by association, proven process
  10. Get [result] in [time period] with [product]

    • Example: "Get 25 new leads in 30 days with ClickFunnels"
    • Why it works: Highly specific outcome and timeframe
  11. Save [percentage/amount] on [offer] for a limited time

    • Example: "Save 35% on SemRush for a limited time"
    • Why it works: Urgency, exclusivity, clear savings
  12. Meet [experts] and learn to [achieve result] at [event]

    • Example: "Meet top CMOs and learn to scale growth at INBOUND 2023"
    • Why it works: Access, education, networking, urgency (time-bound event)
  13. Test our [product/service] for [time period], no credit card required

    • Example: "Test Canva Pro for 30 days, no credit card required"
    • Why it works: No risk, easy cancellation, low barrier to trying
  14. Enter your email for instant access to [resource/product]

    • Example: "Enter your email for instant access to our conversion rate calculator"
    • Why it works: Short form, immediate payoff for small ‘payment‘ of contact info
  15. Start your free trial of [product] and [benefit]

    • Example: "Start your free trial of Shopify and launch your store today"
    • Why it works: Risk-free exploration, instant setup/results
  16. Request a demo and see why [customer] love [product]

    • Example: "Request a demo and see why Slack is the go-to for 77% of the Fortune 100"
    • Why it works: Social proof, customized value demonstration

Here‘s a quick comparison table showing how these formulas amp up a basic CTA:

Generic CTA Formula-Driven CTA
Submit Get your free content calendar now
Buy Claim your 25% discount before it‘s gone
Download Get the SEO checklist Neil Patel uses to rank #1
Learn More See how Drift can shorten your sales cycle in 30 days

CTA formulas comparison table

The difference is clear – as a clicker, which set of CTAs are you more excited by?

CTA Best Practices Backed by Research

Still not convinced these formulas work? Let‘s look at some eye-opening research and case studies:

  • Personalized CTAs convert 202% better than default versions (HubSpot)
  • Adding urgency words like "now" and "today" can increase conversions by over 30% (VWO)
  • Reducing form fields from 11 to 4 increased conversions by 120% (Omnisend)
  • Changing button copy from "Request a Quote" to "Request Pricing" boosted clicks by 161% (WordStream)

Of course, every audience and offer is unique. That‘s why it‘s critical to A/B test your CTA copy to find the winning formula for your specific campaign.

How to Implement CTA Formulas in HubSpot

Now that you‘re armed with these high-converting formulas, let‘s quickly review how to implement them in HubSpot:

  1. In your HubSpot Marketing Hub, navigate to Marketing > Lead Capture > CTAs
  2. Click "Create CTA"
  3. Choose your CTA type (standard or smart)
  4. Customize your CTA‘s copy using one of the proven formulas
  5. Set your CTA link to the appropriate offer or landing page
  6. Place the CTA on your desired website pages or templates
  7. Analyze CTA performance and run A/B tests from the Performance tab

With HubSpot, you can quickly spin up countless CTA variations to test and optimize based on your unique conversion goals.

Now It‘s Your Turn!

Writing irresistible CTAs doesn‘t have to be a shot in the dark. By leveraging proven formulas and following conversion best practices, you can craft calls-to-action that your audience will be powerless to resist.

The 16 formulas covered in this post are a great launching point, but don‘t be afraid to put your own spin on them. Use your deep knowledge of your customers to tailor your CTAs to their specific pains, gains, and desires.

Your conversion rates will thank you.

Now go out there and write some CTA copy that makes people want to click! And if you‘re hungry for more conversion advice, check out our other resources: